Manifest – Season 4 Episode 1 “Touch-and-Go” Recap & Review


Episode 1 of Manifest Season 4 begins in Shanghai with scientists performing experiments on an elderly man. We later discover that he is Henry. The lab explodes suddenly and inexplicably. Henry wanders off, mumbling, and then heads for the wider world.

Things are chaotic with the Stone family’s rabble of characters. Grace’s death has shocked everyone and all eyes seem to be on Angelina. Ben is not giving up on hope, even though Eden was kidnapped. However, he is in a terrible state and has been living in poverty for the past 2 years. He is in Rockland and tries unsuccessfully to get Jared involved in helping him find Eden. He ignores Gabriel’s call (who is really Cal) and continues his search.

Zeke and Michaela are happily married. However, Cal is kept secret and Michaela and others must face the 828 Registry. Michaela suddenly receives a Calling with a freighter, cherry blossoms, and a freighter. She immediately goes to investigate as this is connected to Henry.

A freighter appears to be there with cherry blossoms, but no one noticed the bright shining lights coming out of one of the shipping containers that also have the sigil for flowers on the front.

Henry is now inside, and he has “Stone 828,” carved on his arm. Michaela takes Henry to Saanvi. He has been obsessed with finding the missing plane for two years. She now confirms that Henry Kim is alive and well, a man who was declared dead by the Singaporean government two years ago. Henry moans, “The boy! Where is the boy?”

Ben starts to feel his Calling. Anna Ross’ photo is the one that Anna Ross took. Anna was Cal’s interpreter when Cal had a connection and became so sick. Ben chooses not to go along with it and leaves this for Michaela. Cal thinks he should do this, but Ben disagrees. Cal tells him to bring his Gabriel ID so he can verify his identity. He then leaves for Anna Ross.

Cal arrives at Anna’s house, but Anna heads outside with him because she believes that the 828 Registry has bugged her home. Cal calls her, and it turns out that the Calling is of a windmill. There are also gravestones. It appears to be a Ramago cemetery.

Cal leaves to go investigate and Jared arrives with bad news. He found a death certificate for Eden. They found Eden and Angelina’s prints on the bridge. Also, the backpack floated downstream. Jared explains that the river currents are why they haven’t found any bodies. Ben doesn’t believe it and continues to search.

It becomes clear what is happening to Cal and why Ben has been so cold toward him. This is thanks to some shocking flashbacks. Cal had told Angelina the key to the house. This means that he is partly responsible for Angelina’s decision to take Eden. She could have taken her, of course. Cal went to the same windmill as Eden on Eden’s death certificate.

Ben sees this as a sign and is determined to prove that Eden is still alive. He finally makes it to the spot and follows the clues. However, he is shocked to discover that it’s not Eden, but a different child who has lost his father. The other child is clinging to life in the river.

Henry Kim is still conscious and tells Saanvi that he must “give the box” to the boy. Cal and Michaela then head back to the shipping yard, but Michaela has been spotted so Cal goes in solo. Vance enters the call and uses the CCTV at work to assist him in avoiding troops and making his way to the container.

Cal arrives, and he hears ticking. This leads him to the black box that contains the plane. Cal brings it to the laboratory, where Henry Kim immediately remarks that Cal is the boy. Saanvi hears the black box recording, and it syncs with Eureka. Daly may still be out there. But we’ll just have to wait and watch!

The episode ends with Ben’s theory being proven right. It turns out that Angelina and Eden are still alive and hiding. They are at Anna’s house and she has been keeping them secret. It wasn’t Anna’s Calling, it was Eden’s.

Episode Review

The Callings are back with a bang! Ben goes on a wild goose chase in order to save a child, only to discover that it is not Eden. It is surprising that Netflix saved this show from purgatory. Especially considering the declining viewing figures over the seasons. But Netflix may give it a boost of life.

It seems that, whatever the outcome, the mystery surrounding Eden and Angelina will continue at least for a while. There may also be a few other episodic issues to add some spice.


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