Raymond & Ray (2022) Ending Explained – Do the brothers forgive Harris?

Raymond And Ray Plot Summary

Raymond as well as Ray will be an Apple TV comedy-drama from writer-director Rodrigo Garcia. It is narrated by Ewan McGregor as well as Ethan Hawke as half-brothers Raymond and Ray and is placed in a difficult situation following the passing of their depressed dad, Harris. The man’s dying wish? His estranged sons dig his grave.

How do Raymond and Ray process the death of their father?

Raymond Ray and Ray are half-brothers, with different mothers. They grew up alongside one another, despite both or the other having a difficult relationship with their father. In time, they became apart. It’s Harris’ passing that brings them back together.

The brothers, despite having had similar experiences as Harris deal with their father’s passing with different methods. Raymond is determined to make things right. Harris has been a huge blow to him Raymond is desperate to grieve the loss of the little connection that remained between them.

Ray Raymond, on his own, could even care about grieving. It appears that he is there for the funeral and digging of the grave for Raymond’s sake. But his denial erodes sometimes to show grief and hurt.

How did Harris do to cause harm to Raymond?

Harris was a horrible father to his brothers, but he primarily injured Raymond when he was sleeping in bed with his spouse. When Ray would like to bring back Raymond of Harris the real Harris He reveals this, including the fact that the son of Raymond ended up being Harris his child.

While Raymond is determined to cause his father’s demise in the “right” way, all of this grief eventually comes to a head during Harris’ funeral. Raymond uses a gun to shoot at the coffin in which his father is laid to rest many times.

In the end, Raymond gets a sort of poetic justice too by spending time in bed with Lucia (Maribel Verdu) who is the father’s son.

Who did Harris claim to be His son?

In the wake of the funeral, Raymond and Ray (and Harris and Harris’s other secret group of sons) receive written letters from the deceased. Ray’s letter states that he was a golden boy and that Harris did not know how to deal with his name. However, Raymond’s letter shows that Ray isn’t Harris the biological son. In the letter, Harris asks Raymond to use the information to do whatever he wishes.

This is a bit confusing when one considers that Harris in the past, after naming his sons in the same way and consciously referred to Raymond “Ray” and Ray “Raymond.” With this in mind, it could be possible that Harris did the same thing in his writings, which could indicate there is Raymond who isn’t Harris his biological son.

This is the reason Harris attended Ray’s sporting matches, and not Raymond’s. This could be the reason why Harris was able to justify sleeping with their wife of Raymond. In light of this minor mishap is it possible that Harris is trying to play with Raymond and Ray in the meantime, possibly even after the grave?

What happens when “Raymond and Ray” conclude? Are the brothers able to forget about Harris?

The comedy-drama closes with Harris’s body lying six feet from the ground. Ray is briefly in search of comfort with Harris his nursing assistant Kiera (Sophie Okonedo) however, they meet on a conflicting agreement. Raymond chooses to remain at the home of Lucia as well as Simon for a couple of days before leaving Ray to go back home by himself.

“We never really knew him, did we?” Ray asks as they part in their separate ways. This isn’t an admission of forgiveness, but rather an acknowledgment of the fact that Harris was a complex man.

Raymond is hesitant, and then says, “Let’s talk this weekend.” The anger has sunk in out of their conversation regarding their father, which is not finished.

Ray walks towards his car. Just as Raymond was driving toward Ray during the pouring rain at the start of the documentary, Ray leaves in the same way.


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