Manifest – Season 4 Episode 7 “Romeo” Recap & Review


Episode 7 of Manifest Season 4 begins with 828 more passengers being murdered. It’s Anna Ross this time, and it doesn’t look good. Saanvi is also determined to find Sapphire and decides to go all out in her search for it. It could be the key to resolving the Callings. Vance tells Saanvi to slow down and she ignores her. Instead, Saanvi takes apart an expensive laser to find a small amount of sapphire. How does it work for unlimited callings? This is another puzzle for our group to solve!

Cal has been to the doctor and learned that he has lung cancer. He’s told to live his life and go outside to distract himself. He does exactly that and takes a date. He goes out with Violet, the woman he saved from Adrian. Cal later reveals his true identity to her, and the date goes well. Violet responds that she has helped Angelina by giving her baby supplies in the past. They share a kiss and hint at a future date after they have shared sex.

Ben follows a similar lead and heads off to a nursing facility. He manages to trick the overworked receptionist to let him look around. While she is busy answering calls, Ben visits a room where the 828 passengers being held are being taken care of. Saanvi arrives shortly after, realizing that the Major went to great lengths to link them to the frequency we have been hearing about. Although their patient files show they are all braindead and Marko weeps when Ben apologizes, the glowing light that emanates from their brain scans seems to indicate that the patients are conscious.

Zeke arrives at therapy and decides that he wants to seek help. He tries to get Cal’s pain medication for himself, but he discovers that he has a serious problem and sets out to seek help.

Jared and Michaela continue to search for clues. They realize that Angelina is the link between all of the victims. Anna Ross had also ties to Angelina and Sam allowed Angelina to remain in his home. They continue to investigate but they can’t find any conclusive evidence to link everything.

Ben finally makes a breakthrough with Eden back home and Eden begins to call him “Daddy”. It’s only a temporary respite from a much larger issue. Michaela discovers another Calling, which puts the blame squarely on Angelina’s mom, Noelle. Noelle is the one who killed the poor passengers who were linked to Angelina. The next person to be on the list is Violet Wheeler. Violet Wheeler. Cal begins to cry when he realizes he is going home.

Episode Review

Although I like this episode, it isn’t overly filler. However, we learn important details about Angelina’s mom as the one who killed people. It does however bring up a lot more fluff than it needed to.

This season has a lot of subplots and this chapter doesn’t really do much to move the story forward. Cal spends a lot of time on a date, while Zeke’s subplot feels like busy work. He can use his empath ability and get the truth from everyone else.

Although this episode isn’t bad per se, it’s not a good one. The details could have easily been added to other episodes to improve the pacing.


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