‘Ragman’ by J.G. Faherty – Book Review

Page-Turner that is fast and efficient

R.L. R.L. It was a classic because of its unique setting and the evil mummy that is on the loose, There have been a few horror books about Egyptian history, but none that really stand out.

Well, J.G. Ragman, Faherty’s latest book is here to change that trend. The main antagonist/monster is an Egyptian Mummy, but this book feels more like a crime thriller with light slivers of horror than a horror book that’s spooked and desert-choked.

The premise of Ragman’s movie is very simple. There are also echoes of the 1999 movie, The Mummy. The plot starts in 1882 with a group of British soldiers plundering an Egyptian Temple. The priest kills the high priest, then takes off with valuable treasures. He vows revenge and sets out to exact that revenge when he is finally revived.

The priest uses an ancient demon, which turns out to be a monstrous mole, to exact his revenge on those who are descendants of the soldiers. Two police officers Dan, Tom, and Tom, both ex-partners and afflicted by bad blood, are forced to work together to get the truth. It’s a race against the clock as time is running out and more victims are added.

The premise of Ragman’s book is very good, and it is styled just like a movie. The perspective changes between different characters, including Tom, Dan, and the revived priest. We also see the perspectives of a few other characters, but I won’t spoil it. Each chapter takes around 10/15 minutes to read. This helps keep the book moving at a good pace. The last 25% of the book is a bit faster and more exciting, making it a more enjoyable page-turner.

Ragman is a fun show and has a lot of characterization. The show’s central trio, Dan, Tom, and Joanna have a lot to carry. This baggage is quickly unpacked at the halfway point.

Although it’s quite a formulaic piece of drama, Ragman makes it work well because the main focus is on the murders and the stoppage of the cursed creature.

This book is approximately 260 pages long. It’s an easy, quick read, but sometimes there’s too much catch-up police work. It can be difficult to tell a story from an antagonist’s point of view. We know the events before our main characters. This can lead to a repetitive story pattern, where Dan and Tom appear at crime scenes trying to solve the mystery… and playing catch-up with the reader who already knows.

Ragman’s writing style doesn’t offer much mystery, as opposed to Se7en’s unique crime scenes that made you feel like you were part of the mystery. Although it isn’t a major issue, I feel that Ragman could have been more compelling and endearing if those sections were removed.

Despite these issues, Ragman is a pleasant read. It’s more of a thriller than a horror novel, and there are some issues. However, Ragman is a great way to spend an hour or two, especially since it is only 300 pages.

We are grateful to Netgalley, Flame Tree Press, and Flame Tree Press. Ragman is due to be published on January 1, 2023. Pre-order the novel


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