Love In The Air – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Could You Be the Wind That Passes By?

In episode nine of the series Love In The Air, we watch Prapai getting dressed for meeting Sky for an off day. Prior to leaving the house, Prapai had an endearing conversation with his brother and sister, which demonstrates the bond he has with his siblings. The sky is home and hungry, but he can’t find anything to eat in the house. Sky leaves his apartment dressed in his evening suit and flip-flops when Sky spots Prapai waiting outside.

Sky affirms that he did throw the flowers, however the businessman and biker highlight how Sky was emotional enough not to throw the flowers, and instead offered them the flowers to his girlfriend instead. Prepaid states that he came to the area to find out more about Sky and to get to know Sky more. Sky remembers the past tragedy with his ex-wife and is confused for a brief moment, which worries Prapai.

Skywalks away claiming he is hungry and wanted to eat breakfast, while Prapai is with Sky, grasping his hand and taking the lead. Prapai exudes praise for Sky and engages in flirting with him as the waiter for food, but Sky remains a bit aloof with Prapai. Sky gets embarrassed after Prapai talks about how the nipple of his nose has been pierced.

The sky is eating his meal silently and then leaves without addressing Prapai who is talking to Sky about the story of his parents and his life. Sky is able to pay for his meal and walks away, however, Prapai continues to walk with Sky. Out in the open, Sky asks Prapai to go home and walk off after they’ve been arguing for a few minutes. Prapai contacts Rain to inquire about Sky.

Sky is in class and trying to be absorbed in his class while Rain confronts him and asks Sky regarding his sexual preference. Sky informs Rain that the decision to reveal his sexual preferences was his choice and that it was his decision who and when to disclose his preferences. Rain ignores the issue and wants Sky to meet Sky however Sky insists on not trying to influence Sky. Sky discovers the food items that Prapai left at the door of his apartment, but decides to dispose of them as Sky doesn’t want to be a leader Prapai to follow him.

In the evening, Sky experiences a nightmare of two men pushing their way into his body and he awakes with a jolt. He tries to calm himself when he receives a sweet message from Sky that causes his heart to flutter. He tries to get back to normal and blocks Prapai’s phone number. Prapai cannot get in touch with Sky however he is unsure of what the reason is. The sky was looking at his eyes prior to going on a breakfast date.

The next morning, Prapai is early and is waiting outside Sky’s apartment. He claims that he is departing for an international trip, but was hoping to meet Sky before departing. He also offers Sky breakfast and says that he waited in line for over 5 hours to give Sky the food. Sky is not willing to take the food and Prapai goes off to visit the world.

The week whizzes by, with Sky exhausting himself from classes as well as attending the fresher’s celebration. Prapai continues to text him from different phone numbers while Sky refuses to block all of his numbers. Sky and Sig arrive early at the college since it was a very busy day for Sky and Sig. Som comes across them and reproves Sky for not showing the students to treat him with respect. The sky starts to yell at Sky however Sig attempts to make the situation work for Som.

After Som has gone, Sig states that Som was only yelling at him due to his love for Phayu who was with Sky’s best friend Rain. The sky is angry, but she ignores it. In the evening, Sky has a nightmare yet again but is forced to forget everything about it. The sky is annoyed by the fact that Prapai’s messages and calls bring back his nightmares.

On the next morning, Sky arrives at college suffering from a stomach illness. He tries to make it through class, but he faints in the classroom. Rain and his friends take him to the emergency room. Prapai is now back in Bangkok and tries to call Sky using a different number. Rain responds to the call and lets Prapai be informed of Sky’s condition. Prapai arrives at Sky’s house Rain has brought Sky back following an appointment at the hospital.

The sky is in a panic and rushes back to his apartment. Rain is outside waiting and explains that Sky needs to attend college for some crucial work. He promises Prapai promise to take care of Sky and entrusts him with Sky’s apartment key. The sky was sleeping after her IV drip from the hospital. Prapai enters the apartment and begins caring for Sky who is subconsciously clinging to the biker as he rests.

Prapai is with him when the sleeper wonders about what made his eyes so sad. All day long, Prapai takes care of Sky by changing his sheets, and clothing and giving him a bath, as well as cleaning his clothing. A concluding scene shows Prapai getting ready for meeting Sky and he is practicing the terms of affection he’d refer to as Sky the student. Prapai decides to meet Nong Sky.

The Episode Review

It looks like Prapai is sporting Sky down and we’re waiting to see Sky finally getting comfortable with the biker. This episode helped me forget Prapai for all the errors he committed in the past few episodes. It’s also amazing to see the development of Prapai’s character and I am eagerly awaiting the moment when Sky fully accepts Prapai as a person.

The relationship between them is solid, so I hope the creators and writers gave their characters more time and growth. I would like Prapai to understand Sky’s past and assist him to overcome the past, but it appears that the creators skipped the issue and let Sky overcome his fears by himself.

The show was enjoyable and was an original take on Rain and her love story, so I’m hoping we’ll see more fun conversations with Sky as well as Prapai in the next episodes. be released.


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