Ocean Alley – Low Altitude Living | Album Review

Track Listing

Double Vision
Touch Back Down
Drinks and Cigars
Simple Pleasures
Parking Fines
Deepest Darkness
West Coast
Snake Eyes

Ocean Alley depicts through their music a purity that covers everything that is worth conserving. They take their smooth guitar work to new heights as well and let it sway the spines of the fans they’ve built over time.

The Low Altitude Life is their perspective on strength and also aspires to emotion in conjunction with the lows and highs of life. The concept of “togetherness” is one of the main themes in the context of this show and as they go through the pain and pain, their bonds are not able to be broken.

They are different in their approach to this. Older styles are represented and the music isn’t based on modern influences. It will transport the listener to the past when love was absorbed into the skin and drinking stopped the ravages of modern thinking. The sounds are amazing also as the guitars with buzz-saws and fuzz illustrate how Ocean Alley is able to alter the sound.

“Home” starts the album off with a slick and elegant style. The vintage sound is excellent and the guitar playing shines. The vocals are serene and the lyrics tell of the sad times.

“Drinks and Cigars” gradually builds the pace, and there’s no noise, just delicate notes, and chimes. The story unfolds as a fable that has many different angles. ‘ Deepest Darkness’ is a different story. It blossoms and turns into a bold work, and the story is never boring. The music perfectly fits in the way that it feels as if it’s a theme that runs through the entirety of the album.

Ocean Alley expresses through the lyrics of sorrow, their thoughts on love and the world Their brilliance and wit cannot be ignored.



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