Monica O My Darling (2022) Ending Explained – Who is the killer?

Monica O My Darling Plot Synopsis

Netflix has launched a brand novel Indian murder mystery, and we’re hooked. Most of the time it is the case that a Bollywood show that is picked on the big streaming platforms is more than a flop.

Monica O My Darling, wickedly named for the popular Bollywood past, is a big hit. The murder mystery genre is presented in a constantly changing style directed by Vasan Bala. There are many twists and turns it’s difficult to see the conclusion arriving. It was extravagant, unpredictable, and uncompromising to the precedent set up to date. Rajkumar Rao, Huma Quereshi, and newcomer SukanjtGoel all shine in the lead roles.

With all the twists and turns that the story takes We thought it would be a good idea to create an article that explains the final scene of Monica O My Darling. Below, we’ve tried to simplify our understanding of the movie. Check the film if you require answers! It’s obvious that the article is full of *HARD SPOILERS! *

Why does Gaurav kill Dev with the robot in the beginning?

Gaurav is seen sporting a mustache during the very first scene of the feature. He’s sitting on top of an operating room and is browsing on his smartphone. When Dev arrives in the room, he informs Gaurav about the recent change in his life. Her girlfriend Shalu and Shalu, who wish “Happy Diwali” in the video Gaurav is watching, has accepted Dev’s wedding proposal.

Gaurav was in secret passionate love with Dev who wanted to get with Shalu. Anger and jealousy got the upper hand on Gaurav and he shot Dev using a robot and broke his neck. Dev along with Gaurav were actually acquaintances, but the announcement of the news that Shalu and Dev were getting married led Gaurav to murder him.

Based on what we watched in the film, there is a possibility that he also had the suppressed psychotic traits of an unhinged person, however, this was not the main reason for the murder.

Monica O My Darling (2022)

What’s the reason Monica harasses Jayant, Arvind, and Nishi?

Monica is certainly pregnant, however, she stumbled across three of the men mentioned above in various circumstances. In India and, generally speaking when a man has married the benefit of the doubt is given to the woman who is unmarried and is believed to have had an affair. Monica is simply trying to leverage her position to pressure men to pay her.

A moment of revelation occurs for Monica’s character through the lens of redemption, when she attempts to explain her motives to Jayant. When Jayant tries to kill her thinking she was responsible for killing Nishi but is now blackmailing her over the “Murderers Agreement “Murderers Agreement” She says, “The world owes it to me”.

The tangent is understood as an indignation subliminal to her that she has for society. As an administrator, she has not received the respect she merits. Both men and women in her position are typically taken advantage of financially, physically and sometimes.

The workplace is toxic workplace for women like Monica who have a double triple whammy. It transpires, the idea is actually relevant in the context of the film also. Thus, this plot thread is a part of the theme that Bala brings home.

What is Jayant’s backstory and how is it relevant in the scheme of the film?

This is another kind of abstract building block within the web of thematics. Jayant’s tale of an underdog is important since it ensures his existence at the end (or is this?). Satyanarayan was truly his son and father, as Nishi said.

Since Jayant was a solitary person who did nearly everything by himself the owner of Unicorn Robotics had a soft spot for Jayant. He was in Jayant’s shoes as Jayant started out and reached the highest levels. Nishi, however, on his part did not perform to the strict standards set by Satyanarayan and thus “failed” according to the eye. Nikki loved him, and the joy of his daughter contributed to his happiness of Jayant as well.

The overarching theme is that of a boy from a small town coming into the big city in order to mix with the big boys, and get it right, only to end up getting sucked into the traffic lights that take him to a road of traffic that is coming towards him. He gets caught up in the excitement of his recent success and is pushed away from his fundamental beliefs despite the morally flawed people he has to deal with.

Monica O My Darling (2022)

What is the reason that leads Gaurav to embark on a murder spree?

The moment Gaurav killed Dev by using the robot, a drunk Nishi came in and swarmed over him. He was at the scene to torch the place to the ground angry and discontented with the absence of recognition by his dad. At the beginning, Gaurav interprets Nishi’s closeness as a sign of affection and a feeling of comfort. However, soon his generosity is turned into selfishness, and he begins asking Gaurav to perform savage tasks for Gaurav.

It is very upsetting for Gairab because he feels that the victimized. He had already suffered from issues with his owners and this incident made the part of him feel even more. The element of respect from the relationship had gone, and it loosens some screws within Gaurav.

Nishi initially asked Gaurav to install cameras in Monica’s house to monitor her. He was looking to monitor her. When Nishi wants Gaurav to take down Monica and he doesn’t agree, Nishi threatens to oust Gaurav’s secret to Shalu. Gaurav was incredibly dedicated (despite having erred in the wrong direction) to getting married to Shalu and, when he realized that it was all going to be taken away from him, he simply couldn’t resist the temptation to kill himself.

Monica O My Darling (2022)

He killed Nishi on the same night. Monica was set to be killed by Gaurav according to what Nishi had planned. For the reason why Gaurav killed Arvind, Gaurav truly proves himself to be a mad killer. Gaurav explains to Jayant that, at first it was his intention to kill both Arvind and himself as he believed they could also threaten him.

However, when he realized that they didn’t know about the crime and that nobody could doubt his innocence, he believed in the possibility of escaping without a trace. The voice of God was speaking to him, which gave him the courage to continue the murder rampage.

Whose baby does Monica nurture in her womb?

This was quite an unexpected one. We are aware we know that Jayant and Monica had an affair. If we believe the stories offered by Arvind and Nishi on their face and then the probability that Jayant is the father figure is very likely. Naidu informs Jayant at the funeral that Monica was indeed pregnant. As Jayant is able to inquire who the father was she gives hints to Satyanarayan and the ominous music is playing on the back.

The CEO-founder had an affair with his secretary, and she also lured his attention too. The police stated at the press conference that Tamang his right-hand man, who was Satyanarayan was the father. However, the flashbacks prove this to be false.

How is Jayant able to outsmart Gaurav with the robot?

The robot was created in the hands of Jayant The film provides a vague answer to the question. In the same way that Gaurav was able to gain the advantage in the back room, striking Jayant unconscious, the gangster then took Jayant to deliver him to the same fate as Dev. He employed the robot to brutally beat him and kill him in the final. Just as he’s close to delivering that ultimate blow, the machine ceases to work.

If Gaurav is about to examine, Jayant says that the robot is his and uses his watch to run the robot and take out Gaurav. There is no evidence of the method by which Jayant connected his watch to the robot but it’s possible that it was done in the back of the room or as the crowd gathered in the basement of the car parking in the basement when Gurav had planned to murder Jayant by cutting him with a knife.

Are Naidu and Satyanarayan connected?

They’re not related. But, Naidu received payments from Satyanarayan to conceal evidence and make another guilty of the murder. We are all aware that the veteran wasn’t at the heart of the conspiracy, but was inadvertently an integral part of the scheme. The veteran was also the father of the child that Monica had , and did not wish to see it published in the media.

He then bribed Naidu to proclaim Tamang as the mother of Monica’s child at the conference, and let him shoulder the responsibility for the events that transpired.

Who actually killed Monica?

Tamang was the one Tamang who used the snake’s venom in the wine that Satyanarayan gave to Monica. The CEO was the one who ordered the killing and enticed Tamang by offering him the chance to be a director on the board of directors for his company. Tamang was sure his position would be superior over Satyanaryan in the event that he carried out the dirty job. He underestimated the extent to which Satyanarayan went to defend himself.

At the final moment, it could be stated that Jayant did not walk in the scot-free lane due to Satyanarayan’s desire to safeguard him, since Satyanarayan not only liked Jayant more than the other victims in addition, the two of them were with their daughter Nikki. Satyanarayan has been identified as Monica’s murderer even though he is using the hand of someone else.

Another aspect that was left to be resolved was Jayant’s fate following his arrest. Jayant was calm after police concluded the investigation, however, there was a sword that was hanging from his neck as a result in the murder contract that he made along with Arvind Nishi and Arvind Nishi. Gaurav didn’t disclose the location where the original document was but instead, Jayant needed to find his home in Angola to get the details.

When he finds the agreement, he’s happy. However, as he is waiting for an incoming phone call and is interrupted by a cobra snake emerging from the drawer from both the front and the back. The screen turns black and we can’t obtain a definitive answer. The man could have outlasted the cobras because they were battling one another. Cobras usually don’t tolerate other members of their species within the same region.

Jayant has escaped death by capturing cobras before in the film, and there is nothing stopping him from doing it once more.



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