Mirror Mirror (2022) Ending Explained – What happens when the characters are controlled by their reflections?

Mirror Mirror (2022) Plot Synopsis

Spanish comedy-drama film “Mirror, Mirror” on Netflix is directed by Marc Crehuet and it centers on four people working at Manie Cosmetics. The story unfolds over one day, and the four characters are put under lots of pressure during the company’s 50th-anniversary celebration.

The characters in the film are able to communicate by reflecting on their reflections. This may reveal their lives and thoughts. Reflections of the characters in the mirror are an image of their inner reflections, which prompt us to ponder and laugh often.

Paula is a gifted young woman who is trying to establish herself on the scene while sticking to her beliefs. Cris her sister is trying to figure out her gender and identity. They have a boss named Alvaro who attempts to accept his lack of talent. The day ends with a dinner party which takes a bizarre turn in the wake of various internal conflicts and disputes.

The primary thematic?

It is stated that our second impulse shows who we really are, while our first impulse represents what we’ve been taught to do. The film is based on this notion and is both uplifting and sad as it asks whether the adage “Be free, be you” can actually lead to greater fulfillment.

What is Mirror Mirror begin?

In the first sequence, Alvaro and a female employee share a bed. The woman tends to think about the things she did not like about the night while looking at each other in private, however, Alvaro is sure that she will be attracted to him.

Paula is seen in the following video clip making a video for her company’s 50th-anniversary celebration, by which she has included workers from her office and presented an amazing welcoming appearance. Paula ignores Cristine’s advice that it might not be a good idea for Manie Cosmetics executives.

Cristine’s inner critic warns her to be careful but also assures her about her place in the rest of the population. She assures her she won’t have to visit her counselor once more when she wonders if she will need to. There’s nothing wrong with her and this is a factor that deters many from seeking help.

Paula however appears to be possessed by a part of her that says that she is the best and that anyone who doesn’t agree with her must be either jealous or simply angry.

Does Paula’s YouTube video make an impression on Alvaro?

Alvaro demands that Paula take the clip the next day because he isn’t happy with it. Paula is so upset by this, she breaks down crying. Alberto another employee from the office who is featured in the video is trying to comfort her, even though the two have a huge admiration for her. He’s typically a weak man, who everybody seems to be taking advantage of. He is able to hear a stern inner voice telling him that he’s not worthy of Paula and that he should back off.

Why does Paula take Alvaro’s place as the speaker?

Alvaro is told by his boss Ernesto that the director of the business enjoyed the film a lot and anticipates that they come up with a plan to implement it regardless of the fact that Alvaro is refusing.

Alvaro who is totally confused proceeds to inquire Paula what she can do to prepare his speech. He’s probably going to start crying at this moment. His inner critic doesn’t like the way he talks about himself constantly and they only talk about the person.

His personality causes his reflection to cease looking at his reflection and he is left without a. This means that he must let go of the notion of self-worth he’s put into himself for years. Alvaro is unable to present his plans before the President in the meeting. Ernesto encourages Paula to assume the position, and the board immediately accepts her.

Why does Alberto abandon his reflection?

When Alvaro meets Alberto who is lonely without his reflection. However, Alberto says he’s happy without it and says that he’s happier without reflection. Alberto demands his reflection to leave, after realizing the possibility. He is the kind of man who believes that his dominance over the world is the result. He’s no longer meek but he’s unpleasantly pretentious.

What convinces Antonia that the office staff is nice?

Antonia is the receptionist who is invited by Alberto to attend the office party. Antonia is continually being urged to light all of the fires and is continually reminded of the pure satisfaction of doing it through her internal voice. She says she was enthralled by the smell of burning three chickens, along with an ostrich.

But, Antonia quiets the voice. She is more confident when Alberto invites her to the party as it disproves her inner voice and suggests that maybe those in the office are nice.

What drives Cris to accept who she truly is?

Cristine is facing her own struggles. “Cristian” her alternate personality has assumed the role of her reflection. She’s been battling it for a long time, but it’s her true self and always has been. After four years, she goes back to her counselor who is displeased over her abruptly stopping their sessions and refusing to give her any further therapy.

Cristine decides to go to a dress shop in order to purchase an ensemble for her event because she is becoming more uncertain about who she really is. Cristian is successfully confined there however she has lost the satisfaction in her reflection. She was an infant to ensure she was secure, but after lying for many hours, she began to become unsatisfied.

When she arrives at the salon, she finds that a party is being held. She begins a conversation about the salon’s worker at the salon, Pol, and requests that he trim her hair similarly to the way he trims his hair.

What causes Alvaro to lose his sense of self?

Alvaro is also having an emotional breakdown. His mother is the one with the greatest confidence in him. He has spent the majority of his existence being lifted by her, and this has caused him to be very comfortable with his insularity without contesting it. If he accepts that he’s not the way brilliant, his whole life is thrown into chaos and he loses any conviction about who he really is.

What happens at the office party?

Paula performs her monologue for the office gathering while Alvaro is behind in the background. Cristine arrives drunk, however, she is in full persona. She appears to have short hair, is wearing founders, and switched her name to Cristian.

Paula refuses Alberto’s attempts to kiss her when the singer begins to perform a piece of music that is dedicated to her. After being ejected from the celebration and becoming tired of being ignored and unnoticed, Antonia decides to light the place on fire in the middle of all things. Paula and Antonia’s eyes are locked when the guests walk away and she whispers “Be free, be you”. The bodies of our leading characters are altered as she has cursed them.

What happens when the characters are controlled by their reflections?

Beginning with Paula The company is looking to hire her. She also proposes the tactic of capitalists constantly promoting the concept that there is “freedom of expression” to market their products without altering anything. The company offers her a job. Paula was never granted his blessing by her father and was often accused of her being “lazy” like her mother. There’s not much background information available, but it seems Paula’s god complex resulted from the same factor which prevented Cristine from becoming the person she really is. Because Paula believes that everyone is beautiful She truly believes she’s better than everyone other.

But, she doesn’t actually think that way, as is evident by the fact that she attempted to praise Maria Carmen without really needing to. There was no one who was fooled by her snarky monologue, aside from Alberto who was simply seeking to receive the approval of his romantic lover. Paula was determined to make it her life’s goal to be the most accepting person possible since she was desperate for parental approval. This was a noble objective however, the pursuit was based on untrue motives that only served to keep people away from the reality of the matter. Her inner self, however, didn’t have these ideals.

Letting their reflections rule was the best decision to happen to Alvaro and Cristine. Cristine is able to become the person she always wanted to be. Alvaro must begin the process from scratch to figure out who he really is as a person.

Alberto has left the image of himself in the mirror. In the final scene, Alberto is the only leading character to look at himself. The only reflection that slammed himself was actually his. Although he never liked himself, Alberto has always aspired to be the top of the best in this world. The weaker side is useless for Alberto. He then is able to turn away from his reflection whenever it starts to take over him, in order to hide that part of him.

The characters as well as their reflections are the only thing shown on the screen as the camera zooms in and the lighting shifts. This could be a good depiction of the characters’ emotions of fear and anxiety when they are preparing to start living their lives as they really are.

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