Reboot Season 1 Episode 7

Reboot Season 1 Episode 7

Reboot is a brand new Hulu comedy series by Modern Family creator Steve Levitan. The show is funny and pokes fun at the multitude of remakes that are currently in Hollywood by taking a look behind the scenes of this kind of production.

The show, Reboot The cast of the sitcom “Step Right Up” get together for a re-imagining of their show. However, this time, their new host Hannah (Rachel Bloom) would like the show to tackle real problems. The vision she has is skewed when former host Gordon (Paul Reiser) is brought into the picture.

In the meantime, the stars Reed (Keegan-Michael Key), Bree (Judy Greer), Clay (Johnny Knoxville) as well as Zack (Calum Worthy) have to face their own issues. In the end, how can one make a new family in the absence of one another for over fifteen years?

If Steve Levitan’s latest show has captivated you and you’re interested to know which episode will air.

Here’s everything you should be aware of regarding The Reboot Season 1 Episode 7 including its release date, date of release, and the best place to watch it.

Where Do I Watch Reboot?

Reboot is streaming on Hulu. It’s the only Hulu exclusive series that is only available on Hulu, which means that it’s the only channel you’ll be able to stream this show.

Reboot Season 1 Episode 7 Release Date

Reboot Season 1 Episode 7 will be released on the 18th of October at around 12am (ET) (ET) or 4:00 am (GMT).

Episode 7 is called “Baskets,” and will last for about 30 minutes.

How many episodes will Reboot Season 1 Will It Have?

Reboot Season 1 will consist of eight episodes. The show aired 3 episodes in its first week and has since released one episode every week. So, with that in mind, there is only one episode to go after this one.

Does There Exist A Reboot Trailer?

Yes! You can watch an official trailer of the Reboot Season 1 here:


What happened during the episode?

The episode is The Reboot Season 1 Episode 6 Zack and Hannah invite their coworkers to join them, Bree and Reed strike up old friendships and Clay apologizes.

We’ve gone over the entire episode in long recaps that touch on all the key plot points and provide a chapter overview with an additional review.

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What do you hope to see as the series progresses? What’s been your favorite moment of Reboot so far? Let us know in the comments below!



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