Reboot – Season 1 Episode 4 “Girlfriends” Recap & Review


In the episode of Reboot Season 1, Bree awakes close to Timberly who tells her she had a wonderful time the night before and that they remain friends.

On the set, Reed has to make sure Bree is aware that he doesn’t feel any affection for her, despite the things he told her when the two of them talked the night before. Bree tells him that she’s not worried because she had a great time the last night, with someone else.

The other person, Reed later learns, was Timberly. Reed immediately informs Clay that he thinks Timberly attempts to incite the same tension she was able to create on the reality show, “Fuck Buddy Mountain.”

Gordon listens in on their conversation The conversation is then relayed into the writer’s room. The conversation about sexuality can make Hannah realize that she’s in her 30s but she’s never come out to her father in the past as gay.

In the meantime, Zack and Elaine have lunch with Elaine to talk business. Zack is naturally and quickly transforms the meeting into an opportunity to enjoy himself. He convinces the workaholic to take a tour around the set with Zack. They test out costumes, steal bicycles and ride about with a smattering of trouble.

However, a confrontation with Elaine’s boss stops them dead on their feet. Elaine apologizes quickly for her conduct however, it is revealed that he’s happy to see her enjoying herself. He says that she’s worked so extensively that she’s had everyone concerned about her.

“See, it’s TV,” Zack says when they’ve left. “Things always work out.” Later, Zack tells her she’s enjoyable to spend time with. Elaine claims that no one previously told her this before.

While in a rehearsal Reed and Clay are both aware that Bree willfully decides to offer Timberly one of the lines. Clay thinks that this is typical of Timberly, or more precisely, “Sin-belly,” as she was famous on her reality TV show.

Clay and Reed reveal the reputation of Timberly to Bree and she is now wondering whether Timberly was manipulating her all along. She confronts Timberly and she rebuts her accusations when she reveals to Bree that the whole reality show was written.

Bree is furious with Reed as well as Clay who made her appear like a fool. She says to Reed that he must be aware that they’re no longer the same couple anymore. He shouldn’t pretend to be her guardian.

After much thought, Hannah finally comes out to Gordon. But not for his approval she insists. She just thinks that he ought to know.

Incredibly in Hannah, Gordon has always been well-known. In fact, she has called herself as a “queer filmmaker” in her interviews. Hannah is just awed by the fact that Gordon took care of her to pursue her career.

The Episode Review

“Girlfriends” gives us many delightful moments, possibly indicating the possibility of new beginnings for the characters. We usually witness Hannah and Gordon as they fight tension, but the episode’s final episode highlights the possibility of them being bonded. In addition, Zack and Elaine could possess more things in common than anyone else-imagined.

Reboot frequently goes overboard with jokes about differences between generations (they are usually low-quality shots). However, Bree’s misperceptions regarding sexuality and gender labels sparked only enough light roasting that it was funny and not too much.

However, there was a ripe conflict between Bree and Reed in this episode, which the writers decided to not explore. Reed evidently has feelings towards Bree and his intrusive behavior ought to have caused tension between the couple who were once a couple. In the end, Reed only received gentle criticism.

There’s plenty more to explore between Judy Greer’s and Keegan Michael Key’s characters. We’re hoping that Reboot will not be afraid to face any more drama.

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