Old People (2022) Ending Explained – Do Ella and her family survive?

The Old People Plot Synopsis

Old People isn’t the only horror film that features seniors as villains. You probably know if watched such films as M. Night Shyamalan’s The Visit, Ti West’s The X, or Adam Robitel’s The Taking of Deborah Logan.

The German-Romanian director Andy Fetzscher’s new film Old People is quite different from what’s been released before because it is an educational film about the importance of caring for elderly people and a bloody horror film. What if the characters of the film fail to learn this message?

The opening credits serve as a preview of what’s to come:

“In times of yore, an avenging spirit was thought to inhabit old people. A dark power that

Are they happy to be back in their hometown?

The family is excited about their return to their home town and not just due to the fact that Ella’s younger sister Sanna has a wedding coming up, but because they’ll have the chance to connect with their friends from the past. This includes Lukas Ella’s estranged husband and father to Laura Noah and Laura Noah; Aike, Ella’s father and father to two children as well as Alex Laura’s former lover.

When the family arrives in town, they have a reunion to catch up with Sanna and her husband. At this time, Sanna tells them that Aike was relocated to an elderly home after they left town to start a new life elsewhere. Following this announcement, Ella, Sanna, and Noah go to the home to welcome Aike home for the wedding.

After arriving at the residence, Ella is shocked to find out how unstaffed the house is, and how awful the living conditions are for older people living there. In the home, Ella meets Kim, the new wife of her husband who works as an orderly in the house. Ella then comes across Aike who is sitting on her own and inactive. When she apologizes for having left him she is able to recognize him and starts to cry. She removes Aike from the terrible area to prepare him for Sanna’s wedding.

In the meantime, Laura is enjoying her reunion with Alex and they embark on an excursion into the woods. As they walk, Alex shows Laura an old stone structure designed to remind residents of the town to remain together to be safe from the curse that will befall those who abandoned their older relatives. It is clear that this curse isn’t just an untruth, as the residents of the town are set to be possessed by a vengeful spirit who is determined to slash back at the community that has been sabotaged.

Does the wedding go well?

The family is having a wonderful time at the wedding because they have the chance to spend time with those they’ve had to leave behind. The only person that appears not to be happy is Kim who appears to be unhappy at the time Lukas as well as Ella dance with each other during the wedding reception.

As the festivities continue and the seniors in the retirement residence are seen enjoying the music being played at the reception. They’re clearly discontent with their treatment and when one of them caused a power outage through a bite into an electrical cord, they begin to begin a murderous rampage and murder the staff members who are supposed to look after the elderly.

After the trauma After the trauma, one of the senior citizens brings the rest of the old folks to come together and leads them toward the place where the wedding reception will be held. They are more focused than the cakes for the wedding!

What happens following the reception?

The wedding reception concludes on a positive note, however, it’s not too long before people realize that terrible incidents are occurring within the village. Lukas, as well as Kim, were among the first to be aware of this when on their way home they observe the old individuals going about their brutal rampage. Sanna and her husband also begin to notice the terror of aging when they are slain and beaten by the leader’s senior aide while getting married in their lodge in the woods.

Then, Ella wakes up at home, and she notices the sounds of elderly people out in the open. Ella is confused by the situation and leaves Laura with Aike and Noah as she sets out to examine.

She goes to Sanna’s cabin only to discover the dead body of her sibling and husband. She doesn’t stay there for long, as the old begins to stalk her, including one who wears Sanna’s wedding gown. Ella is able to get back to her home in one piece and is able to arrive on the same day with Kim as well as Lukas. However, Aike and Noah have gone missing and they all begin to search for them.

Where are Aike and Noah?

Ella and Lukas find out that Aike is among the savage old people out in the open. Ella accuses him of having taken Noah however, we find out later that Aike had kept Noah within the attic in order to ensure he remains secure. In this way, it’s obvious that Aike isn’t as blood-sucking as other senior citizens who are out to retaliate against community members who left them.

Can Ella along with her entire family make it through the night?

While Ella is out with Lukas while Lukas is outside, a few elderly people enter the home in which Laura, as well as Kim, are seeking refuge. Kim does not help Laura, however, since instead of shielding the teenager, Kim averts their attention towards the terrified girl. Happily, Ella and Lukas arrive just in time to rescue their child from the elderly doctor and then subdue him. They secure him by using tape.

Ella shoots an arrow at the elderly man, while Lukas asks him questions about Noah’s location. The old man responds:

“What do you see?” Human beings or an animal? You’re not aware of what we have witnessed in our all short lives. I’d rather die rather than live as an animal.”

This underscores the point filmmakers are trying to convey: old people are sometimes treated as animals, not human beings.

Noah is then seen emerging from his hideout. However, before they could play a ‘happy family game with each other, Kim, who is in awe of Ella she is with, assaults her partner’s ex-wife and is forced to leave the home.

Lukas and the children realize that they have done what Kim did and are determined to save Ella from being killed by the old folks outside. After witnessing the selfless devotion that Lukas is able to show in his heart for Ella, Kim then decides to fall off an upstairs window due to her loss of desire to live following the realization that she might be betrayed. Perhaps Kim is trying to deceive the elderly with her sacrifice in the order they Lukas as well as his entire family could be saved.

If Kim’s motive of saving Lukas the boy, her plan doesn’t succeed. The family can go to the house to get some safety, but Lukas suffers injuries from the geriatric attack. Soon after, he dies of his injuries.

Since the elderly continue to try and gain entry into the home, Laura suggests they use an underground tunnel that runs from the house to Sanna’s cottage. Ella and her kids go through the passageway, but while her children escape and escape, she is pulled back and is killed by a blood-sucking retired.

Luckily, Laura and Noah manage to get out of their tunnels alive. When they connect to wifi Laura’s phone goes buzzing with messages from Alex concerning a massive attack by an old. Laura contacts Alex and requests him to meet her on the shore.

However, before Laura and Noah could flee to him the police, they are confronted by the head of the organization. The man is threatening Laura however when she begins to sing her family’s old song, the elderly menace is forced to stop his tracks, likely since the song is about family unity, something that the spirit that controls him agrees with. Aike begins to cry after hearing the song, and then he saves his children with a shot at their leader.

Laura, Noah, Alike, and Alex can then escape from the island using the boat Alex has secured. As they sail away they find the elderly people on the shore, again abandoned by the inhabitants who live in the town.

What is the significance of the film?

The main focus of the film is the abuse by the old. It is not appropriate to treat our elderly as animals, and we should not think of them as burdens and leave them. This is a lesson that we must all be aware of.

The reality is that there’s no chance that elderly people will come out and take on us because of the way in which they’ve been treated, so we won’t have to fret about a geriatric catastrophe anytime in the near future.

However, in the film, the spirit of the elderly was a symbol of the frustration and anger that made them get up and take revenge on the people who left them.

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Is the spirit of revenge residing within the man? It appears so, and not just the victim Mr. Reinke but other elderly members of the local community as well.

This is a bad thing for Ella and the teen daughter of Laura and her eldest son Noah who are returning to their hometown to attend the wedding of Ella’s sister. After the wedding ceremony is over the joyous celebration comes to an end as a gang of old men attack the three of them.

Is Ella along with her loved ones make it through? Do they face an untimely death as the fate of the bloodthirsty senior citizens? Let’s have a closer look at the film.

It seized the most fragile members of the family.”

What is the purpose behind this purpose? It is made clear during the film, however, in the first segment of the film, we meet the frail elderly Mr. Reinke who is sitting in his bedroom in his apartment. He is visited by a young lady who is his nurse. However, before she is able to carry out her caregiving duties the old man violently assaults her with his oxygen cylinder and ultimately ends up killing her.


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