May It Please The Court Episodes 9-10 Preview:

We hope that it pleases the Court! Episodes 9-10

If there’s one thing that we aren’t getting sufficient of in the past year, it’s courtroom dramas… And it’s exactly what we’re getting in the new offering from Disney’s K-offering: It Pleases The Court. It Pleases The Court.

Nok Chakhee is an ace lawyer with the top percentage of wins in a major law firm within Jangsan. She is a public defender for Jeongha in a matter of hours and gets involved with a distinct and quirky public defender named Jaw Sibaek. Together, they investigate an ongoing murder case involving wealthy men.

Can Chakhee defend the killer who killed her loved one? We’ll find out over the course of the season!

If you’ve been watching this drama, you might be wondering about the date for the next episode scheduled to air. So, stop here!

This is all you must know about episodes 9 and 10 from May This is It The Court, including its release date, its time, and the best place to watch this.

Where can I watch Could It please the Court?

May It Please the Court has been made now available online via Disney+ and in an unusual departure of the usual, it is available in a variety of countries around the globe including Europe and in the UK, Korea, and the US!

May It Please be Released Date

May It Please The Court Episodes 9-10 are scheduled to be released on October 19th, around four o’clock (GMT). The subtitles team at Disney tends to be swift as well. The entire episode will be completely subtitled on the release.

Episodes 9 and 10 are scheduled to be released simultaneously and to run around 1 hour and five minutes each and are in line with the duration of the remainder of the series.

How many episodes Do You Think The Court has?

May It Please The Court is a twelve-episode K-drama with two episodes released every week. In that light, there are a second episode to follow this one.

Is There A May Trailer? Its Court?

Yes! There is the trailer of May It Please The Court Season 1 below:

What do you expect to see unfold as the series develops? What’s your favorite scene in The Court’s May It Please The Court so far? Tell us via the comment section below!


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