One of Us is Lying – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Simon Says Gotcha!

The fourth episode of Us is Lying Season 2 starts with the six taking the vessel on its way back. They wear Detective Wheeler and then begin spiraling however Maeve is able to handle the situation in a calm manner. When Wheeler demands to check inside Maeve’s boat, she demands a warrant which could make the police suspect. She promises to return with one, and then hands Cooper’s cell phone back to him.

Wheeler says the text wasn’t coming from Jake as the police were trying to trace the original sender prior to leaving the group. On the following date, Cooper and Addy are discussing Jake and the cops are able to access Cooper’s cell phone while Giselle is at school together with the Bayview Cheerleading Squad. Vanessa states that a fresh piece of proof indicates Jake’s vehicle was found hidden in the forest during the evening of the Halloween celebration.

She organizes a hunt for the forest and Giselle is asking the students to feel for her. Nate and Bronwyn chat about the events of the previous night and she asks him if he would like to miss class in order to take a break and watch a film to clear their minds. Nate says he’s got an appointment with a tutor and then departs with Bronwyn to attend classes with Fiona.

Fiona and Nate reconnect after their kisses. She is quite playful which assists Nate to relax. Cooper is in his locker, where he discovers the mask Janae was wearing at the time of the celebration. It’s also the exact mask that Bronwyn witnessed Simon wear at the theater. He tells the five others about it, and Maeve affirms that Giselle isn’t who she claims she is.

Addy has convinced the fact that Giselle was Simon and is there to pay retribution for his death. However, others believe Addy is just a in a state of paranoia. Vanessa along with Giselle is giving out flyers to the hunt in the forest when Principal Gupta insists that they stop and then kicks Giselle out. Addy will not be able to find out more about the real story behind her and is the one to follow her out. The two girls get into some arguments, however, Giselle isn’t happy with his photographs were altered to show him in Greece even though he was not there.

She is arousing Addy and then leaves, however, Simon immediately texts her a message threatening Addy to smash the car of Giselle. Addy is in a state of shock, accepts the challenge, and is taken to the office of the Principal together with her mom. Addy’s mom claims she was right since Giselle was the girl Jake had a fling with Addy with.

Mrs. Gupta stops Addy and says she requires counseling for her sadness, but her mother assures her that she will manage it as she sees fit. After leaving at work, the mother congratulates her for what she did, instead of trying to hide her emotions. Bronwyn shares with Nate that she’s worried about her suspension, but Nate is a bit irritable with her. He states that Simon encouraged him to take cash from the restaurant where he works.

The restaurant is owned by her father. Bronwyn requests Nate for a camera in the money in the order they can see who Simon actually was. In classes, Janae is given a timed challenge by Simon who requires her to plug in an external Flash drive in one computer within the lab. With the help of Maeve, she finishes the dare within the time allotted, but the flash drive is filled with pornography, which spreads as a virus across all the computers that are in the lab.

As the videos flashed on the display, Maeve tries to encrypt the contents of the flash drive and transfer it to her laptop. Mrs. Gupta says to Janae that the error is unacceptable and warns her that she’s being exiled from the school completely. Because Maeve has also been involved in the incident, she’s also penalized and suspended. Addy is requesting a meeting at Janae’s poolhouse, however, Cooper is busy at an endorsement event.

The company wants to leverage Cooper’s status as an openly gay sportsman along with his romantic relationship with Kris to their advantage, however, Cooper isn’t happy about the plan. In Janae’s home, Addy concludes that Giselle is actually Simon and provides evidence in the form of the necklace Jake gave her at some point in time. While they think about their alternatives, Addy suggests they break into her home and search for evidence.

Then, Janae’s dad appears and the rest of the five go away. Janae and her dad have an argument where the former states that removing her from Bayview High and having her go to prep school is ideal to ensure her success in life. She takes slams him for leaving her during some of the most difficult years of her life, only to return to switch things around in her life.

Addy is talking with Cole regarding Giselle and he claims she’s lying about Jake’s involvement with her. He also requests she not be worried about Giselle. Cooper is pursued by a vehicle on his late-night run, and it is Kris. Kris asks Cooper whether Detective Wheeler is coming to visit him and questions Cooper about his knowledge regarding the Halloween celebration. Kris wants Cooper to take care of his affairs as well as stop making followers believe they are still together.

Cooper declares that he misses Kris however, Kris says that he wishes that their lives were different. Cooper returns home to talk with his father about the sponsorship, as well as his split with Kris. Kevin declares that he’s not upset and agrees with Cooper’s conditions for additional sponsorship. Bronwyn visits Addy and the two to search for clues to the place where Giselle may be.

At the dining establishment, Nate sneaks the money from the cash register and then takes it to the place Simon was asking him to deposit it. There is a camera too, however, Fiona unlocks the door, which forces the camera to move from its location and puts it inside the wastewater. Fiona notices Nate outside and attempts to connect with him but Nate respectfully declines. She initially is upset but then accepts it.

Nate, as well as Bronwyn, are staying in Giselle’s hotel room, and they find out that she’s having a relationship with TJ. They enter Giselle’s room to search for clues but find nothing. Addy, as well as Cooper, are attending a gathering in the woods, while Maeve is in Janae’s home enjoying some time alone following the detention of both students from school. Maeve has been decoding information on the USB flash drive and is trying to find Simon.

Addy attempts to question Giselle to find out whether she is truly Simon but they get caught up by Vanessa who has found the bullet casing that could point to Jake. Addy and Cooper believe they know that Addy has been identified as Simon but Bronwyn, as well as Nate, is still searching for clues. They are awed by the housekeeping staff of their hotel. They rush to the bathroom where they make out and then find the money in the red package that Nate took from the hotel of Fiona.

The six have now decided they know that Giselle is Simon however Maeve is able to send Simon a message. She decides to send a text message to the person who sent it to let them know who she’s. Five members immediately receive an email from Simon inviting them to a meeting at the water park. Six of them get to the location however Addy is the one to leave us in the group. She sees a shadow and is able to follow it.

The five other members wonder about the whereabouts of Addy’s, when they hear her screaming. When they rush to search for her they stumble upon bodies of women lying among the others. Addy is secure and runs back to them, but the body is actually Giselle’s. The five (except Maeve, who is Maeve) receive a message from Simon who tells them not to play with him again.

The show has highlighted a number of dysfunctional parents over the two seasons. the mother of Addy is one of them in the current season. I believe that the five characters need to not bring their love interests into the open since the murder of an individual is typically not something that one can boast about. I’d like to see them keep Kris out of the picture since he’s truly an extremely innocent character in the show. I’m hoping Kris isn’t Simon however it will hurt my soul in the event that he proves to the stalker.

I’m sure Cole is most likely involved in something shady, but I’m not sure whether he is involved in anything having to do with have anything to do with the murder of Giselle. Giselle might be Cole’s ex and may be looking to take revenge at him by using Jake’s situation for her own advantage. Fiona might be Simon as she seems to be attracted to Nate and all his outrageous acts seem to be easy when compared with other characters. We’ll find out when we will see the next episodes.


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