NAYEON – ‘IM NAYEON’ Album Review | A refreshing solo debut from the TWICE member

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If you consider the KPOP group that represents the essence of ‘ KPOP’ TWICE is the first thought that pops up in your mind. They’re fun, bubbly, and loud, and create music that is uniquely exciting, bright, and vibrant unlike any other. They embody precisely what KPOP is supposed to represent.

So, it’s appropriate that the initial TWICE member to make an album by himself comes by releasing one of the most ‘ KPOP-esque’ albums that we’ve heard in the genre in recent times.

Although she was the first member to debut as a solo artist in the group Nayeon did not begin her solo journey by simply swimming her toes in the pool. She instead made a big and loud splash with her album “IM NAYEON” and POP!, the album’s title track. “POP!, a song that’s as energetic as the exclamation marks in its title.

It’s time to Pop!

POP! is energetic and loud with a playful production, with its brassy instruments as well as the pleasing vocal layering that takes the song to a sweet close. The beat never seems to slow down, remaining vibrant and infectious from start to end, before getting to its heavenly peak in the chorus.

The “pop! pop and “ah! Ah!’ repetitions are fun and thrilling (albeit obviously being TikTok-bait) They could be reminiscent of HyunA’s 2011 smash Bubble Pop! to KPOP fans.

This jolly reference is definitely not a random occurrence and could be an attempt to prove that the crown of KPOP’s princess passing on to Nayeon.

Following the release of B-sides

The EP continues with the track NO PROBLEM featuring Her label-mates rapper Felix from Stray Kids. The track is the perfect pope’s got everything one could possibly like from the genre. Do you have a catchy beat? Check! Fresh vocals? Check! Do you have cheesy lyrics? Try again!

Unfortunately, the track has only one problem (pun not intended) The lyrics of Felix seem to bring the normally smooth flow of the track to a halt abruptly and shift to a manner that’s… undoubtedly not pleasing.

One could ask if his appearance in the song was truly needed or if it could have been more effective in a Nayeon-only track ( and the answer is probably ‘yes that it would).

The third track Love Countdown is another collaboration which this time features the rapper and vocalist Wonstein. The collaboration feels more relaxed and natural than its predecessor, featuring the two vocalists sharing casual lyrics with bright guitar sounds and a refreshing beat.

The track certainly stands out on the EP and will be among the songs that will be remembered most of IM NAYEON.

The enthusiasm that is the theme track can be repeated in the fourth track, CANDYFLOSS. It feels like POP! because both are bubbly and playful, and radiate joy out of every one of our pores. This is exactly what you would think of from Nayeon.

The list of tracks then dips lower in intensity, including the sweet and soft ALL or Nothing and HAPPY THANK YOU FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY. Yet the radiant voice of Nayeon gives the songs a healthy sparkle and glee and shines with all the sexiness.

The EP’s final track is the exquisite sunset ( nobleman yebbeuda), which is as sweet and vibrant as it gets.

Nayeon Is Nayeon

In simple terms, IM NAYEONis the perfect debut album for an artist of Nayeon’s stature. It’s loud and big yet it retains that spark of youthfulness that will allow her to expand as a solo artist in the years ahead.

POP! is full of confidence and confidence (and highly deserved If I may say so) It’s not an anthem for a superstar on the rise however, it is the anthem for an already-established star and is now poised for even better. This is exactly Nayeon.

That’s why the name I’m Nayeon (which is an homage to the name of her complete name, ‘I’m Nayeon’ as well as an homage to the word ‘ I’mNayeon’) is a perfect fit for the mini album. The EP is bright, fun beautiful, sweet, and confident just like her.


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