Oni: Thunder God’s Tale Ending Explained – Does Onari realize her true potential?

The National Institute: Thunder God’s Tale Plot Synopsis

The plot is set in rural Japan and features hyperactive Onari an innocent girl who is raised by her eccentric father Naridon. She’s set to embark on a sweeping journey to discover her special abilities.

The Demon Moon set to descend on them, and the wicked Oni poised to strike their hearts in the event that it does, Onari is taught along with many other students how to be a real Kami and fight this apocalypse.

However, everything isn’t the way it appears and as the episodes whirl by, it becomes apparent that there’s a bigger truth hidden in plain sight.

What are they? Oni? What has happened in the past?

In episode 3, which is appropriately called “The Truth” we learn much more about the background of Onari’s life and what transpired that momentous day when she was with her parents.

At present tragedy struck the parents of Onari who were victims of an accident in a car. A huge storm that occurred a decade ago was the consequence of the Naridons and Putaro performing their god-like work to wipe Oni (humans) off the earth.

Naridon was able to see the car dangling off the road’s edge And Onari’s mom, who was dying of breath, had entrusted Naridon to look after the child. With the parents of Onari deceased, Naridon took her in and helped her. But, Ontario herself is actually an Oni and this frightens all the people within the village.

How will the villagers react?

The 4th episode in Oni The Thunder God’s Story picks up with the villagers concerned and arguing among themselves. The Oni are on their way, and now we know that Onari has been one, it sends the entire community into chaos.

Onari is sad that she didn’t get to be the daughter of Naridon, even though he took care of her. She puts her doll on the floor, and then walks away with the voice of the Principal echoing throughout the air, telling Naridon that this was the way he went.

Onari her, she’s ostracized by the villager and told to go home. Kappa attempts to find her but to no avail and the girl hurries out into the woods on her own. Potato is next and explains the similarities between her and their family members.

Potato ignites the flame and accuses her of destroying Naridon’s powers and believes she’s the reason for his power diminishing.

What is the best way to Putari get the villager’s attention?

If Naridon finds out that Putaro has taken her to the police Then he rushes in and they end up fighting. However, the fight ends up with Naridon being taken into custody.

While all this is happening, Onari ends up spending time with Calvin who cooks her lunch and shares some positive words of wisdom. While the two are able to have a great relationship, everything is not well in the community.

Puteri makes chants to “Kill the Oni”, exactly at the time the Demon Moon appears in the sky. Kappa runs away from the crowd determined to alert Onari and attempt to help the Onari. But the shadow of a dark figure appears in front of them at the foot of the bridge.

What happens on the bridge?

Calvin Explains to Onari that the entire concept that is Onari that the whole idea behind Oni is that the characters of the story as villains. Japanese fairy stories. According to certain historians, the idea was derived from the notion that people who are different from Japanese natives are labeled as Onis. They are scared of people they don’t get. And Calvin has plenty of experience with this.

On the bridge back The mysterious creature is revealed in its original form. It’s Naridon. He loses control and is consumed by the darkness until Onari is in the way and attempts in vain to stop him. It turns out the horrible creatures of shadow are really themselves, people who have been devoured by the darkness. Onari informs them all that they are the ones responsible for this, and that they all have inner darkness.

Onari decides to begin singing and is joined by the other children who decide to assist Onari and make a difference in their lives. The chanting works too and seeing the beauty of Naridon and Onari’s friendship can end Naridon’s rabidness in the meantime, as Onari is vocal and accepts her role as the daughter of Naridon.

What happens when Oni: Thunder God’s Tale comes to an end?

Onari sends an email to Calvin and Calvin, telling them about what’s happened. They reveal that the entire group has made a decision to join forces to restore the mountain Kamigami. Uncle Patori plans to leave and promote the epic tale about Onari and Naridon and Naridon, while the humans have stopped development on the Mountain for the moment as they believe it is haunted.

For now, we have an enjoyable happy ending with a beautiful message about unity and working together as one community. An excellent conclusion to the series that was so enjoyable.

The Episode Review

All of it is wrapped perfectly with a beautiful bow at the end with Onari accepting her true roots and living in peace with the other characters on top of the mountain of Kamigami. The entire show is filled with an excellent message of teamwork and being together, which is beautifully incorporated into Japanese mythology and a rousing style.

The animation of this show was fantastic from beginning to end, using an excellent mix of CGI and stop-motion that create a real-life feel. An amount of effort and care was given to this, and you can sense this from the way that the show was created.

In the end, Oni has been a very enjoyable experience to watch. It’s an animated tale that children as well as adults will appreciate and does a fantastic job of capturing what is important to Asian folklore.


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