Narco-Saints Season 1 Review – If predictability was a show

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Narco-Saints is a brand new original South Korean crime thriller from Netflix loosely inspired by a true story. Narco-Saints is a story about Kang In Gu, an entrepreneur struggling to provide support for his family back in Korea.

Hope is through his high school pal Park Eung-soo, who is a businessman with a lucrative arrangement. Eung-Soo is inviting In Gu for a stake in the skate transportation company. They plan to purchase skatefish in Suriname at a bargain price and then sell in the Korean market for full price. Gu is able to calculate the value and sees this as the solution to his financial woes. They land in Suriname and this is where things go downhill when In Gu is entangled in an undercover mission that is secretly designed to assist authorities in capturing the drug leader.

After arriving in Suriname, In gu ran into trouble with the head of the Chinese group Chen Jin who wants to receive an excessive amount of protection money each month. He and Eung-soo have a problem and are unsure of how to deal with Chen Jin but a trip to the church provides the answer.

In the church, they’re fortunate to have an audience with charismatic Pastor Jeon Yo-hwan. He was like a solution to their prayers, especially when he was able to take Cheng Jin off their backs.

Gu and Eungsoo did not realize that they’d just leaped from the frying pan to the burning. Things turn direr when the skate is found to contain cocaine. The pair of them In Gu nor Eungsoo could explain how the cocaine got onto their skate. Gu is detained with serious criminal charges for trafficking in drugs filed against him. The law enforcement system in Suriname not being reliable and corrupt In gu is sentenced to time.

While in prison while in prison, he visited a National Intelligence Service agent named Choi Chang-ho. He gives him two shocking revelations. First, his dear business partner and friend Eungsoo died, possibly killed by the drug lord who was responsible for the laceration of their shipment of cocaine. In addition, Pastor Yo-hwan’s character is not as kind, faithful man of God that he claims to be.

It turns out that the man is a notorious criminal who has been able to get the attention of the authorities for over 18 years. He was also the one who caused all their problems and also killed his companion.

Agent Cho Agent Cho In Gu an offer to withdraw the charges of drug possession against him, but in return In Gu has to undertake a suicide mission. Agent Cho is planning to bring Pastor Yohwan to justice, but they aren’t able to arrest the man in Suriname since they don’t have an ex-proprietary agreement. One way of arresting Pastor Yo-hwan is If In Gu is able to convince him to extend his business into America. American market.

Gu is forced to choose to leave the lion’s cave and employ his smooth tongue to capture Pastor Yo-hwan but remain firmly attached to his neck.

The show is a hit with a talented cast that includes Ha Jung Woo, Park Hae Soo, Hwang Jung Min, and Jo Woo Jin. They all portrayed their characters, and for the most part that’s one of the major reasons that viewers were able to stay with the show after the plot has become predictable. The show could have had more exciting potential if the storyline had not been smothered by predictable plots and unnecessary exposition.

Pastor Yo-hwan’s personality was captivating because he cleverly found ways to quote from the Bible to easily describe his drug-related business. Gu is a charming character that uses his mouth to talk through circumstances that could end his life, without having to sweat. However, Agent Cho is an individual who is dedicated to his job and is quick to change his appearance to suit the needs required to complete the task. If he is required to be a stylish gangster, you can be sure he’ll show on the streets as one.

It’s still worth watching, though, since it makes amends in the two episodes that ended by raising the stakes and the tension is amplified to the max.

The unveiling that the mole was not the only one within Pastor Yo-hwan’s group along with the story of Agent Cho flying into Suriname to detain Pastor Yo-hwan provided us with amazing action scenes. It was impressive and captivating to see Byeon Ki-Tae’s muscles in his fight scene with the Pastor’s bodyguard. The crime film isn’t the most impressive we’ve seen, but it does have its moments and is enjoyable to watch.



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