Reasonable Doubt – Season 1 Episode 2 “Family Feud” Recap & Review

Family Feud

Season 2 episode begins with the news of Kaleesha’s demise. Police are investigating the death as a homicide. Police arrive and discover they found out that Kaleesha as well as Ryan Moore (her partner) were split, but were close to reconnecting.

When Rich calls and informs Brayden to be aware, the latter appears shocked and seems genuinely stunned. Jax along with Rich is headed to assist him in preparing for the future in the event that police are involved, they could start to question the nature and relationship of the two, which could include the relationship between them.

The detectives arrive first and immediately snoop around at questions regarding Kaleesha until Jax is able to save the day by pointing out their poor police work.

Jax dismisses Miller but he points out that he’s Rich’s customer and not hers. But, Jax receives a call from Daniel the private investigator for her, who informs her that the police discovered a receipt in Kaleesha’s home from the restaurant that Brayden and Jax ate at. This suggests that Brayden was at Kaleesha’s residence the night before, and he was implicated in the killing.

Jax is back with Rich when Rich mentions that the call came from Miller in the evening. He was heading to meet Kaleesha and convince her to agree with the NDA. She did! The details are murky however it appears that Miller is not motivated to commit murder, particularly in the event that he actually had this document signed. It is not clear if he forced his way into it and then decided to kill the woman, later on, to silence her Naturally.

Rich is able to ask Jax to help however she is convinced that Miller uses Jax as the “token black attorney” on the case. Rich will quickly say that’s not the case, and Jax is actually very good at her work, particularly as a criminal defense attorney. Jax dismisses this, however insisting that she is only able to take on cases she would like to work on.

After violating attorney-client privilege with her acquaintances, Jax heads to church with Lewis and her children. Damon is also there and surprises her.

If Jax asks Jax about the issue, he decides to look for a different church to go to in the near future. But, Lewis and Jax go out for a date, even though they’re separated and experiencing a lot of issues however, they act as though everything is okay. They’re not stupid, however, and realize there’s a problem between them and are thinking about whether they’ll be divorced or not.

It turns out that Jax has actually been cheating on Lewis previously, and this may be the reason for their problems – particularly when Damon is involved. But when things become hot and intense between the two when Lewis says to Jax to get her head turned and face the camera if they’re in a relationship then she’s hit with the hump. Lewis is keen to have a chat without having to go to couples therapy, but Jax is not having the idea and walks off.

The following morning at work Jax is convinced that there’s something more going on with the Kaleesha story and is enthralled at the thought of getting her hands dirty. Jax decides to tackle the case, but not prior to an excursion to the cafe together with Damon. Together, they scold the barista over not understanding “black coffee with milk”. It’s not clear to the other two but coffee that is black with milk is essentially white coffee, isn’t it? Why don’t you just request it? However, Jax shrugs it off by saying that Barista “knew what Damon meant.”

In the next scene, they’re on the beach, but without drinks. I’m guessing that they consumed them before they left, but Damon is actually bringing her to the beach because it’s been his dream for some time. Damon acknowledges that he admitted the truth so that he could be released and continue living his dream. In the case of Jax, the case caused her to break down and she stopped her desire to become a public Defender.

This conversation offers Jax the drive to take on Brayden with the truth. She calls him and asks that he reveal the truth about him – did he actually rape Kaleesha? He says that he didn’t. His conviction leads Jax to decide to accept him as a client. Rich has already set up an appointment with the police, but Jax isn’t pleased about it. Jax believes that they should prepare him prior to the meeting and is scrambling to try and locate him. He’s not at the meeting.

Brayden is actually on the basketball court shooting hoops. It’s clear that he felt a connection with Kaleesha and even admits it after confessing that they had a sexual relationship on the night they signed their NDA.

The pair go towards the station with each other. There, Jax announces on the news that she is on behalf of Brayden, Fallon watches at home, rage-filled. “That bitch.”

The Episode Review

Reasonable Doubt’s second episode is an improvement from the first, but there’s nothing to get excited about. There’s been a multitude of law-related dramas that have been released this year, and based on what we’ve seen in the 2 episodes on Hulu, their most recent can be described as “underwhelming mediocrity.”

Jax’s shortcomings are more apparent this time around, and it’s evident that there are some grave issues from her past she needs to sort out and address before she even considers moving on in her life. The situation surrounding Lewis back at home is extremely hot and cold, and it’s difficult to figure out what to think about this especially when it’s impacting the children. The moment she’s in the mood to help to play with the kids, and in the next, she’s handing them over to Lewis or her mother. It’s no surprise that Lewis is angry!

It seems like Kaleesha’s death is likely to be the main reason for the rest of the next season, and I cannot believe that Ryan Moore is the culprit. In the event that Kaleesha and Brayden were having a sexual relationship in the evening, Ryan could have seen the two together and snapped in the process killing Kaleesha while doing it. It was a brief moment, but he says that they have been “separated but getting back together.” If that’s true then what was the reason Kaleesha had a sexual relationship with Brayden? If Brayden is lying of course!

In any case, the conclusion of this episode certainly will open the way to another dramatic episode to come this week. Let’s see if this episode is able to step to the next level.


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