Manifest – Season 4 Episode 4 “Go-Around” Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Manifest Season 4 begins with Michaela running and stopping at the cemetery to pay her respects. A lightning bird shows Michaela a Calling, but Ben refuses to listen. He grabs his keys and runs out to meet Eagan. He is eager to hear his thoughts. Michaela quickly grabs her laptop and begins searching Google images. It’s really a shame that there is no picture of Zapdos, the Pokemon!

Drea arrives to meet Kyle, a man who has missed his 828 Registry appointments. Although she has a warrant for her arrest, she gets a very frosty welcome when she arrives. Drea calls Michaela to riff, but when she does so, the screen scrolls down to a Crest, giving more clarity on the Calling. It turns out that it has to do with Shinnecock Nation land, which is exactly where Drea is.

Ben arrives at prison and Eagan offers to release Ben from prison in return for Eagan telling him where Eden is. Ben is skeptical of Eagan’s claims until he reveals a Calling that he received, which included drawings of spiders. Eagan is lying to Ben, but Ben isn’t sure what to do.

Vance is not happy that Ben has been blanking everyone for the past few years, so he heads off to visit him. He mentions that Eagan knows the location of Eden and asks him to help negotiate an immunity deal. Vance reminds him that Eagan is overstretching and that they don’t have the same resources as they used to. Vance still agrees to do his best.

Michaela arrives at Shinnecock to see the lightning bird, which hovers above a home that belongs to Kyle. It turns out that Kyle’s mum has died and he is unable to visit her. The Registry will immediately arrest him if he leaves this sovereign country. Michaela takes him to the hospital, and Zeke uses his empath powers and Zeke’s empathy to reassure his mother.

Cal and Olive work together to try and find clues. They start with the boards u[ hidden in the attic and then go back to the beginning. All they have found so far, including the journal, compass, and tarot cards, seem to link to Olive’s previous season’s star card. Olive knows she was given this card for a purpose, but she needs to be able to recall exactly why.

They put together all the clues and realized that the top was linked to the compass. It also has an inscribed Latin text reading “Divine Consciousness”. Cal believes the bright light that they saw on the plane was divine consciousness.

Ben returns to the prison and presents Eagan with the contingency plan that he requested. They need answers. Vance questions Eagan’s moral compass and brings up the story of how Eagan destroyed his family and put a gun on his son, 15 years old.

Ben is conflicted by this, but eventually Eagan signs and gives Eden and Angelina their location. After a distressing Calling, Ben gives Vance bad information and switches off his phone. Adrian and his friends are also held at the exact same location. Naturally, Adrian is taken hostage and knocked from behind.

Episode Review

The writers are trying to connect all the clues that we have gathered along the way into a coherent narrative as we reach the halfway point in this first part. The interpersonal drama is slipping into soap opera territory, and it’s not perfect. It’s also obvious that this was written for cable. These are musical strings intended to be used as ad breaks. This is a small stylistic tip, but it’s worth noting as it can be annoying.


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