Manifest – Season 4 Episode 10 “Rendezvous” Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Inversion Illusion

Episode 10 of Manifest Season 4 begins with Michaela seeing the horrible Calling from before. Zeke is lying in bed, but it’s not cherry blooms this time, but ash, hinting towards the coming apocalypse.

Cal, who is still struggling, is at the Stone household. Saanvi, on the other hand, is trying to find meaning in everything and find a solution before the death date and subsequent Apocalypse.

Jared accepts the job at Registry. Ben visits Grace in the attic and has a heartfelt reunion with Grace. He tells her he must bring Eden to her, and it will all make sense. She disappears. He heads downstairs and speaks to Zeke, realizing that Grace is the graveyard.

Which person would Eden choose to spend his time with?

Grace then speaks to Eden, Ben and Angelina. She is Eden’s only mother. He soon realizes that Grace’s eyes are different and the Calling is wrong. Angelina was tricking Angelina all the time.

The facade is ripped down and Eden must make a decision. Angelina begins firing wildly when she decides to go with Ben. Ben is able to avoid being shot, but Angelina has the sapphire and lets out a blood-curdling siren sound that impacts many people.

Olive discovers that Angelina is where she is because she helped her earlier in the series run-time. Olive discovers that Angelina is hiding at an old catholic school, and she decides to pursue her.

Vance and Saanvi are concerned about Cal, and more specifically Angelina’s misuse of the Omega Sapphire. The pair list a number of possible “worst-case” scenarios for the impact this could have on the rest. Saanvi and Dr. Gupta realize they need to get help.

What happens in the Catholic church?

Angelina seems to have lost her mind when Ben and Michaela arrive at the church. She’s not only turned some of the floors to lava, but she also did that. She thinks of herself as an archangel and believes she is there to punish those who are in need.

Angelina uses Evie’s Sapphire to make Michaela see her, and then she drops the gun into the lava. She loses control of the situation. This item seems to have strong Deus ex Machina. It remains to be seen if there are any rules or limitations.

Cal’s scar begins to glow at the Nest while Cal notices the same thing. Inexplicably, he brings Angelina to a Calling. He demands that she stop. Cal is tricked by Angelina, who transforms into Grace. Cal realizes this is not right and grabs Angelina. This in turn breaks the Omega, Sapphire. Cal briefly regains consciousness before collapsing.

What can the government do to respond to Angelina’s call?

The Registry creates draconian rules in an attempt to contain panic. Jared and Drea were shocked to hear that the government has ordered all 828 passengers who traveled on US soil to be held until further notice.

As Vance and Saanvi rush to their location, the soldiers also rush to Vance’s, making it impossible for them to destroy their research. Zeke is listening as Olive and TJ attempt to save Cal. Zeke, however, is forced to make a major decision when he learns that Cal is crucial for salvaging the future.

Cal is held by Zeke, who holds Cal’s hands and says “this is how it should be.” He rings Michaela to tell her that he will not be there when she returns home. Zeke says that she was his second chance. Zeke plans to use that time to save his family. Michaela race home, but Zeke dies before Cal can return.

What happens to the first part of season 4?

Angelina escapes the fiery church and finds the Sapphire which she burns in her hand. As she starts to walk away from the church, ripples of lava rise from the city’s surface. As everything is left on a dangerous cliffhanger, screams can be heard in the night.

Episode Review

Part 1 ends with Angelina, who is now the big bad and returning with a vengeance. Instead of trying to be with Eden, she’s decided to take revenge on everyone else just as her parents did. With the Omega Sapphire in her hand, and 828 passengers (with the exception of our main characters), it opens the door for the second part, which will hopefully give us answers and wrap up everything.

Manifest has always had problems with its mystery box structure. This fourth season is no different, despite the desire to explain everything. It all comes down to this Omega Sapphire, who can do almost anything. Resurrection is possible at this point!


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