Under the Queen’s Umbrella – K-Drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

Protection of the Secret

Episode 3 from Under the Queen’s Umbrella picks up exactly in the same place we ended, with the shocking reveal at the conclusion of last week’s chapter. Queen I’m Hwa Ryeong looks on as Prince Gyeosong applies his makeup. It seems like she knew about this, but she spoke to the prince outside later in the evening to tell him to concentrate on his studies and tests.

Of all of those Grand Princes, this is one who has the greatest promise and Hwa Ryeong agrees by telling him to follow through with what she wants and dismissing his requests for permission to explore the palace since it gives him the chance “to breathe.”

The selection exam begins The exam is called”Chosi” and is the first exam “Chosi”, which is the first test of the selection process for the cohort. The Princes are all present and it is expected that Hwa-Ryeong will be in a hurry, racing through the palace (which is the theme throughout this drama, doesn’t it!) The Queen Dowager isn’t going to let Hwa-Ryeong get her way and is working to strengthen her lapdog Consort Hwang to stop her.

Hwa-Ryeong visits the sick Crown Prince. The doctor there hands over the book. It turns out that he’s keeping track of everything associated with his treatment, leading to the moment of his collapse. He’s been slipping into unconsciousness for longer durations over the last few weeks.

The Crown Prince is absent and not sleeping, there are suspicions in the palace. Hwa-Ryeong takes the risk to cancel all of the Crown Prince’s engagements as a result of Eunuch Hong. This is only likely to make matters worse.

In the meantime, the Choosi begins and there are a lot of questions the candidates have in order to respond, everyone more difficult than the previous. A variety of mothers pray or take their time, hoping that their boys will emerge from this with a win.

In the case of Hwa-Ryeong, she is in contact with her Crown Prince and advises him to rest to concentrate on his recuperation. The Crown Prince gets up to his feet but is hesitant, explaining that there are obligations he must fulfill and that if the Prince doesn’t perform them the palace could be in chaos. “Can you manage your symptoms?” She asks, and then the Prince acknowledges. He can’t, of course, and it’s becoming worse.

When the exam is finished after the exam is over, officials from the government begin marking the exam papers but they quickly identify the one that is Prince Uiseong’s, based on his native language, and grant the prince unjust advantages. Two names that show on the next day’s list are obviously Prince Uiseong but as well Prince Boom. Unexpectedly, Prince Seongnam, as well as Prince Gyeseong, are also on the list!

The second test will be held over four days and the King has given the instruction that people who passed will be there to take the test. Hwa-Ryeong appears with a major announcement about The Crown prince. Of course, rumors regarding his health have circulated and even some officials of the government are plotting against him.

Recent news suggests an indication that the skin issue and those who are more clever of them are wondering what this might mean for the palace moving forward.

In the wake of Prince Uiseong not being able to get into first place, official Hwang Won-Hyeong relays back to Consort Hwang about what’s happened. In the meantime, Court Lady Shin takes Hwa-Ryeong to the courtyard, and she is planning to confront the real Prince Gyeseong later that night. She sneaks into the courtyard just as prior and sees a gorgeous painting on the ground as well as all the makeup. She is seated at the table with a thoughtful look looking at the various objects.

The Queen Dowager is still operating within the dark, seeking answers from the Court Lady Shin. She isn’t giving much information however she does confirm that Crown Prince Prince Andrew is recuperating and getting better.

She’s criticized by Dowager but she mentions Gyeseong as well as the gossip circulating throughout the palace. She manages to evade, however, and apart from acknowledging Gyeseong is recuperating, she doesn’t divulge details about Gyeseong’s behavior in the late hours of the night.

Queen Dowager plans to alter this, but she also will try to get rid of the secret. Hwa-Ryeong sets out to remove all evidence, but while she’s walking out she’s stopped by Queen Dowager, who happens to be walking alongside the King. She’s invited to walk with the King and Queen and isn’t given many options.

While on the move in the city, Queen Dowager is seen bringing to light the chamber of secrets, but Hwa-Ryeong arrives first ahead of the others. In reality, she burns the entire structure to the floor in an attempt to eliminate any evidence. It appears to work the trick, and as the flames spread out wildly over the entire structure, Dowager arrives too late and discovers that her plan was thwarted. She turns away in anger, and Gyeseong is hiding and cannot keep his tears from bursting.

At the court, as Hwa-Ryeong gets ready for the grand Banquet the next evening The Queen Dowager arrives and informs Hwa-Ryeong to ensure that Gyeseong is removed from the “disgusting” secret. Hwa-Ryeong is steadfast and confident determined to do all she can to safeguard her children.

The next night, Hwa-Ryeong has to explain her actions but Gyeseong seems to be refusing to listen and believes she ought to have turned her back and not noticed the incident.

Hwa-Ryeong explains to him why she’s doing this. While the rain pours down Hwa-Ryeong carries her son out into town and guards him as he gets dressed in gorgeous clothes and gets his picture painted. She is in the sun with Court Lady Shin and is sad about the loss of a son.

She is certain that Gyeseong has been scared, and she decides to stand with her son regardless of what.

It’s truly a stunning moment that illustrates how deep Hwa-Ryeong’s devotion to her children is. After the painting has been completed the artist is encouraging her son to take a look when the time comes to look at his real self.

“No matter how you look, you will always be my son,” Hwa-Ryeong says and hand her favorite hairpin to him. She would have handed the hairpin to her child if she had the chance and it’s only right to hand it over to Gyeseong.

It’s an amazing moment. As the pair stroll together, under the umbrella of the queen no less, they get ready for their return to the castle.

The Episode Review

An exquisite conclusion is the highlight of this season of Under The Queen’s Umbrella which is truly becoming a hit with this episode. It is clear that this episode is a testament to how deep Hwa-Ryeong’s love for her sons is and her interview with Gyeseong just toward the end is definitely a highlight of the show to date.

The straightforward but powerful rivalry between Hwa-Ryeong and Queen Dowager is what makes this show so entertaining and the latter is beautifully portrayed by Kim Hae Sook, who is among my favorite Korean actors. She’s a true workhorse, and exceptionally versatile in a variety of roles.

There are also many other fascinating characters, and you’re sure there’s bound to be fraud among government officials that are brought forth to create even more drama! Whatever the case the finale opens the door to what is sure to be an exciting episode to come in the coming days!


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