Manifest – Season 4 Episode 3 “High Flight” Recap & Review

High Flying

Episode 3 of Manifest Season 4 begins with Eden experiencing a Calling. Eden notices ash falling from her ceiling and starts drawing. Call and Michaela both experience a Calling, with thunder rumbling overhead. This is a strange thing, as Ben doesn’t hear it.

Jared arrives and examines the evidence Ben has gathered in the attic. He decides to take the lead in this case and give it to the Registry to help Angelina find her. Cal, on the other hand, goes to Saanvi. As she plays the Black Box recording, Cal overhears the Callings and they inexplicably move Cal’s scar. They seem to be on to something.

Michaela arrives at the Registry to hear another thunderous rumble and discovers that it is connected with Amuta, her co-pilot. She realizes she must speak with him to find out what he saw. Michaela asks him questions outside, but he shrugs and rushes to get in a taxi before he leaves.

Ben also gets a lead from the librarian in the last episode. She reports that she has seen Angelina and Eden. They discover another drawing Eden had drawn of a flower when he arrives at the library.

The librarian confirms that Angelina matches his portrait of her. Ben also has another lead. Although it’s not much, he does see someone (Eden), drawing a flower on the roof. It appears that Eden is in fact connected to Ben and not Angelina. Ben draws over the chalk lines of Eden with his own.

Michaela stops Amuta from flying and forces him to meet the Nest. Although he isn’t happy, he soon changes his tune after learning that Michaela and the other Black Box-wielding people are in control. Amuta is shocked to hear the Callings. He is certain that they all died that night.

They flew into a pure light ball, which could be another form of lightning. Amuta has lived with guilt for some time, believing that he should have saved Daly. He also believed that he wasn’t capable of flying that night. He’s carried a heavy weight over his head since then.

Olive, back at the Stone household, notices Ben’s drawings up on the roof and realizes it is the familiar nursery rhyme Cal and she were chiming this morning. Ben wrote “Dad” on the roof, but Angelina saw it in Eden’s cereal bowl and immediately took offense. Angelina threw the bowl across the room. Angelina goes on to tell Eden that she doesn’t have a father.

Cal, however, presents himself to the copilot and confesses that he has had a similar Calling that involved bright lights. The storm appears to have flown into the plane rather than the reverse. The pilots also had a phrase to describe what happened after the experience: “The long, delirious, burning blue.” This instantly brings back memories for Cal from his earlier visions of Daly.

Amuta shares what he knows and receives a confirmation ping on his smartphone that his flight is on. After giving Michaela some praise, Amuta leaves the group with a solid amount of work.

Saanvi, an actor elsewhere, begins to research online details about ULFs and discovers that there are connections with other animals, including peacocks. Eagan calls Ben to inform him that he has some news as the episode ends. He knows where Eden is.

The Episode Review

Manifest’s latest revelation is an interesting one. It confirms that the peacocks are a part and parcel of what’s going on and that it may be related to these ULFs. This is a nice touch that helps to reaffirm the fact that there are connections between these ULFs and the mystery.

The episode has some surprising answers, and it links back to earlier seasons well. While the ending suggests that we are closer to finding the truth, the series still indulges in character drama. Manifest is starting to get more interesting.


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