Manifest – Season 4 Episode 8 “Full Upright and Locked Positions” Recap & Review

Full Upright and Locked Positions

Noelle is the 828 murderer, so Episode 8 of Manifest Season 4 begins with all our characters trying to find Violet. She’s the target because she helped Angelina with baby stuff in episode 7. Cal is immediately arrested by the Registry for his connections to this. This throws a major wrench in the works.

Ben arrives at the station angry and confused. But he quickly learns that Cal, if he really is as innocent as Cal claims, there is nothing to worry about.

Drea is able to remove Cal’s fingerprints but Ben is disappointed that they cannot do anything about Cal’s DNA. All of this will go to naught if Cal goes under the alias Gabriel.

Ben gets another Calling just like that. It all happens because of a phone ringtone that he recognizes. This leads to him being able to identify a passenger, who is a musician. Radd is his name. This Calling uncovers Dr. Bates’ number via piano playing. It leads to Cal’s return to cancer. Ben uses both Radd as well as Bates to get Cal out of the lab before the DNA sample can be taken. They hug, and Ben reminds Cal that he can always talk with him.

As this happens, Jared and Michaela work together to find evidence that Noelle is the murderer. They have only one clue, the last episode’s Calling. They realize that Adrian is involved in all this and race to find him. But Noelle has gotten to him first, and he was kidnapped by her.

Eagan appears when Jared, Michaela, and Zeke arrive. He has a Calling complete with black smoke and Adrian’s voice resounding through the air, asking for help. Eagan convinces Michaela that he requires protection. He is also a passenger and could be the next. They all don’t know that Angelina is also being held captive by Noelle, and she realizes it.

Angelina is caught with Adrian and realizes that her mother is the murderer. She also deduces that she’s trying to rid the world of sinners. Angelina will be made to watch as Adrian is murdered in front of her.

Eagan is invited to Saanvi’s home, where she learns that all things are connected. Eagan discovers that sapphire plays a critical role in this process. Saanvi believes that Adrian had a Calling from Eagan and they should try to revive and improve the Calling to save Adrian’s life. Eagan reluctantly agrees to the experiment and arrives at the laboratory where Vance offers him a very frosty welcome. Although the experiment fails, Eagan claims to have seen a flash of light for a moment.

Olive continues her sapphire research and stumbles across a Reddit post that seems to have all the answers. This article discusses Omega Sapphires and how they have all been lost to time, except one. It was last found in Agri Dagi, which was in 2013. This is what the Turkish renamed Mount Ararat in 2013, which is where they found fragments of Noah’s Arc as well as the sapphire. This is the exact sapphire Saanvi got rid of.

Police rush in to rescue Adrian, but Noelle drowns him before Angelina can see. Angelina then spews lines about sin and saving him. Zeke feels a strange sensation that the killer is near and urges Olive to lock the door. This is just in time and she decides to unlock it for a random officer who enters, claiming that there’s an intruder.

The officer disguised as Angelina’s father is the other half of this murderous duo. Noelle is not the father of Angelina. He wants Eden to die to prove to Angelina that he is not a guardian angel. They manage to stop him, with Zeke shooting for his troubles and Olive pushing Angelina out of the window.

TJ is back in Olive after a long absence. Eagan arrives and decides to join the hunt for this Omega Sapphire. The camera pans up and we can see the “Masonic Temple of the Omega Order” written in capitals at the top of the building.

Episode Review

This season has presented a variety of subplots, but none have actually gone deeper to understand the root cause of the disappearances. There is a drama with Angelina, telepathic Calling, and even a serial murder subplot. But the true issue lies in the plane’s disappearance. It takes a certain art to do a mystery box correctly. We are now four seasons into this series and beyond knowing that sapphire was a key ingredient and that all the clues connect, there is not much to be done.

This season so far has not been as rich in answers or dramatic set pieces, despite the promise of 10 more episodes after the first part. We hope the last two episodes will pick up the pace and double the drama.


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