Notre Dame – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Episode 5

In the flashback of Episode 5 from Notre Dame shows Max greeting patrons at the eatery’s newest opening. The scene gives us an opportunity to discover the story of how Victoire’s addiction to drugs began. It was Rico the one from who Max received a loan who offered Victoire her first dose at the same moment of opening.

Alice is removed and treated for medical issues. She is held by Ducourt’s hand who stays with her all the duration. The doctors ensure that they are not in danger and let her rest. Ducourt is also requesting Varese to watch her and not let her leave out of the camp.

In a flashback right after the day that Ben and Alice were in each other’s vehicle, we see Ducourt having dinner with Alice. Ducourt warns Alice to never meet him again in the same way as the way he did and to stop talking about Ben to him.

Ducourt advises Varese not to disclose the fact that Alice refused to obey and put her life at risk by falling down the stairs of the turret. Ducourt gets fed up with how the Prefect as well as others have demanded ridiculous items from their department. Alice’s pregnancy news is announced and Varese also congratulates her. She demands Alice stay at the camp, despite her constant insistence on aiding in the mission. The tone of her voice is also harsh in the way that Alice has put herself at risk and delayed the mission. Her irrational thinking and her impulsive decision-making that is going to be a source of trouble for the teams she’s involved in.

It’s impossible to comprehend. If the person you love is in the midst of the flame”, Alice says to Varese. But the Colonel remains unmoved. Alice thinks that her actions are due to the fact that she would like to be the firefighter with all the brilliance that Ben did not get the chance to be. She would like to make him proud. Varese sets out and is pinned down near a fire truck. We look back to the time Varese enlisted Alice and was immediately impressed by her. She also noticed Alice and Ben performing together with them, making looks and even holding hands. Varese is afraid she may never love the same way Alice was able to.

In the pharmacist, Victoire tells her life story. She was a bright kid but soon became bored with the routine. She began going out, and, due to her attractiveness attracted lots of attention from males. Then came the drugs and she was unable to overcome the habit. She is regretful that she strayed away from her children and would like to change things. The pharmacist has denied giving her doses of the medication despite Victoire insisting on it. She is remorseful over Pam’s death (she does not know about the cause of death at the moment) but the pharmacist doesn’t seem at all. Pam talks to Max about her story about Rico and says that she had been the one that handed them the pills.

One of the cathedral’s fathers comes in and informs the firefighters that the true crown from Thorns is hidden in the chapel’s vault that is behind the nave’s fire. Varese is joined by a few firefighters for the purpose of saving the crown. Alice and Elena finally meet and begin discussing their experiences with each other. As they approach the safe, the father is unable to remember the password, but he begins to pray to get his mind calmed. The father eventually returns and grabs the crown.

Varese holds it in her heart, and she is thrilled in a way she’s never experienced before. She is aware of the feeling of rescuing something you love from the flame. Victoire quits Billy at an establishment and makes her way for La Caire to take the drugs. Max arrives at Rico’s house and hands him a plethora of cash due to him, but a few remain. He demands to know where Victoire is however Rico does not know and despite his man contacting him at the time and saying that Victoire is present. Victoire is handed the drug and is taken upstairs to get the pills. Rico requests Max to take on his behalf to ensure that people pay an amount of money to watch the former champion in action after nearly two decades.

Bastien informs Ducourt of the current situation to be dealt with. The fire has entered the north belfry, as the winds push it to the north. The beam is supported by bells that weigh thousands of tonnes. They will only have 30 minutes before the fire starts spreading and the whole structure is about to go down, as the wooden beams above the bells begin to fall apart.

North Tower will be first to move, followed by the south tower, and the walls after that, and then the nave. Steph takes Elena away from her group and requests Elena to join a live stream. He also inquires regarding Antony but Elena doesn’t tell the truth. Varese insists that Ducourt let them visit the Chimera Gallery and also save the belfry and the towers.

They have to do everything they can for the sake of saving Notre Dame. Ducourt must believe they can accomplish it. After a lengthy silence. Adamski can escape unnoticed and head towards the cathedral.

The Episode Review

The authors of Notre Dame appear to be unable to comprehend logic or reasoning. In every scene, they place their characters into they appear to be having trouble getting their fundamentals right.

Episode 5 is caught in being a victim of clichés, and simple conclusions about the setups that have been used up to this point. The ease of access to information has impacted them like a disease. There isn’t any drama or emotions, or even remotely compassionate about things that people experience.

We are all taught that the torching of Notre Dame will bring them closer and offer them a fresh perspective on life. The whole thing seems beautiful and shiny from here. The failed project flies in the face of the immense potential that the concept offered and it’s a lot worse.


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