Love In The Air – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

The Sky of the Wind

Episode 11 from Love In The Air starts with Prapai working at a desk reading reports and talking with an acquaintance about a possible deal. His personal assistant laughs at Prapai, asking him to contact the person he wants to speak with instead of looking at his cell phone. After she has left, Prapai takes her advice and dials Sky who is somewhat irritable on the phone.

He is asked by Sky for permission to eat something but Sky’s student tells him to concentrate on work and not worry about it. When they have finished the conversation, Sky texts him back to ask for stewed eggs. Prepaid laughs at how the student keeps keeping the businessman on his toes. Prepaid is looking at his hands and recalls the image of the wind Sky created while at college. The sky is doing the same thing as he looks at his own hand.

Rain sees him and wonders about how he could be a fortune-teller. The sky is scolding Rain for interfering in his work as they head to class. Prepaid goes to Sky’s apartment and gives some snacks to Sky’s Landlady prior to going to Sky’s home. Prepaid thanked her for taking good charge of Sky and is delighted to know that Prapai always presents her with gifts and praises him.

She inquires about the relationship between Prapai and Sky and asks if Tweedy was already dating. Prepaid affirms that they were in a relationship and Sky was keen to keep it kept secret. He requests that she keep a copy of Sky’s apartment keys to make use of whenever Sky is not around, and she agrees without having to consult Sky first.

Although he has promised to keep the private affair, P’Joy the Landlady issues a public statement to all tenants of the apartment regarding Sky’s relationship with Prapai. Prepaid is pleased that his scheme worked for the best. The sky is sleeping when Prapai arrives, and Sky is willing to invite the biker inside. Prepaid claims that he traveled two hours to purchase the food for Sky.

In the midst of seeing the way Sky is sleeping so much, Prapai serves the meal himself and feeds it to Sky. Sky sleeps while Prapai is washing dishes. Prepaid helps take Sky off to sleep and assists Sky in change. Sky thanks Sky for not sleeping in the morning and waiting to see him, despite being sleepy. As they lie asleep, Sky claims that the drawing on his hands has begun to fade.

Instinctively, Prapai kisses Sky but it turns out that he had thought of it for a while. The sky is asleep, and Prapai goes away after putting him into bed. The following day, Prapai is at home when he gets his infant brother to assist him in making jewelry inspired by a drawing. At that point, Sky calls Prapai to his house in a rush.

Prepaid is concerned about Sky so he goes to Sky however, he discovers that Sky was simply rushing him due to his project. The businessman is angry because he is very worried about Sky. The sky is in a bad mood that prompts Sky to kiss her in an apology. Sky demands that the businessman assist him in gluing his projects together. Prepaid is trying to stay focused.

Prepaid is injured however, he’s still angry even as Sky attempts to help his needs. Prepaid is able to fall asleep, and Sky will also accompany him to bed after he has finished his task. While in bed, Sky apologizes to an asleep Prapai and squirms with Prapai, before falling to sleep. Prepaid awakes early in the morning in a much better mood.

The sky is dropped off by Sky at college with his assignment and apologizes to Prapai for making him feel worried. Prepaid admits that he was angry, but Sky’s kiss helped him feel better. As soon as Prapai is now back to his normal self, Sky is back to denying his feelings. Yet, Sky shocks Prapai by kissing him in front of his University just before Prapai gets to work.

Rain Joins Sky in class and says that Payu assisted him in his work, and claims that he’s the best partner ever. He adds that Payu is extremely handsome cool, charming, and many other things, but Sky is caught up in his personal world. If Rain continues to praise Payu’s beauty, Sky loses his calm and declares that Payu isn’t the only attractive boyfriend on the planet.

Rain is curious about what Sky had been talking about, but Sky cuts him off. Sky returns to his place and finds that Prapai left him a takeaway meal. Sky declares that the biker changed his opinion about relationships. Prepaid is working when he is finally happy to have Sky call him even though Sky was ridiculing Prapai for engaging in too much conversation with him.

In the evening, Prapai is in his room, taking down the contact information for all his hookups and ex-exes when his brother presents him with the wind-shaped brooch that is as similar to the drawing Sky has drawn for his friend. Sky has a seat in the bedroom contemplating the way Prapai sketched the symbol. He wants to remove himself from all negative feelings and thoughts of his past and concentrate on the present with Prapai.

The next evening, Prapai returns to Sky’s house to make himself feel more useful. Sky thinks about how long Prapai is bored and asks him to assist with odd tasks like cleaning the toilet or cleaning his apartment. When he notices that Prapai isn’t letting go, Sky gets concerned as Prapai keeps asking Prapai to stop and walk away if it’s too much for him to handle.

Sky fears that Prapai will leave Sky just as all the other people do. Prepaid is adamant with Sky and tells Sky that if the time Sky had to go Sky was to come to Sky, he will make sure not to cause harm to Sky. Prepaid vows to be there for Sky for the duration of time that is possible. Sky accepts and pins him down by the side of Papai. Sky tells the biker that Sky is giving in but Prapai is in a state of shock.

Prepaid says he is not here to have sex, and even though he’d love to get sexual relations with Sky Prapai, he was hoping for Sky to be willing to want the same. The sky is impressed by Prapai’s kindness and decides to take over and kiss him while they finally fall in the decision to fall in love. Sky informs Prapai that Sky hopes that the biker will get bored of him in the near future, however, he also is hoping that Prapai never becomes bored of him.


The two get up the next day and have a chat about Sky’s interests and dislikes, as well as his previous life. Prepaid inquires about Sky about the piercings on his nipples and Sky says that his ex pushed him to purchase the piercings. Prepaid does not insist on Sky putting the piercings back on and concentrates on snuggling. Sky laughs that Prapai was screaming, asking Prapai to take shower.

While Prapai is showering, Sky holds onto Prapai’s shirt as he lies in the bed. The next later in the evening, Prapai is there to bring Sky off from school wearing the brooch with the wind design. Prepaid states that he is an unfaithful man and that the brooch is a symbol of this.

Rain is still unaware of the meaning of what Prapai refers to, and Sig says he’s the old lady for being ignorant. Sky goes to the home of Prapai and the show concludes. The epilogue reveals how Prapai who was a bicyclist who holds an MBA degree, was struggling to duplicate the drawing Sky did in his palm.

The Episode Review

This was a great episode and Prapai is, by far, the best BL boyfriend that I have ever met. If there’s a walking red flag for Thai Bliss, Prapai is one of them. I also am in love with how he would like Sky to be certain about having sex regardless of how much he would like it on his own.

One aspect of his character that was irritating in this episode was that he demanded P’Joy give an extra key to Sky’s home without consulting P’Joy first.

Papai was an error on his part, but considering that Prapai has been so gracious in his role, we can overlook Prapai for his one error. I like how innocent and ignorant Rain does not seem to be about Sky’s love life. However, I would prefer Sky had someone to be as he did to Rain. The sky is in fact one of the “best boys” ever and I wouldn’t wish for Sky to go through anymore.

It appears that the show will brush over his past trauma, without focusing too much on it. I’d like to see the producers not make this mistake and let him rest in peace by having Prapai assist him through his troubled past and manipulative ex. I believe this episode could be the season’s final with an episode that will be special and 13th with both couples, and this moment is bittersweet because we’ll soon be forced to say goodbye to #SkyPai and #PayuRain.


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