Love In The Air – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

A Near Raging Storm

The sixth episode of Love In The Air starts with Payu making Rain into an illegal race in which Rain is introduced to the boss’s right-hand guy, P’Chai. The latter presents Rain as his girlfriend and Chai and Saifah asks about their boss, Pakin who is not present for the race.

Chai is left to her own devices while Rain is clinging to Payu in fear of his safety. Payu demands Rain relax and introduces the bikers to him. The two boys Payu encountered in the restaurant the morning before were also attending the race.

One of the boys convinces his friend to participate in the race, without having a valid invitation. Sarah observes both boys, and confronts them, asking the boys to race along with their friend. Prepaid is able to spot Rain sitting in a corner and talking with Rain. He’s going to inquire regarding Sky when Saifah comes to bring the boys. Saifah says there is a possibility that the brothers will compete against Prapai.

The boy seems pretty comfortable despite only being a first-time racer, and Prapai joins them. Saifah remains along with Rain and tells him that he is trying to instruct the youngsters a lesson. He only enticed them into the race alongside Prapai who is the best racer on the team.

In the distant distance, Payu notices the boys and begins fighting the two. The boy makes Payu a slack mechanic, however, Payu goes away. Prepaid insists that the boy concentrates on the race which begins a few minutes later. Both bikers race around the city, with Prapai riding his red bike and the boy on the bike in blue.

After Prapai won the race, the boy accuses him as well as Payu of cheating, claiming that they gave him a defective bike. Payu claims that he didn’t lose because of the bike’s fault but due to his incompetence. The kid takes Payu and assaults him after Chai arrives, and he brings his men to him and kicks Payu to the ground.

The boy slams the race by threatening to expose the racers before he goes away. When the race is finished, Rain and Payu check one another and Rain inquires whether Payu actually did something that caused damage to his bike. Payu said there was no evidence of it and he was furious as the boy spat on the bike.

Rain versucht to keep her attention from Payu by praising him for his cool. This leads to Payu giving in. Pay starts to kiss Rain as the bikers whiz through. Later that day Payu has to stay at work longer than normal when he receives a message from Rain. Rain says he’s at the garage, making Payu smile.

The colleague inquires about the text, but there is a thunderous sound outside. Payu returns to the garage and finds Rain writing something to the garage. Payu welcomes him with drinks as his wages and says it’s his obligation to help as the partner of the garage’s owner. Rain demands to be paid by kissing him and Payu obliges.

Then, Saifah arrives sharing that the boy who was there earlier in the evening has now challenged Payu to take on a race. Rain is staying the night at Payu’s place because of the weather, and attempts to convince Payu of competing against the boy. Rain says that he’s concerned about Payu due to the fact that he’s convinced that Payu will commit a mistake to be able to defeat Payu.

Payu declares that due to inexplicable reasons, he has to take on the task. Rain demands that he sign a promise to not be injured in the race. Payu insists on him not thinking about the race because it was just an endurance race. They hug and kiss in silence following. On the next morning, Rain will be at the race track as sSaifah Prapai and Prapai arrive to enjoy the race.

Pay is dressed in all biker attire and Rain is confident that his partner will be victorious because he’s the best racer. Rain praises the outfit of Payu and the two are flirting for a while. The boys show up and ridicule Payu as a lonely romantic, which is what makes Rain unhappy.

Payu responds to the boy, saying that talking is all possible, which irritates the boy. When they go away, Rain is fuming with fury as Payu smiles at his forehead vowing to be victorious for his friend. The race begins with Payu riding on the blue bike, and the man in red.

After a neck-to-neck battle, Payu ends up winning. Rain runs into kissing Payu while the cyclist is delighted to have kept his word. The biker is still ranting about his loss, while Payu is taking Rain to her home where they dance in a passionate way.

The adrenaline-pumping make-out turn into a romantic affair. Rain and Payu are lying in bed, and the former claims it was his bicycle gear that has done the trick, making Rain kiss him while racing. Payu jokes about role-playing various costumes, which Rain doesn’t mind too much.

Rain is wondering if Payu is ever racing and Payu says that he doesn’t like racing, but the idea of reworking bikes. Pay starts to talk about his children and his interests in architecture and bikes as Rain struggles to remain awake.

Pay requests him to rest however Rain states that he’d like the chance to talk to Payu. The biker believes that it is due to the fact that he loves Payu and Rain says that he feels greater than what he is used to. The next day, Rain wakes up first to prepare Breakfast for Payu.

They discuss how their racer was exiled from all races by Payu’s boss, Mr. Pakin. Rain is requesting Payu to return home earlier laughing about how they’re being like couples. Payu clarifies that they’re actually acting as a married couple, with the husband off to work, and the wife waiting for him to return to her home at night.

In the night, Rain provides takeaway meals to Payu when he spots a massive van outside. The delivery man takes Rain to the rear of the van, claiming that there’s a package waiting for Payu. Rain is enticed and the delivery guys take him away.

A prelude to the episode is a glimpse of Rain cleaning the room that he had vacated a few days ago. Rain is wondering where he got the lucky charm, and he recalls the moment he picked it up when the person who left it left it in his possession. Rain says that his life is filled with violent storms (pay) as an image drawn on the instrument’s geometric form.

The Episode Review

If this isn’t an intense Thai BL sex scene that I have ever seen, I’m not sure what else is. Even though there’s no nakedness, the bond between Boss Noel and Boss Noel is tangible, which is what makes Payu with Rain’s intense bond so captivating.

The drama’s intensity is being over-emphasized of course since I’m sure that the next four episodes will show Sky and Prapai’s love story in more depth, however, I think a more straight-lined story that paid equally focused attention to each couple would have been more effective than focusing solely the relationship between Rain and Payu for the first six or seven episodes.

The fight is uncalled for, but the main takeaway from this episode is the fact that Thai BLs are becoming more mature. From the roleplay kinks to NSFW scenes of make-out The episode was quite intense, which makes me hope for more dramas featuring BossNoeul as the central couple.


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