Nailed it! Halloween – Netflix Season 7

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Cobra KaiThe Witcher
Umbrella Academy
Slime Time

Nailed It! returns and this one is the most significant in its history. This show is a huge success (I say, it’s been on for seven seasons, which means it is doing well!) But production on the show was also stopped mid-way through due to the cast and crew members striking in an attempt to be part of IATSE. Instead of a meeting with IATSE, Netflix decided to halt production. The future of the show is not yet clear at least at the time of writing.

So, the seventh season of Nailed It! will air four episodes of the Halloween-themed cooking show featuring themes that are based on different Netflix Originals. It’s a smart idea, as it will bring attention to the many high-quality shows that the streaming service offers to get new viewers on board.

The episodes in this series follow the same pattern that we’ve seen before. There’s the $10,000 grand prize offered to any chef who takes attempts at creating delicious masterpieces. Naturally, all the excitement and laughter in this show is due to the chefs who are unable to mix all the ingredients and even put together an eye-catching centerpiece.

We’ve seen many various projects throughout the years and this time we have chapters that focus on Umbrella Academy, The Witcher, and Cobra Kai. The last episode, Slime Time, mixes things up and presents bakers with a new task, incorporating slime into the mix.

The episodes feature two judges who with host Nicole Byer while they cook (see eating) to eat whatever contestants whip on their behalf. The format is mostly similar and If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’re already familiar with how the show operates so I’m not going to give you the details once more!

Nailed It! Halloween is yet another enjoyable and delicious reality show that takes a simple concept and completely takes it to the next level. While some of the episodes aren’t quite as entertaining, they’re still enjoyable. degree of humor that was as the previous seasons The themed concepts with Netflix originals are a great addition and there’s plenty of fun to be had from the four episodes to provide good viewing.


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