Once Upon A Small Town – K-drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

Episode 8

Episode 8 of Once Upon A Small Town begins with Ja-young reflecting on Ji-Yul’s apology prior to the night before. She recalls him telling her”Ja-young” was the sole good memory from their childhood.

While she’s leaving she is given Ji-Yul’s bicycle to take her back. He says it was wonderful seeing her, and Ja-young is frightened. The next day Ji-Yul has been doing his work when he hears village women talk negatively about Ja-young’s status as an orphan.

As he’s leaving work, the Mal-geum dog from Ma-Jeong is rushing to help him. Mal-geum’s mother was by herself, and the old woman’s dog was crashing. Because the elderly woman resided in a remote area of town, there were no vets to rush her there.

Ja-young tells her that she has a shortcut and that she could get to the destination. Ji-Yul accosts her and informs her that women in this town were slandering her. Ja-young says she’ll drive and he reluctantly accepts to drive. Ja-young says that the dog is innocent and shouldn’t suffer due to the woman’s negative attitude.

They argue over their divergent views, but they enjoy their way. When Ji-Yul arrives in his town, he checks on the dog and then treats the dog. After leaving Ja-young discovers that they have an issue with their tire. They bring the vehicle to a mechanic who is distant and informs them the repair could take time as he was working.

The two go to the docks to pass the time. Ja-young apologizes for having to drag Ji-Yul with him while he was busy. Ji-Yul jokes that the views compensate for it and states that despite the unpredictable nature of the town, he doesn’t mind being in town at all.

The two spend time at the beach, and Ji-Yul performs cartwheels, and they eat snacks. After getting they are back in the car, Ji-Yul and Ji-yul are back to being friends. As they make their way to town, they chat with one another and bid goodbye when a woman comes up to them.

The truth is that she’s Ji-Yul’s lover, Min. Ji-Yul is astonished to meet Min and Min declares that she was not able to see him, which is the reason why she went to meet him. Ja-young is elated and heads back to work. Ji-Yul’s boss is also at the clinic for animals and greets Yeongsuk.

Min says she’s returning to Korea and is not planning to travel to the United States and she would like to see him once more. Dr. Choi apologizes to Ji-yul for telling Min to know about his whereabouts but Min insists on getting Ji-Yul’s attention.

She claims she will be staying in the town for the next week and attempt to convince him. The women from the town are staying at the house of Ja-young as they express their gratitude to the woman for permitting them to stay at her home. The bed and breakfast was in need of repairs and there was an individual visiting town.

A girl that will be living in Ja-young’s home is Min and the ladies in town are shocked to discover that she is Ji-Yul’s lover. They don’t understand the explanation given by him and assume Min and Ji-Yul are together and continue to tease him.

Min is a bit playful and says they are both together, while Ji-Yul stares uncomfortably at Ja-young. Then, Sang-Hyeon arrives from Seoul and meets with Ja-young. The people introduce Sang-Hyeon as Ja’young’s boyfriend.

Sang-Hyeon is quite happy to know Ji-Yul has a girlfriend. Ja-young is taking Min on a tour of her home and Ji-Yul chats with Sang-Hyeon in the street. Ji-Yul, however, clarifies Min isn’t her girlfriend and Sang-Hyeon is not her girlfriend.

When Ja-young departs to go on her way to work, there is Ji-Yul with no option to justify how he feels about Min. When he returns at home, Ji-Yul is irritated with Dr. Choi for coming in unannounced.

Dr. Choi helps Ji-Yul understand his feelings toward Ja-young and how he doesn’t feel any affection for Min. He goes off to go to a place with Sang-Hyeon and Jayoung walking with Nurungji.

Ja-young is ready to give Sang-Hyeon an answer to his question, but Nurungji escapes, and both of them run after the dog. Guruji is able to find Ji-Yul on the street, and both Sang-Hyeon, as well as Ja-young, are stunned to see the dog there.

Ji-Yul appears close to them both and immediately tells Ja-young that the two are not dating Min. He then clarifies that he does not have a girlfriend, which leaves both Ja-young and Sang-Hyeon stunned.

The Episode Review

The episode was truly sweet and adorable despite the absence of any romantic relationships between Ji-Yul and Jayoung. It shows that the two are really exploring a new friendship/relationship without confessing their feelings for each other.

It appears that Ji-Yul has admitted his love for her in a way that he was sure to state that he’s quite single and wasn’t actually with Min. It appears Min and Ja-young won’t have a good relationship and it’s a bummer to have them living together for the rest of their lives.

Sang-Hyeon’s possible relationship is under threat of being destroyed and it appears that we’ll see some romantic scenes with the Seoul couple and the Huidong couple, as Ji-Yul and Ja-young are reportedly considering creating jealousy through Min and


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