Luckiest Girl Alive (2022) Movie Review – Mila Kunis’ stellar show in this mismanaged drama 09/10/2022 by Arnav Srivastava

Mila Kunis’ stellar show in this sloppy drama

We’ve seen on so numerous occasions how great potential can be squandered too quickly. There are many stories that the world is filled with it. However, it doesn’t take lots of things going wrong to make those who do.

Lucky Girl Alive might fall into the second category. A strong ensemble, a serious topic, and the growing popular narration tool that is the voice-over. All indicators were positive. But, by accident, the filmmakers ruin the chance to differentiate their film from the throng that is currently standing in the way of acceptance. The sad thing is that everything happens because of the nature of the story.

Luckiest Girl Alive has all the ingredients of a captivating tale that is filled with tension as well as suspense. The tension is tempered due to the fact of the shocking revelation.

Films that focus on the high-school years and explore teenage attitudes in a contemporary setting are on the rise. Netflix has a catalog on its own. It’s quite varied and extensive, but the quality isn’t constant. There is a greater appreciation by viewers of these stories because they acknowledge the dark side of their cultures and communities.

Luckiest Girl Alive uses the setting as the main motivation for the main character Ani’s (Kunis) desires to make sense of her life. There’s a sense of deceit at the beginning in which we are enticed to believe the idea that Ani is this ideal cool, super-cool girl who has an amazing body and a lifestyle that men and women only imagine.

The storyline certainly appears to be heading in a different direction. However, when the flashbacks begin and Dean’s name appears throughout the movie, the story changes direction and is now all about the way Ani isn’t able to get over her past and how her criminals have been without a trace. The truth is, two have died and one remains in a wheelchair however, her issue is with those who dismiss her assertions and believe in someone superior to her in terms of social status and who has more connections.

The change in tonal quality is quite odd and perhaps unfair for the viewer when considering the way in which the film ends. However, in the end, it is a brave choice.

If you entered it in a state of numbness, not knowing it would take place, then the above could be the case. At this point, Ani definitely loses control and control over her story. Her past comes in and the glimpse into the past is very raw. The method Director Mike Barker uses of flashbacks and the past is truly admirable.

The intense energy that comes out of it causes you to feel uncomfortable and empathetic about the life of Ani. We get to see the flaws behind the successful boss. It’s a good detail. Ani losing control would not be the most unpleasant thing if the film had managed to keep the tension. The third act is complete ruination of the enjoyment of watching the film.

The ending of the film with Dean along with the emotional address to Luke is a bit hollow and unimportant. Even though we’re shown the way Ani is struggling with the smear that has impacted her life, in tiny snippets but we don’t get the background. The lack of character development in this part of the narrative, that’s important to draw the viewer into the story, isn’t shown. This could lead to the feeling of a more intimate connection between us and Kunis. However, Kunis herself does a fantastic job at securing that.

Mila Kunis holds your gaze as if it were the glue of a jar, to be sincere. Her shrewd interpretation of Ani strikes the right note and creates a grey zone that she’s still trying to figure out who she really is. Looking at “Luckiest Girl Alive” as a coming-of-age drama can provide a greater perspective. Kunis appears to be an individual who appears to be fine on the outside but is eating herself up inside.

We can observe her vulnerability and how emotions become overwhelming in certain moments, but it’s the first that really inspires. The descriptions of other significant current issues such as gun violence, school shootings, as well as the growing rise of trust-fund children in private schools are acceptable but don’t really offer something that stands out.

The film itself is an interesting mix of emotions. Although the beginning that the filmmaker has created is well constructed and will make you want to go back to the film, the story is a bit down and shatters the expectations set by the beginning during the final. The film’s authenticity and sensitivity in describing the numerous aspects of the trauma of the rape, and most crucially, the overwhelming urge to put it behind you because the crime you committed is ultimately turning you into a criminal.

Kunis delivers a stunning lead performance, however, the film’s greatest strength can also be its greatest weakness. It’s a significant film, but it could have been created in a different way.

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