One of Us is Lying – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Simon Says, Tick Tock

Episode 2 from One Of Us Is Lying begins by having Addy meet Janae before dawn. Janae declares that she has spent the night creating an elaborate murder scene trying to figure out who Simon actually was. Addy remains in a state of terror over Jake’s words, just like the nightmare she experienced the night prior to. Addy questions the reason Kris as well as Maeve had been on the boards and demands Janae take them away ahead of Cooper and Bronwyn being notified. Janae believes that Maeve dislikes her and Addy says that they need to include Cole on the list. Based on their interactions that night, Addy is sure Cole is aware. They both wonder whether Cole was present on Halloween night and both get a message from Simon. Simon wants the five to return Jake’s watch before midnight.

The five get together at the house Janae and Cooper believe that Simon is someone who is looking for money, considering that Jake’s watch was worth $5,000. Addy thinks Cole would like the watch due to reasons of sentiment, but then he remembers that the watch was in Jake when he passed away. This implies that it could have been placed on the body of his deceased friend that Nate and Janae were able to dispose of at the depths of the sea.

Janae and Nate reveal that they didn’t place his body at the bottom of the sea but in the freezer of the yacht of her parents. The group contemplates what the consequences would be of exposing the body on the streets and Addy recalls how everyone was going to be hurt for her error. Addy says she could confess to killing him and put an end to the nightmare, but the group of five says it’s too late for this to happen now.

Janae states that the three of them could collaborate and play Simon. Nate and Bronwyn join forces as well. Cooper and Addy join forces for the purpose of “getting the watch from Jake’s body” for them to shoot Simon off, while Janae removes the watch from the vessel. Addy continues to have images of Jake that haunt her. Nate, as well as Bronwyn, discuss their situation, and the former claims they could just leave town and escape.

Bronwyn is contemplating it for a second before she declines the offer contemplating her family. Cooper finds Addy to talk about Jake in which she talks about her fears with Cooper. Bronwyn is afraid that Addy could break and knock the entire group out, knocking everyone down. Nate states that Bronwyn doesn’t trust any of the five, however she is adamant with him for not putting her trust in him.

Janae returns to the yacht on her own, but someone is following her. She opens the freezer and is able to see Jake’s body. After opening the freezer she sees the body, however, she hears a rumbling sound emanating from outside. It turns out that it was Maeve who was there. Maeve confronts Janae about their disagreement, and Janae insists on asking Maeve to leave as it is not the time for it.

Janae asserts that, since Maeve was in a relationship with Simon Simon, she is not able to believe in her or Simon. Maeve is aware that Janae kept her hand on the freezer, but she disappears without even anything. After Maeve has gone, Janae gets the watch from Jake’s corpse, and the five return to their respective residences. Bronwyn discovers Maeve grieving in her bedroom.

She tells her sister that she was with Janae back to her boat. This leads to Bronwyn in doubt about how much Maeve was able to see. Maeve has a different view of the situation and Bronwyn is forced to defend Janae as well as the other four people who believe Maeve is aware of Jake. Bronwyn is happy to learn that Maeve was just discussing the relationship she has with Janae and she’s still not aware of Jake’s passing.

Maeve is furious that her sister does not understand her. She leaves, but after Bronwyn has gone to bed in her bedroom and reads the messages that she received from Janae and the other group members. In the morning Addy’s mother calls her to attend to Cole as well as his entire family, but she’s against the idea of claiming to be compassionate for their reputation in the public eye.

She receives a message from Simon who asks her to put on the watch till Simon’s next order. The group meets to discuss who should wear the watch. Bronwyn states the possibility that Addy wearing it will be the least suspect, as she was still with the guy when he fled away from the city. Addy states that she is unable to wear it because she’ll be having a meeting with Cole at school since Cole will not stop harassing her. Cooper wears the watch off and wears it to see who is watching. Keely informs Cooper that he was able to make an appearance on a talk show the following day, something Cooper was keen to make. He spots the watch worn on his wrist which also draws Keely’s interest. Vanessa is live streaming and also filming Cooper and Keely in a group, perhaps recording Cooper with the watch.

On the next morning, Janae apologizes to Maeve for acting out, but Maeve insists on an answer to her questions. Janae cannot answer her, and she leaves. The following the next day Maeve is back at the boat that is locked and she finds the freezer’s lock but she isn’t able to open it. Janae takes Addy to Jake’s residence and makes her call so she can listen to her conversations with Cole and help her when she requires assistance. They are planning on “Don’t Kill Me” being Addy’s only word to use.

Cole speaks about she is unsure of what happened to Jake and what has been the cause of his family’s grief Addy is constantly haunted by Jake’s ghost, who compels her to reveal the truth. Cole questions her about what she did the last time she witnessed Jake and Addy tell her lies. She tries to determine the possibility that Cole was there at the time but she is not able to find an answer. Addy wants to go to the bathroom and meets Jake’s mom who is in a tense emotional state.

She bribes Addy to create a blog post asking Jake to return and be certain that he is watching her. Cole shows up and asks for his mother to go to her room. He says to Addy that he is sure she’s involved in something. She’s overwhelmed and flies away from home. Nate is attending a teaching meeting along with Fiona when he receives an email from Bronwyn saying she’s going to the abandoned theater.

He is attracted to Fiona as a joke, but they bond over time. After his lesson, Nate meets Bronwyn at the cinema. Nate is able to distract the proprietor of the convenience store opposite the theater and Bronwyn goes through the security footage of the night they stayed. After Bronwyn finds what she requires she and Nate leave the shop. Bronwyn took a picture of a woman at the theater wearing the identical costume as Janae during at the time of Halloween celebration.

The two are confronted by Janae and she claims that the mask belongs to Kris however, she mentions that she’ll talk to Cooper. Cooper is on the talk show when Keely along with his father both request him to remove the watch because it’s not his brand. Cooper decides to take off the watch and cover his wrists with the sleeves that are on his shirt. In the program, Cooper mentions how being made to openly declare himself gay was difficult for him.

On the show, Cooper claims that he is still being watched by Kris while the latter is watching his show on tape. Janae is in his home seeking information about the mask, and Kris says that she burnt the mask. The girl is shocked that Kris is aware of Jake’s demise and comforts him about his split with Cooper. Cooper’s wrist begins to reveal Simon’s text messages to the five warning them of the consequences for disobeying him.

Addy is kidnapped by three individuals and, it turns out that this was actually the cheerleading group trying to shock her by abducting her as an act of humor. Addy reluctantly joins the team to be able to get Vanessa as well as the other girls away from her. Bronwyn messages Cooper to join her in watching Vanessa’s live stream later that evening and also talks about the fact that Cooper had on the identical timepiece as Jake.

Maeve faces Bronwyn and is shocked when her assumption that Jake was frozen was confirmed by Maeve’s sister. Bronwyn informs Maeve that she’s been targeted and was trying to ensure the safety of her sister. The following day the group gets together and argue over whether Keely or Cole is actually Simon. They debate the way Vanessa took the picture that shows Cooper sporting Jake’s wristwatch, and whether her phone is the best way to discover who Simon is.

The five choose to attend Vanessa’s rally #JusticeForJake and get her phone back. Janae rat Cooper out for not telling Kris the truth about what happened, but Bronwyn let it be known that Maeve is also aware. They then point fingers at each other, however, Addy helps them calm down to let Jake’s ghost continue to afflict her. Janae faces Maeve and apologizes however the two kiss and kiss.

The #JusticeForJake protest is an all-out party in which Cole announces that they’d offer an award of $100k to anyone who reveals what they know about Jake’s missing town. After Bronwyn cannot get her phone from Vanessa, Maeve tries her luck in the process. Cole talks to Cooper as he asks questions about the watch. He is forced to remove it. Cooper and Addy claim they believe Jake handed the watch over to Cooper himself while in a drunken condition at Halloween. Cole is able to force Addy to write a letter to ask Jake to return.

Maeve manipulates Vanessa to reveal the name that the user who gave her the image that shows Jake sporting the exact watch of Cooper. In the meantime, Addy is brought centerstage in order to plead with Jake and ask him to return. Instead, Addy reveals that Jake was the one who killed Simon and asks him to come back, leaving everyone in shock. Cole gives the watch to the sheriff, who is sure the group was hiding something.

The Episode Review

Each episode provides a wealth of information and it’s a bit baffling how the five actors are giving away their secrets, one at a time like hotcakes. It’s like they didn’t kill someone, then dump bodies in the frozen freezers of their boat! Addy blames herself, which is the reason why she’s seeing ghost of Jake. However, the story is over when she realizes that Jake was in fact in error and Jake would have killed her had she done nothing.

If “Simon Says” actually requires money, the majority of the people who are wealthy enough to stop them from doing it by donating the money to them. What is the reason they are taking the issue out is beyond me. The fact that they keep secrets from each other suggests that there might be more than they’re telling the world and Janae appears to be the most suspicious among them at now. To imagine that someone who owns a boat would discover a way to lock it when there is a basic dead body buried inside it, but Janae is leaving it open for anyone to get inside without a problem. Bronwyn isn’t smart enough despite being a top student to let her phone go with her text messages in it for Maeve and her hacker sister to look at.


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