Manifest – Season 4 Episode 5 “Squawk” Recap & Review


Episode 5 of Manifest Season 4 begins with Vance arriving at Stone’s residence in a desperate search for Ben. Vance arrives at the Stone residence, desperate to find Ben. It has been two hours since their last conversation and he is now radio silent. The group works together to hack Ben’s laptop using Eden’s birthday password.

Soon, they realize that Eagan holds the key to everything. Michaela decides she will try to get the information from him. He has a note for Michaela when he arrives at the prison and tells her that he won’t be playing ball.

Jared continues his investigation into the fertilizer, which began in the last episode. He stumbles upon Erika’s and Adrian’s compound. Ben is being held captive in the basement, unbeknownst to Jared. Eden finds nothing, so he heads down to the basement and finds Ben locked up. Angelina appears and calls for Eden. He then hugs the little girl and refers to himself as “mummy” and attempts to call out to Eden.

Ben isn’t happy. He remembers Grace’s words to never give up which echo through his mind. He’s grateful that Adrian has dropped him a sandwich and he uses the leftover plate to make his binds.


Saanvi investigates whether the ULF is a frequency that is being used by a higher power and links it to this whole Divine Consciousness concept. It’s not working for her, but after learning that Cal had a Calling regarding bright lights, she thinks they should put him in an MRI machine as he could be their key.

Michaela is having a Calling of its own about honeybees. She realizes that it is connected to Ben’s whereabouts. Jared was there too and couldn’t find anything in the episode. But Zeke and Michaela return to the area to search it out.

It’s not paradise inside as Adrian is under immense pressure to get rid of Angelina. This is what Angelina hears and decides to act. She actually sets up a bomb in order to blow up the place and, with a detonator, she plans to hold them all accountable. It’s their “judgment Day”, she claims.

Angelina raises her voice to Adrian, pointing out that he promised to protect her but failed to do so. Eden is her guardian angel. This is exemplified by the fact that she nearly jumped off the bridge but Eden stopped her. Angelina is supported by Erika, who watches while Cal grips her gun.

While distracted, they are able to meet up with Ben again, who confirms that Eden is upstairs. Cal manages to wrestle Angelina inside and gives everyone enough time to escape, including Ben with Eden.

Cal is fine and unharmed despite the explosion that rocked the building. Angelina seems to have been less fortunate. Erika also survives and heads out with her weapon, pointing it at Michaela. Zeke shoots Erika dead and the group heads back to their home, finally bringing Eden back.

It turns out that Angelina survived, to the delight of many. Adrian finds her and takes her to his car. He tells her she was right.

Episode Review

The midway point in Manifest brings the entire Eden saga to an end. Angelina’s threat was defeated, but Adrian decided to stay and help her, believing in her Calling.

We also have a huge explosion at the same time. It was obvious that nobody would be killed, wasn’t it? This exact trick was used in previous seasons, and everyone survived.

We do get some updates on what these clues mean but it seems that the episodes later are going to really dive into this.


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