Love In The Air – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Sky After Rain

Episode 7 in Love In The Air opens with Payu working. When he goes to check his phone and is concerned that he did not receive any messages on his phone from Rain. He has called Rain repeatedly, but when Rain does not answer, Payu leaves work immediately to return home.

Outside his home, He meets Saifah who asks what was in the takeaway food bag just across the main gate. Pay is even more anxious and looks through the whole house, and comes across Rain not there.

Pay is enraged and Saifah is trying to calm him down after the phone rings. Rain’s cell phone. Payu answers the phone and is greeted with Rain’s pleas for help coming from his end. The kid from the night before Stop is kidnapping Rain and warns Payu to avoid hurting Rain.

Stop demands Payu to crawl to him if he wishes to be able to see Rain alive. Rain hinders Payu from coming in, however, Stop is threatening Payu to send him a picture of Rain bound with the geolocation tag. Pay is speeding out of the building when Saifah is trying to stop him.

Sarah states that Saifah says that Stop attempts to lure Payu however, the latter is conscious and wants to make sure that Rain is secured before. Payu takes responsibility for what occurred in the case of Rain and rushes in to save himself. Stop’s family and friends are angry at his actions because they are spiraling out of control. They let him go in the fear of Payu.

Stop states that the man made him feel embarrassed and he was determined to make Payu a victim. When Rain looks at Stop at him, Stop hits Stop across the face. He snatches Rain’s mouth and then spits at Stop saying that Payu will never fall into those traps that are common to a fool like Stop.

Stop warns that when Payu is dead, he will be Payu the next target is Rain who he’ll get to. Rain is thinking of keeping his attention off Stop prior to when Payu arrives to ensure that he doesn’t put him in danger. However, Payu appears shortly thereafter. When Payu shows up, Stop wants to humiliate Payu and demands that he kneel before him.

Rain hinders him from doing it, however, Payu agrees. Stop scolds Payu further by forcing him to stand directly before his feet. Pay is forced to crawl over Stop’s feet but refuses to place his face down on the floor. Stop places his feet on Payu’s shoulders while his pals take photos of Payu.

Stop Kicks Payu and threatens to hurt Rain for the purpose of trying to force him to follow through with his demands. Stop begins to punch Payu while Rain sits in the chair he’s tied to. P’Chai gets to the scene with his men, while Payu is beaten to death by Stop.

If Stop is trying to make it to Rain, Payu grabs his ankle to stop him. Stop steps over Payu’s hands and Payu screams in pain. Then, P’Chai and his men arrive on the scene, helping Rain as well as Payu. After Rain is released He apologizes to Payu for his conduct. He is angry by the fact that Payu was humiliated before the Stop. P’Chai apologizes to Payu for turning up earlier than he had planned.

It turns out that Payu had in secret given Saifah the address of Rain’s address because one of Stop’s buddies was watching Payu. Prior to being detained, Stop warns P’Chai by telling him he’d get his father talking to Mr. Pakin and get them all fired.

Pichai becomes angry and starts beating Stop up while narrating about how important Payu is to Mr. Pakin. Rain isn’t afraid and kicks Stop to beat Payu up just before the couple departs for their home. The next morning, Payu wakes up in bed with bruises on his body and face and also a small fractured finger that has been broken as Rain rests beside him.

Sarah is on a phone call with Chai who apologizes for not attending to Stop earlier because of the busyness of his schedule. Sarah walks away with Payu as well as Rain. Rain is scared of harming Payu however the biker asks him to sit nearer to him. Pay and Rain share their feelings and eventually make their way to bed, after declaring that they love one another.

The break at the college ends within a few weeks. Rain is taking his buddies to the resort Payu has recommended. They are curious about who Rain is seeing, however, he isn’t making any statements. He receives a phone message from Payu and he walks away to take the call.

Rain is a bit sluggish in his chat and he notices Ple quit the call. He suggests that he join her while the call is active and Payu appears to be upset. Payu declares that he will arrive at the hotel in the near future and Rain is concerned. When Payu appears, Som (Ple’s brother) is swooning at Payu.

Rain is anxious about the possibility of having to confront Payu. Sky informs Rain that he ought to be concerned about how the two sisters, Ple and Som were looking at Payu. When Payu is seated with Rain at their table, he explains that he had gone to the restaurant to meet his companion.

Rain immediately declares that he’s planning to leave for home, and Payu is also up. Payu claims the fact that Rain was his girlfriend and this makes it difficult for Rain. Payu eventually claims the fact that Payu is his boyfriend, and the couple splits up. In the car, Payu and Rain bicker about who is keeping their eyes on Payu. Payu states that he’s got eyes just for Rain.

Rain promises to fight Payu to death if he is caught cheating on her. The story then shifts toward Prapai Sky and Prapai. Sky. Sky and Prapai live in distinct worlds. Prepaid has been deemed the son of the largest business and Sky is a commoner’s son. Prepaid visits Payu’s home during a time off and is asked by Rain for Sky’s phone number.

He reveals that he assisted Sky in escaping from the race track after Rain and Sky were unexpectedly at first. Rain does not want to reveal Sky’s numbers to Prapai. Prepaid calls Sky several times, but Sky is not able to respond. The sky is eating breakfast at home with his dad, and Sky says that the call is from the work of a spammer.

The episode closes with an epilogue that finds Rain and Payu sleeping. Rain is shocked to find out that Payu played with his car in order to bring Rain to speak to Payu. Payu claims that he was enticed by Rain since the moment when he opened his umbrella for him the very first time they were together.

The Episode Review

The drama in Thai BLS is so boring that, in the near future, viewers are likely to stop watching them in the near future. There was no way for Stop to be portrayed as the villain who would have been first introduced in the fifth episode, only for the villain to be able to escape and kidnap Rain two episodes later.

I would like to see the writers invest more time in figuring out his resentment towards Payu better and proving that there was a deeper motive for his anger with Payu. Perhaps he once had an obsession with Payu or perhaps Payu’s father had cheated on Stop’s father earlier in his life.

The romantic connection between Payu, as well as Rain, is the reason why they are able to save the day. They’re chaotic and cute in the same way that the bad guys are forgotten. I’m excited to see seeing what Sky and Prapai will bring us in the upcoming episodes.


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