Under the Queen’s Umbrella – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

Alternate Medicine

Episode 4 from Under The Queen’s Umbrella picks up with Grand Prince Seongnam looking out at the smokey remnants of Gyeseong’s home. He is alerted to something amiss but this isn’t all. He then enters the chambers and discovers that the Crown Prince is sick and being treated.

Hwa-Ryeong appears and reveals that she is planning to tell the King that something is happening, but for the moment it’s essential to keep it secret. King has been suffering from Hyeolheogwol which is a condition the Crown Prince Taein also suffered from in the past.

Unfortunately, the documents were destroyed, which means that the Crown Prince may be killed if they aren’t able to fix this issue effectively. If Hwa Ryeong makes a mistake with his decision here, particularly if it raises suspicions in the Palace, that could lead to catastrophe for their family.

Gyeseong decides to skip the examinations and feeds it into his younger brother later. They drink and eat together, with Gyeseong jokingly saying to Seongnam not to divulge the secret he has with their mother.

For Grand, Prince Seongnam travels to the city to locate an expert physician to treat the dreadful disease. The cost will be high however, he’s got plenty of silver to complete the task. But, he’s certainly not the only one in search of it. The sly old minister is also out and puts Hwa-Ryeong into an uncomfortable situation.

The King is pushing for his Crown Prince to look by The Royal Physician Cho this could reveal the truth about Hyeolheogwol before they’ve found a person to take care of him.

Following all that drama next examination is coming up. The King proposes that they modify the way they conduct it, so that it’s conducted as the process of a debate. So, the total score will be calculated using total scores. This will surely upset a lot of ministers, especially those that are corrupt – such as The Chief State Councillor since it will make it more difficult to get their preferred Cohort to join.

In this regard, the Chief State Councillor talks to Queen Dowager and raises rumors about the Crown Prince’s illness. In reality, he needs her help to get Prince Uiseong chosen to be the Cohort. He asks Queen Dowager to aid him in the same way as he assisted her back in the 20th century.

Bae Do-Hun is a pro at writing tests and is appointed to assist Prince Boom. But, Bogeom rejects the help in the hope of doing it correctly and not being a cheater on the way to achieving success. Naturally, when Prince Gyeseong withdrew the following day, Hwa-Ryeong is there to help Seongnam the following day.

The problem is that Uiseong has clearly received an inordinate level of backing from palace officials and since the discussion is centered on sickly illnesses and stopping the spread of diseases The trio provide their own opinion, setting out the advantages and disadvantages of tackling this.

Then, Seongnam heads back to the village to find out the name of a doctor is found…but Seongnam is unable to see the doctor. In reality, nobody could. The prison is a heavily protected area. Seongnam is able to sneak in under a hay cart and starts looking for a doctor who could assist his brother. The doctor’s nickname is Master Toji and it’s easy to identify by the mark that is visible on his cheek.

Seongnam is there to assist the doctor, where he gets to know the most important details of the condition of his brother. While the Crown Prince isn’t bleeding much in his youth, as a child, it took a while for his blood to stop.

So As a result, Master Toji advises him that acupuncture isn’t the most effective treatment that they can offer him. In reality, he might even end up dying. Toji advises Seongnam to inform the doctors that they need be patient until the acupuncture points are free of acupuncture before they can proceed. He also gives them a list of herbal remedies that can aid in this process and points Seongnam to the dispensary.

After paying all his money, Seongnam sneaks under the boards made from scraps that run through the village, and blends into the villager. If I were you, I would say blend in, and he goes back! But he’s been scammed by Master Toji and the staff at the dispensary saying that he has to pay for the medication there. Luckily One of the consorts aids to redress the situation and gives him some collateral. Of course, all this is an element of the plan since she would like to see Seongnam once more.

After escaping for the day, Hwa-Ryeong has prepared to welcome her sons back as they make their way back to the palace at night following an exciting day of playing and partying. The mother of three points that it’s dangerous to be out there even if they fail the test.

The youngest prince Simso confesses that it was the most fun day he’s had in his life and consequently they’re snubbed by their mom, who orders them to go back to go to bed.

Seongnam is back in the palace, armed with a list of herbs and instructions from Master Toji. The physician and Hwa-Ryeong are hesitant to investigate this matter, fearing the consequences. If the Crown Prince awakes and is able to hear, he demands to try this treatment even if it’s only for a few minutes. In the end, Hwa-Ryeong slumbers and decides to take a look at the drug in the end.

In the meantime, all government officials take their own decisions and cast their votes on the issue, with Prince Bogeon, not Prince Uiseong being chosen as Consort. the Chief State Councillor was unhappy with the outcome. He goes back to visit the Queen Dowager who, in a nonchalant way, claims she advised officials to consider the situation honestly and pick the most qualified person for the job.

The Queen Dowager continues to inform him to wait his turn and show some patience in order to keep him under control and teach him a lesson. Before things get out of hand the Hwa-Ryeong shows up.

The State’s Chief Councillor walks out, leaving the two to chat. “Has the Crown Prince got better?” She inquires. Hwa-Ryeong is snarky and doesn’t disclose much, but the Dowager states that she’d like her Prince to be in good health. If he’s not in good health to be a Crown Princess by the time of her delivery, then she’ll have to “take action.” Of course, if his ill illness is exposed, it will cause turmoil for their families too, and Hwa Ryeong is well aware of this. Dowager may put everyone to death, particularly in keeping this information secret from the King’s eyes.

For now, the only hope is this unusual treatment of the Crown Prince, as the Crown Princess enters labor and gives birth. The waiting game isn’t over yet and one that will come out in the favor of Hwa-Ryeong. The treatment is successful, and the Crown Prince is there to meet the King and Princess, proving himself to be more fit than he was in the past few weeks.

But, major problems occur the following day. A sudden, the Crown Prince begins bleeding from his mouth and then collapses. He is held by Hwa-Ryeong, who throws the palace into chaos.

The Episode Review

Well, well well the Crown Prince could be getting better with that alternative medicine however it appears that the effects have been dire with him collapsed and bleeding from his mouth. However, this may not be fatal, but it could be a symptom. Or, in a more sinister scenario, the possibility is an indication that the queen is planning to let the Prince die.

In any case, the corruption in this episode is intensified, while we get to see less Gyeseong and a lot more Seongnam instead. This gives the show a refreshing variation and lets us see the way that Hwa-Ryeong handles her sons and other children.

The finale is bound to be a huge conversation point and it will leave the possibility open for how the remainder of the season will be. The situation surrounding the crown prince has been boiling for a while, but now it is at a point of acridity. The next week is the week to watch!


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