Love In The Air – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Not Just Wind, but a Typhoon

Episode 8 of Love In The Air goes back to the night the Rain arrived at the race that was illegal to meet Phayu who saw Sky accompany Sky to join him. Because Rain is in the midst of an unnamed storm Phayu, Sky is left on his own, with the guards becoming in fear of Sky. Prapai is brought in to save Sky and says that Sky was his child and that the guards let him go.

Prapai wants to know what Sky will pay him back for helping him, and Sky then is able to convince Prapai to do what is appropriate for him. They end up staying the night at Prapai’s and Sky goes out in the morning following an intense relationship. The sky isn’t revealing who he is to Prapai at the moment and they continue to live the rest of their lives, up to the point that Rain and Phayu begin to date.

The sky is determined to forget Prapai because he believes that all men are a bunch of slobs. The next day, Prapai is not able to get the notion that Sky is Sky from his head. He argues with his brothers about the fact that he’s the most popular person in the city, yet he is single because he doesn’t desire commitment. While Sky is, on the other hand, Sky is trying his best to forget Prapai. The four continue in their lives, while Rain and Phayu are on their romantic trip.

Together, Rain and Sky graduate to the second year of Architecture, and are eager to welcome the fresh juniors. Sky, Rain, Sig, and several others make up the group that will be coordinating the newcomers’ party. P’Som (Ple’s Brother) assists them in guiding the freshers. Sky will deal with the chaos created by Sig And Som while Prapai can’t forget Sky.

He cancels the hook-up due to the fact that he’s not feeling the idea at all. Due to the chaos of the college environment, Sky has to work harder to be ready for the Fresher’s party. Prapai is trying to alleviate his anxiety by running, but he is unable to be able to get Sky from his mind. He has a chat with Saifah and is determined to convince him.

Sky receives a message from an unidentified phone number which is later revealed to be his lover. In no way is he aware that it’s Prapai, Sky starts spiraling his angry clap-backs to the person calling him. Prapai calls Sky once more and informs Sky that he is looking for Sky. The student inquires about who the person was, and Prapai declares that he’s Sky, the “hot wind”.

After getting angry with Prapai, Sky ends up stopping his call, however, Prapai believes that Sky’s clap-backs are charming. On the next morning, Sky is met with his landlady’s naughty lass, P’Jo who talks to Sky about a neighbor of his. All day long, Prapai often texts Sky about a date, which further annoys him. Fresher orientation gets into full swing following the conclusion of the day when Sky offers juniors goodbye.

As he walks away, Sky notices Prapai waiting outside and attempts to run away and hide. Rain is able to force Sky to stop. He introduces them unaware of their connection. Prapai invites Prapai to bring Sky home, but Sky reluctantly accepts Rain to go home. Rain and Sky leave together. Prapai brings Sky into the apartment complex.

Prapai arrives inside and He asks Sky whether they can join forces. Sky refuses to accept the proposal, however, Prapai attempts to convince Sky that it’s not a problem since they have already bonded before. After Sky exhausts him, Prapai asks to be given a chance to start over and then reintroduces himself. The sky is not yet interesting. When Sky departs, the rider informs him that he’ll continue to pursue him even despite Sky’s refusal.

The sky is worried when Sky returns to his bedroom and vows to give Rain to learn from his mistake of giving his number away to Prapai. Sky believes that men like Prapai aren’t good, and makes himself force out of his head. The next day, Sky punishes Rain for the fact that he gave his number to someone else without his consent.

When he comes back after college P’Joy presents Sky with an arrangement of flowers from a hot businessman also known as Prapai. In the room where he is, Sky is mad at Prapai and demands to shout at him. Prapai affirms that like the sunflowers who face towards the sun Prapai is the Sun that Sky is facing to prosper and live. The sky isn’t convinced and says Sky is going to throw the flowers in the garbage.

The Episode Review

The show is entertaining to watch, however, I am convinced that presenting the tales of Prapai and Sky following the story of Rain as well as Phayu is a poor choice. Their love story feels undeveloped and rushed, which is a negative. However, I am awed by the chaos and joy Sky Prapai and Sky Prapai are.

The sky is traumatized and I would like to see Thai BL writers would understand how awful it is for people to be pursued with force regardless of their insistence on denial. Prapai begins as an alarm bell but offers a more positive approach than Phayu. It is possible to think of Prapai as being the superior of two evils, in essence.

I am not a fan of how the two boys can’t refuse to give a no-no answer, and this is being promoted by Thai BL shows. The episode didn’t seem to be very engaging due to the monotonous Rain and Phayu track but Prapai and Sky’s first scene of hook-up was intense and makes up for the fact that we lost.


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