The Midnight Club – Season 1 Episode 3 “The Wicked Heart”

The Wicked Heart

The third episode of The Midnight Club starts with Ilonka walking down the hall with Kevin. She’s still stunned by what she’s seen. Kevin is convinced that it’s due to the medication they’re taking, and she’s not the only one who’s witnessed things. The last point is glossed aside by Ilonka who decides to go back to her room, but this time with the report in her hands.

It is interesting to note that there are drawings that include the well-known hourglass symbol. There are a variety of dates as well and 292-13 is a significant date for Ilonka.

The symbols appear to could be a reference to the cult that was known to operate inside the walls. After a frightening dream, Ilonka bursts upright and is able to ask Anya about the sign. Ilonka is convinced she’s seen it in the house but isn’t certain where.

Anya is as sassy as ever (honestly I love this character) However, she’s more sensitive than usual during visits. There’s no one going to visit her, however, Ilonka recommends she comes to meet Tim even though she’s been told by her father of her that Anya is the most difficult person she’s ever encountered.

We can see a clear picture of the various kids, and their intriguing and sometimes a bit splintered family. Kevin’s mom is determined to get Morgan, his younger sister Morgan who is a junior member of the family, to step up to the legacy of Kevin. In the meantime, Anya actually does a fantastic job of reassuring Tim the fact that all is fine within Brightcliffe and that everyone will are watching out for each other.

Family day is a blur family day and ends with Natsuki going to visit Tristan. Tragically, she’s passed away. Everyone shows up to quietly pay tributes as Dr. Stanton walks into the basement with Tris the body. Of all the kids, it strikes Natsuki the most, particularly since she’s always at her side in reading with Tris.

In her bedroom, Ilonka and Kevin reconvene and review Julia’s sketches. She’s determined to determine the meaning behind the hourglass and the numbers and believes they are significant.

In the evening it was the Midnight Club returning again for another tale. Kevin is this time the one to present an account. He begins by telling a story concerning Dusty Shane, the perfect high school student who’s perfect. He’s invisible for the majority of the time. He listens to student Nancy discuss the fact that her parents were on vacation that weekend.

Dusty lives on her own with his mother, but her mind wandered a bit a long time ago and she sat in silence, listening. Dusty travels across town to see Nancy with the knowledge that she’s all alone. He sneaks into the back of the vehicle, wearing gloves, of course, and then sits down beside her bed.

In his ear, he hears whispers propelling him forward, Dusty hit her repeatedly on the forehead with his hammer and ends her life. The body is disposed of and puts the smiley face game on the table… up until others shout him down for repeating a fable from an earlier story.

Kevin goes back a bit and alters his story by replacing the smiling facial expression with an hourglass. Ilonka attempts to sabotage the story but she stops as Kevin continues to tell his story. He wraps Nancy’s corpse and transports her into a cave, disposing of her body. It wasn’t his first rodeo but he makes his way back to his mother and pleads for her to leave him to his own devices. By then, it is referring to the many women he’s killed through the decades. Every night, he sees them and when the news reports come on, they are a constant cry and scream.

Dusty is introduced to the girl who is new to him, Sheila, and has every intention of pursuing his usual routine of killing and dissolving the body. But, Sheila stops by her friend’s place… is Nancy. Sheila decides to call the police, who arrive and immediately spot an hourglass icon. Detectives believe this could constitute a crime scene and much of this is due to the card. The police have a suspect that is connected to chatrooms on the internet, Dusty’s hunter’s territory.

Sheila arrives at Dusty’s home and is convinced that it’s a murder investigation but not a missing person case. Dusty is feeling uncomfortable, and the camera flits between Two people… Dusty concludes his story with a huge “to be continued.”

Ilonka is left behind after the story and questions Kevin regarding the meaning of the sign. After hearing him speak about Hell as well as the downfall, she recalls the place she saw the symbol. In the elevator.

Ilonka is convinced that this symbol doesn’t have any value. When she closes the doors, she attempts to press the symbol, but it doesn’t work. Instead, she presses the symbol for the basement… as well after that, the hourglass. It works! They travel deeper into the dark.

The lights won’t work Naturally, which prompts Ilonka to use matches instead of lighting them. However, the elevator goes back to the top, leaving her in darkness. When she turns around, the old lady from the past appears to be there.

The Episode Review

This Midnight Club is about to be a delicious experience! The mystery of an hourglass is an interesting addition and definitely can add an additional dimension to the series and breaks the episodic nature of these stories.

Although it is helpful to comprehend the kids there’s a part of me who believes that this might be the real story of their lives but with a few embellished facts changed between the lines.


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