Raymond & Ray (2022) Movie Review – Flat script spoils moving family drama

FlatScript spoils the emotional family drama

There’s a scene in Raymond as well as Ray were the two main brothers battle. Ray (Ethan Hawke) makes a snide comment about their lives that doesn’t pan out. “Hey, you’re pissing me off,” Raymond (Ewan McGregor) replies in a snarky manner. On a 0-to-100 scale, both men suddenly start kicking each other.

Similar to the scene in which Raymond is There’s a lot of heart behind Raymond Ray and Ray however, there’s very there’s not much subtlety. Directed and written by Rodrigo Garcia, the film instantly establishes its dark premise-that Ben Harris has died and would like his sons to dig his grave. It also repeatedly and tactfully emphasizes the gravity of the circumstance through awkward dialogue.

The half-brothers who are not so friendly Raymond as well as Ray (Harris was an a**hole per his kids that he gave Raymond and Ray the same) will follow the hare-brained suggestion of their father and do it grudgingly. As they often and in a manner that is not slyly stated, Harris was not a good father to the boys. But meeting the people who were part of his final years, such as his friend and lover Lucia (Maribel Verdu) and his nurse Kiera (Sophie Okonedo) The brothers learn that Harris was a far more complex person than they believed. It also raises the question of how much parents and children really be friends.

It’s a fascinating question that Raymond and Ray bravely wrestle with. McGregor and Hawke’s performance is real, and they walk a spectrum between pain, sadness, and indifference. Their interactions are often hollow. A script that is uninteresting does nothing to bolster them. Other characters have no greater significance other than offering opposing opinions of Harris. There’s nothing for the main inquiry to take you to other than… “things are complicated.”

Mostly, however, they’re simple. Raymond And Ray are authentic and raw with regard to its topic however, it’s too obvious in the way it’s executed. As with the half-brother fight, The story itself doesn’t allow any room for a simmer and lays out its goals in a sloppy dialogue.

In the final analysis, Raymond and Ray-undoubtedly a heart-warming family drama with a talented ensemble is restricted by the blatant, unrefined storytelling.



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