Love In The Air – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Warm Me up with your Heart

The fourth episode of Love In The Air starts with Phayu talking to Sarah. Sarah informs Phayu that they are working for their manager. Sarah informs Phayu that the latter advised them that there would be a race to be held in the next month, which Phayu must be ready for, as he skipped the previous one due to rain’s sake. Sarah requests Phayu to carry Rain with him if it becomes too much for the “naughty” boy on his own. Phayu offers Rain some food, and after Rain has finished eating his meal the two begin to chat.

Rain wants Phayu to kiss her, however, Phayu requests the student to put down the biker. A frightened Rain demands that Phayu not hinder him. Phayu however says that as Rain is just in the beginning of his architectural degree the time will come to become very difficult for him to handle his academic and personal life. Phayu requests Rain not to make any decisions on the spur of the moment, however, Rain insists on sticking to Phayu.

Rain arrives at the college in the late afternoon and is not able to communicate with anyone. If Som (Ple’s elder brother) attempts to speak to Rain but is rejected by Rain, the latter scolds him. Ple is trying to start an argument with Rain and he also dismisses her even. When the siblings leave, Sky confronts Rain and comforts Rain, and consoles him. Sky provides a very stern message to Rain and is uncomfortable by the words he told his friend.

Rain gets serious about his academics however, he continues to check his phone to check whether Phayu was messaging him. The sky is aware that Rain was often distracted and asks him to return. Phayu however is at work and is a bit depressed because of his absence from Rain. He talks about his problems with his coworker who had similar experiences with architecture students.

Rain is still unhappy about his inability to communicate with Phayu and Sky insists that he must not abandon things he desires, which easily encourages him to be a biker. Rain is delighted and is determined to prove to Phayu that he has the ability to successfully manage his personal and academic lives. The next day Rain shows up at the garage, and the staff is hesitant from letting him sit in the garage.

He requests that they give him a seat and then sets up a workshop outside where he works on his work. Phayu is aware that Rain is in the garage sweating, so Phayu asks Rain to get out. The student is determined and says that he’ll be more focused on Phayu rather than far away. Phayu is left alone, however, Saifah lets the staff allow Rain to sit in the waiting area.

Sarah confronts Phayu about his conduct, however, Phayu, the elder of the twins is certain that Rain will not give up despite the behavior Phayu engages in. Rain and his buddies are having a sleepover to ensure that they do not miss school the next day. After the presentation, Ple asks to have lunch with Rain however, he refuses and then finds herself in the garage looking for Phayu.

Phayu discovers Rain asleep as he returns to his work. He examines Rain’s homework and assists her with a few changes during the time that Rain rests. Phayu composes a note for Rain and then sits next to him. He is awed by Rain but observes that the student is merely pretending to sleep, Phayu pokes him. Rain is able to push Phayu away at first, but gets exuberant when Phayu attempts to kiss him.

Their conversation is interrupted when Saifah asks the couple to go on. When they agree to continue they do, he deliberately interrupts the couple again, to stifle the mood during the process. Rain is furious, but begins blushing once Phayu praises her. The following days go by quickly because Rain gets too caught up with his work.

Rain is able to finish his model along with other projects way ahead of the deadline and is content with the amount of time he’s left. Instead of laying down the rest of the day, he plans to spend quality time with Phayu and spends time with him in the garage. Sarah is the one to take Rain to the track, where Phayu is working. Phayu gets his troubled friend off the track, requesting to concentrate on his work. He takes Rain along.

Rain asks Phayu whether it was his fault that he interrupted the biker because they were busy, however, Phayu requests him to sit behind and watch his work if he enjoys the idea. Phayu is pleased that Rain did not want to miss sleeping to meet him and then rewards the student by kissing him to thank him for his kindness. The show then progresses toward the time of the show when Sky and Rain Sky together with Rain present their respective models to their professor.

Rain is at first unsure in his presentation, but he recalls Phayu’s words of praise and delivers an impressive presentation. He is given praise by his teachers and is thrilled about the experience. Phayu is working when he realizes that his phone is low on battery. When he’s about to plug it into the office, his boss requests him to go to a work site as soon as possible.

Phayu departs with his mobile shut off and walks out. It’s already late at the time Phayu arrives home. In the meantime, Rain waits outside in the rain waiting for Phayu to come back. The moment he arrives, Phayu asks why Rain was smoking in the rain, and Rain informs him that he was concerned about the phone not being accessible. Phayu is furious with Rain and criticizes him for being outside when he might get an illness.

Rain informs her that she was content that he asked Phayu to become the only one to be aware. Rain then asks Phayu to see if he’s capable of standing by the biker. Phayu takes him to the room where they can sit in the bathtub, and get out. Phayu informs him that his heart is pounding whenever it’s Rain and apologizes profusely.

The two make out in bed, and as things become more passionate, Rain warns that he is still in a state of virginity. Phayu promises Rain that he’ll teach them how to love. The prologue depicts Rain asleep from the night that he stayed at Phayu’s home. At the time instead of kissing an unresponsive Rain, Phayu promised to wait until Rain was at her best.

The Episode Review

The show is getting better every time it airs and it’s a feature that the relationship between Rain as well as Phayu is amazing and intense because it’s what fuels the BL drama.

Despite a rough beginning, Rain is finally accepting his feelings for Phayu, and the fact that Phayu was at the frat night to meet Rain and Phayu, makes their relationship so much more enticing (minus an unintentional scene, of course).).

The whole plot is chaotic, and there’s no way to explain the actions of Rain’s fellow classmates on the show, except for Sky. I’d prefer not to see any scenes where the characters are playing around, and also be able to see more Phayu and Prapai since the pair appears to be a great group of friends.t helps that Prapai is adorable. Sky and Prapai will make a wonderful couple, but I am disappointed that the creators haven’t made them acquaintances with one another until now.


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