Pantheon – Season 1 Episode 5 “Zero Daze” Recap & Review

Zero Daze

Episode 5 from Pantheon Season 1 is where everything begins to fall apart in the middle. David’s time is short and he starts to blink. He’s apparently been discovered and Maddie has to leave in time before the situation gets out of hand. Someone has taken down the servers And of course, that is a result of Logarithms. They’ve taken control of Aeterna.

They don’t have control over Cary as well as Caspian. Caspian shows up to meet Hannah asking about the connection between her and Renee. After they met at the mall in the last episode Caspian has become a man who is possessed, and finally discovers the truth about her.

Hannah confesses her real name as Rachel who is an actor who was hired for the role by Candle Street, which is a Shell Company name. The company gave her $1 million to conceal her identity and portray Caspian’s role in the “social experiment.” It is revealed that Rachel’s mother suffers from cancer, and she’s made this decision to help pay for the treatment.

Caspian is willing to keep quiet about her involvement in the incident… however, only if she abides by what he has said. Hannah (Rachel) does her part very well and pretends that her encounter with Caspian was a typical regular meeting that didn’t have anything unusual happening.

Caspian listens to the conversation with Renee throughout the call while recognizing, with a sense of devastation that his mother is deep. He also discovers that Cary has gone off on her own and is shocked to discover by the fact that the man he calls his “father” isn’t the sadistic victim he was led to believe.

On the next day, Renee recommends Caspian head for the coast and escape toward Santa Barbara. It’s, of course, an elaborate ruse, however, Caspian does the same. When they arrive, Caspian notices Renee has taken her gun “in case they find Cary.” Therefore, naturally, when Renee is stopped at the petrol station Caspian puts aside all pretenses and controls the vehicle leaving her safe and dry.

In the meantime, Maddie communicates with David and David, as they meet in the virtual world to review what they’ve found so far. It appears that Logorhythms have brand new tracking algorithms implemented and are keeping its tracks clear without uploading any of the files to its main office showing the surgical procedure or the gruesome tests they’re carrying out.

Maddie immediately thinks outside of the box and comes up with the remote area, specifically the country of Norway in which Logorhythms operate.

David utilizes his technical expertise to hack Pope’s satellite phone and download echolocation to gain a better understanding of the facilities. It’s really a huge server point, however, David decides to take Pope’s battery completely from the outside to determine where the charging point is.

By using the phone’s vibrate function, David moves it across the desk and to a closed laptop, which eventually gives Laurie the ability to access the project’s documents.

It appears to be doing what it says, giving Laurie David and Laurie David the access to laptop’s mainframe and the data within. When they start digging through the files, they find another computer inside – Vinod Chandra.

The project files are downloaded, and Pope is informed of what’s happening, however, it appears he is aware. He’s actually working together with Waxman who is monitoring the hack on his laptop. The two decide to collaborate and trace the source back to Maddie’s home. They form a group and set off for their destination. Their cover is blowing… but is that really the case?

The team of Waxman’s shows up in the wrong place, which confirms David’s trick as Pope realizes that his phone was hacked.

While all this is happening, David finds the project documents about Caspian which could help him resolve the problems in the system based on his ability. For Caspian when he gets home, he comes to discover Cary waiting to speak with him. He acknowledges that Caspian was derived from Stephen’s DNA and is Stephen’s perfect clone one created to inherit Stephen’s legacy. Holstrom did not upload it since he realized that the system was not fully developed until now.

When Caspian goes away, he discovers Renee in the waiting room. She continues to play the prank but Cary is able to break it down completely by admitting that he’s already told that their child was told everything. Renee is able to shoot Cary but before he’s able to be bleeding, Caspian takes off with Cary in the vehicle.

The Episode Review

The real Caspian’s nature and why he’s important are revealed in the shocking finale of this episode. There’s plenty to love about this episode, which is continuing to provide thrilling science fiction drama. Certain ideas are certainly within the realm of possibilities regarding where we’re headed in the near time. Lastly, the main revelation of Caspian is a great way to reveal the reason his role is crucial to the whole story.

In reality, Caspian’s plot is, at least, a lot more compelling, while Maddie appears to be a passenger for the majority of what’s happening at the moment. However, there’s plenty to love about this episode and the next episode is expected to be a thrilling one as well.


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