One of Us is Lying – Season 2 Episode 1

Simon Says Game On

The premiere episode of One of Us Is Lying Season 2 opens with a brief recap of the previous season, in which Jake is killed and Nate is detained to be charged with murdering Simon when police find the EpiPens he is allergic to are in Nate. Bronwyn informs her family she loves Nate and is determined to assist Nate since he is innocent of the murder.

After the death of Jake, The group then fabricates the story that the man was a fugitive in Mexico. Evidence of Jake as the person who did murder Simon is also revealed, rendering four of the Bayview Four – Nate, Addy, Cooper, and Bronwyn not guilty of the allegations. But, towards the conclusion of the season, the four of them, including Janae receive a call sent by “Simon” asking them to comply with his advice or else their secrets will be revealed.

Resuming the point we left off the five of them are gathered on the lawn as Maeve Bronwyn’s sister observes them from a distance. They decide that someone knows what they did to Jake’s body, but Addy insists that they remain true to their claim about Jake leaving for Mexico. They receive a second message from Simon seeking $5,000 before 11 pm the same night.

Bronwyn insists on researching the identity of the person who is causing trouble for them. She suggests that they look into who it is, and then look at Nate to offer support, however, everyone, including Nate, believes that they need to let the past be forgotten and get on with their lives. The five of them break up, and Vanessa is surprised to find Maeve watching them from afar. Vanessa requests Maeve to join her, but Maeve refuses to join her.

The episode will show Vanessa appearing live on Instagram and making it clear it was the Bayview Four and Janae were in a relationship. Vanessa suggests that there is something suspicious regarding Jake’s disappearance. Vanessa discovers Bronwyn and asks her questions about the conversation, however, she is asked to take care of her own affairs and leaves.

After Bronwyn has gone, Vanessa catches hold of Bronwyn’s ex-partner, Evan asking him to expose Bronwyn or to simply get revenge for cheating on him. She attempts to get him to agree to do so by saying that talking shitabout somebody is superior to being the more powerful person. Evan says the thought will be his. Janae and Addy are having a chat and the latter believes that Addy is not fine, and is only trying to appear healthy.

Cooper is training, but he is suffering from PTSD from the night of Jake’s death. His trainer and father, Kevin tells him that Cooper has now an official sponsorship for the duration of his Baseball career. Cooper believes this is an air of relief for Cooper as he has not had this opportunity before in the past year since Simon’s passing. Kevin Cooper asks Kevin Cooper for help in making his social media presence known and asks Cooper to use the fact that he’s gay and his own brand to inspire many more people.

Cooper is reluctantly apprehensive and says that he will not crack, no whatever. Addy has a roommate in her bedroom and her mother inquires about her inactivity at school. Her mother inquires whether she really believes Jake is located in Mexico however Addy refuses to have any knowledge regarding his location. Addy tears up when his mother has gone.

Nate returns home only to be greeted by drinks and his mom, Ellen, calls for celebrations since all charges related to him in connection with Simon’s murder have been removed. Nate is not happy that his mother would want him to plead guilty and end up in jail, despite the fact that he was innocent. He wants her to go as she did go, but Ellen declares that she is staying with her this time.

Nate states that if she doesn’t take action, he’ll leave and leave. Bronwyn is home at the time she’s preparing to go through the Yale appearance with her mother of her when Maeve is trying to distract her by providing updates on Nate’s acquittal. Bronwyn glances at her clock and realizes that she has one hour until 11 pm and remembers the last threat made by Simon. Bronwyn wants her mother to end her day and falls asleep. is able to sneak away.

She’s on her phone and is looking at something at a distance when Nate comes across her. He advises her to return to her home, but she insists on not going back. They argue over her helping him that night. She claims that had Bronwyn not intervened, Nate would have taken the blame for Simon’s death.

A flashback brings back Bronwyn on the night Jake died when she plots everything about how the five people would get rid of Jake’s mysterious killing. Nate is wondering how Bronwyn was so calm the night before and says that she’s getting into trouble for helping him. She says she is in love with him and that Nate likes her too. Bronwyn is certain that he will stand up to her in the event of need.

As they argue and don’t pay attention to anyone who threatens them, someone does a check in the backpack Bronwyn left with a load of papers. The group receives a text message from Simon saying it was their biggest mistake. Addy receives a message from Cole Jake’s brother however she ignores him. Her mother comes in with a mailbox for her, and she’s shocked to discover the contents of the box. She lies to her mother, who is able to comfort her.

After her mother’s departure, Addy opens the box to find an email from Simon which reads “You have one more chance, play the game or everyone will know.” The box also holds the firearm Jake was killed with. Addy recalls the night of Jake’s murder and the fact that she was the sole one who was not willing to take his body away.

Addy is anxious and takes an anti-anxiety tablet. She bumps into Janae on the way to school. She informs Janae about the weapon Simon delivered to her home. She brought the gun to school, and Janae is shocked. Janae gets the gun back from Addy and says she needs to make her life back to normal. She heads into the sea to retrieve the gun. Another flashback shows how five had planned Jake’s disappearance.

Today, the girl has the gun on her person and returns to school. Nate attends school with a counselor who encourages him to improve his grades to be qualified to graduate. He is assigned a tutor for students known as Fiona Jennings and leaves the counselor’s office when he receives an SOS message from Addy.

The group finds out the truth that Addy has been shot at with her gun. Janae declares that she’s taken charge of the gun. She claims that she tossed it into the ocean. The five agreed to continue to do the things Simon claims until they discover who is trying to harm them. Nate is threatening Bronwyn over not informing the others she was going to meet with Simon the night before.

They argue before Bronwyn’s Yale interview, and Evan notices them together. He accuses her of doing her wrong and of being suspected of murder before he departs. In her interview, Bronwyn speaks about the reasons she chose to attend Yale while the reporter also asks her about her experience the year before.

The question asked her what her secret was to maintain her high grades despite the anxiety. Bronwyn remembers how she prevented four of them from calling the police after Jake was killed. In the present, she claims that she doesn’t have an affair and laments at the reporter for making her experience a major aspect of her character. After a few hours, Bronwyn breaks down in the bathroom.

Nate is having a conversation with his tutor Fiona and they become friends when Bronwyn discovers the latter. She wants to talk with him and blames her bad interview on his part. Nate says they are in the middle of a class together with Fiona as Bronwyn is irritated she didn’t request her to teach him. They engage in a flirtatious conversation between them, but they part ways shortly following.

The five receive a message from Simon who asks him to meet their group at an abandoned movie. Cooper discovers that Kris is with a different person and confronts her regarding the matter. Kris insists that he stop but Cooper inquires if the other had any information about where he was on Jake’s murder night. Kris requests Cooper to withdraw and to leave him alone, with the assurance that his secrets are safe.

Addy returns home, where she meets Keely. Keely apologizes for telling Simon her secret, and Addy accepts her apology and asks her to not talk to her ever again. Keely demands Addy return to the cheerleading squad and talks about how awful a person Jake was. Addy gets angry and lashed off at Keely. She says that it’s not a good idea to criticize those who have passed away.

Keely takes a liking to the possibility that Addy admitted it was possible that Jake was dead when actually everyone is aware that he left for Mexico. Addy is in a panic following her error but is able to dismiss Keely. Maeve notices Bronwyn departing that night via the window. The girl challenges Bronwyn for not involving her in the cover-up despite the fact that she assisted them in the past.

Maeve questions her sister about Janae and Bronwyn suggests that Janae is in need of some time after what transpired. She tells Maeve saying that she had escaped in order to see Nate as the younger sister doesn’t bother her. The five show up at the abandoned theater and settle in seats that are reserved for the five. The screen begins playing a clip from Simon.

The five are stunned and are wondering about the possibility that he’s still alive. Janae states the possibility of a fake. The video plays a voice of the five in the forest at night when Jake’s death took place. Addy calls Simon a psycho, and the five receive a message from Simon. The text reads “You made Jake suffer, now it’s your turn,” making them convinced that Simon was in the same room with them.

Five of them gaze at the abandoned cinema, as Janae examines the seating. The projection room mysteriously melts away and all evidence of the film is destroyed when the theatre is destroyed. Cooper, Addy, and Janae escape, and Nate and Bronwyn manage to escape. They hide in an alley and have the moment until they hear sirens, and are forced to flee.

Cole is following Addy when she comes back home, and she begins talking about Jake. She is agitated and rushes to her house as she remembers the night that she was the one who was believed who shot Jake. The story ends with Addy having a nightmare, in which Jake says that she has to be responsible for his murder of him.

The Episode Review

The episode was intense. I loved the fact that flashbacks were shown with all five of them to reveal what transpired and how they got involved in the murder of Jake. Vanessa is a complete annoyance and I’m not sure that any sensible person can handle the “influencer” self for the remainder of the show. I am curious about how the stakeout of Bronwyn was viewed when she employed money instead of paper to attract “Simon” in. The stakes are high enough for her to play with him, but she doesn’t take the matter seriously. I’d guess that she’ll not attend Yale or any other college of repute at the end of the show since her actions suggest it’s a case of. There was a job she had in the stakeout but she did a disservice by not looking out while she was arguing with Nate and Nate. Way to go.

A couple of Nate and Bronwyn is very angsty and I hope the story is in no way affected by the sexy behaviors. The whole episode hinted it was Addy the person to pull the trigger for Jake and that’s the reason why she’s suffering the most difficulty in recovering. I’m wondering what made Bronwyn decide to rid herself of her body when it was Addy who killed Jake.

Nate could have been saved in any case. Jake’s brother Cole might be Simon and there is a chance of Vanessa or the newcomer, Fiona might be involved as well. One of the most memorable lines of the episode comes from Janae who laughs at the idea that Simon was planning be punishing them for having the viewers watch Twilight. One of Us is Lying is targeted at millennials and is hilarious!



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