Love In The Air – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

“The Calm Before the Storm

Episode 5 from Love In The Air starts with Rain and Phayu lying in bed, after having sexual contact in the past for the very first time. Phaya awakes first and observes that Rain is suffering from a fever and goes to cook some food for him. Rain awakes and receives an urgent call from his mother, who tells Rain to return home right away. Rain sees Phayu exercising and then leaves to return home but does not inform him.

Pay is in the room and is furious at the lack of Phayu’s presence. He explains that Rain is unable to leave the room since Phayu has gotten hold of the man. As of now, Rain has fallen sick and is unable to sleep due to the medication. Pay is able to get into Rain’s bedroom and talks to his mother.

Rain is shocked to meet Phaya. Pay is furious at Rain for escaping without informing him, but after seeing that Rain is sick, he agrees to. Phayu wants to get rid of Rain and so he compels Rain to use an oral suppository in the rectal area to lessen his fever. Despite Rain’s constant denial, Phayu forces the former to use the device, with Rain screaming in chaos.

Rain’s mother is in the house with food and snacks for the two brothers. Rain is huddled under the blankets, with his pants not in. Rain appears to be suspicious when Phayu speaks to Rain’s mom. When she’s gone, Rain scolds Phayu for playing with him. Prepaid is at the garage and asks about Phayu but Saifah says to Phayu that Phayu was together with Rain.

Phayu is at Rain’s home while the two engage in an intimate chat. Phayu wants Rain to not pursue him since he claims Rain would be the first who will pursue Rain. He offers Rain two options and asks him to pick between becoming Phayu’s spouse or becoming Rain’s husband. The way they talk, Rain states that he would prefer both. Phayu is pleased with Rain and whispers something to his ear which makes Rain extremely happy. The couple has an intense makeup session.

The next morning, Phayu is in a happy mood at work. His colleagues are amazed by his appearance. extremely happy. Rain too is happily immersed in his mobile prior to his test while he texts Phayu. He remembers how Phayu had said that he liked Rain to him the night prior. Sky attempts to win Rain’s attention, but she ignores his attempts. Ple requests Rain to meet for coffee with her, and Sky is delighted that her crush is finally going to have him ask him out. While having coffee, Ple asks Rain for Phayu’s contact number. He is very jealous.

Ple says that her older brother Som too had a love affair with Phayu. Rain wonders why Ple continues to pursue the interest of Phayu despite her brother’s crush on the motorcycle. When Phayu arrives to collect Rain and the student is furious due to the multitude of people who are interested in Phayu. Phayu assures Rain that he has only eyes for Rain and then takes him to a movie by bike.

After their bicycle ride, the two watch the same movie. When the movie is finished, Sky spots Rain and Phayu together in the theater. The group goes out for dinner together and Sky confronts Rain for denying his friend’s best friend in a relationship with someone. Rain apologizes to Sky. In the meantime, Sky slips up by declaring that Rain was only seeing Phayu demonstrate to Ple the fact that Phayu has a sexual orientation.

Rain is trying to get Phayu to stop but eventually attempts to get the angry Sky over by putting puppy dog eyes. Phayu interrupts and asks two of them about their connection with Ple which results in an unwelcome reaction from Rain. Phayu confronts Rain regarding the motive behind his decision to get him to marry him, and Rain starts to woo Phayu to accept his apology.

This biker has been in the men’s area where he is confronted by two men discussing the race illegally in the public. Phayu appears to be in a bad mood when he returns to the street. On the outside, Phayu tells Rain about the incident, but his mood changes after learning that Rain has told his best friend that he was in love with Phayu. Rain promises to stay with Phayu no matter how much he wants to sway him away.

Phayu contacts Rain’s mother and asks permission to allow Rain to spend the night with him. She agrees and the couple travels to Phayu’s home. The next morning, Rain wakes up and discovers Phayu singing as he prepares breakfast for them. Rain wants Phayu to sing him a tune. Phayu accepts and starts singing of his love for Rain which has her in a state of love.

Then, Rain and Phayu have an intimate morning breakfast together with Sarah. The younger sibling is asking Phayu whether Rain could participate in the illicit race, however, Phayu declares that taking Rain on her own is dangerous. Sarah and Rain both attempt to persuade Phayu and he eventually accepts.

The story then shifts to the night before the race as Rain and Phayu arrive at the race together. Phayu talks about what the event is to Rain and mentions that creating trouble at the race could be risky. A flashback depicts Rain as a student in high school when he was not able to meet Phayu while he was in school because a friend had taken him to an open house.

Phayu discovers the brochure of the Architecture Faculty placed on the table along with Rain’s pencil case. He then unknowingly notes him to encourage Rain to become an architect. Phayu left a geometric object for Rain to keep as a memento. It is later revealed to be the number one charm the present Rain is a regular user before each examination.

The Episode Review

There are a few instances that occur in BL dramas that just aren’t logical in order to avoid unnecessary conflict. this episode began with one of those.

It took Rain just two minutes to notify Phayu that he would be going back home, thereby preventing the possibility of him showing up at Rain’s house without announcing it. I’m not sure why Phayu demanded a suppository rectal on Rain who clearly is sick. This, at a time when viewers were merely looking to move on from the events that were happening in the first episode, seemed insignificant.

What was the reason to have Phayu punish the boy who he is fond of and who was clearly sick? The story is tragic but the meaning is comical and both do not make sense. I am also wondering what happens when we are able to see Sky and Prapai as they haven’t even met yet and we’re currently in episode 5.

The scene in the prologue where Phayu leaves an item for Rain that Rain makes use of as a lucky charm is just so romantic. But, I would like we had the chance to see Rain having a moment with this object during the opening scene since Rain is only hurrying away with the item.


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