Reboot – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Who’s the Boss?

What has changed on Hulu?

In episode 8 in the Reboot Season 1. the power within Hulu executives shifts. Elaine decides to take Hannah and Gordon off to inform them her boss, Daniel Silva, has been removed and replaced with Tyler Griffin.

This is what makes Gordon anxious. Griffin was a horrible executive in the old show. And to make matters worse, Gordon slept with the woman’s wife in order to make a point of retaliation. He is concerned about the fact that his Step Right Up will be canceled.

Does Bree affect Reed’s friendship with Nora?

Bree is interviewed and is stunned when the reporter discloses that her ex-husband’s planning to get married, and soon-to-be father. Disgusted at being removed from the guard, she makes up stories about her and Reed returning to each other and discussing children.

Following the interview with her, she attempts to alert Reed. However, it’s Nora she sees in his locker room. His girlfriend came to New York to surprise him and she’s not thrilled to meet Bree.

Bree disengages herself as Reed arrives. Nora and Reed discuss Nora’s jealousy about Reed’s intimate connection to Bree.

Who will Reed become engaged to?

Because Bree didn’t inform him, Reed is blindsided in his own interview regarding Bree’s comments, which the reporter has already released. Reed reluctantly confirms the report and then leaves the interview to yell at Bree.

He is interested in asking Bree to explain why she did what she said and if she feels a connection with him. Bree denies this and he informs her that she’s over her antics.

Then, Nora confronts Reed about the incident. She believes that Reed was pushed into a corner, however, she has doubts regarding their connection.

Then, Reed is taking her hands and is proposing. He says she’s everything he’s looking for in the woman of his dreams (her reasoning is a major factor to her advantage). She accepts and then goes into a different room to get a call from her mother.

Reed is then contacted by Bree. She tells him that she had lied earlier. She has feelings for him. In fact, he’s actually the most important person in her life. He confesses that he’s just been engaged. “Oh,” Bree responds before hanging off.

Are Zack and Elaine have to end their relationship?

Elaine is concerned about her future job, and then she reveals the possibility of the show’s cancellation to Zack. Zack is immediately concerned for Clay who is planning on buying a house the next day. Zack is certain that if his position isn’t secure, then he shouldn’t purchase it.

Zack says to Elaine that he needs to provide her with information about Clay. However, Elaine gave him the information in confidence. The two begin to fight. Zack states that if he must harm his coworkers in the future, they might be forced to rethink their relationship.

He is able to avoid telling Clay that he’s not telling her, and Clay purchases the house. Zack does not betray Elaine’s faith, but now Clay could be in a sticky spot based on the outcome that comes from “Step Right Up”.

Does Griffin cancel ‘Step Right Up’?

Griffin is joined by Hannah as well as Gordon in order to talk about what the next season will bring. He discovers that he has information about Gordon’s relationship and his spouse. He assures them that he’s not going to end the show, but he’ll make it suffer an unsettling and painful end by cutting budgets, and then stealing Timberly for a different season.

After giving Griffin the space for his thoughts, Gordon leaves. Griffin informs Hannah she’s better off with her father Hannah disagrees, but Griffin isn’t convinced.

Then, Gordon walks around the set and reviews everything. Gordon then returns to Griffin’s office to continue the discussion.

Afterward, Hannah comes to Gordon to tell him they must take on Griffin. However, Gordon does not want to. He’s already walked out of the show.

Hannah believes that he’s leaving her. He says she’s loved by him and then leaves the house.

What does “Reboot” mean? Season 1 end?

Season one of Rebootends with Clay standing in his house, along with an empty bottle of alcohol and a gift for his housewarming from Hulu.

He opens the door and finds Bree. She isn’t happy to be left alone. He says he doesn’t want to be alone either and invites her to come in.


The Episode Review

Season one of Rebootends with a rousing beginning, but a more serious one than you’d expect. In all the time that the show has spent exploring the complicated relationship between Gordon and Hannah. relationship, it’s a pleasure to go back to their primary conflict in the final scene.

In many ways, Gordon does not seem to be repeating any of his previous actions. Gordon believes he’s doing the sacrifice however he’s actually ignoring his daughter who not only wants his help but also wants to be close to him.

The other drama feels a bit forced, considering that the show has been able to devote the bulk of its time to significant plot developments that focus on the father-daughter relationship. Eight episodes into a sitcom don’t have enough time to become engaged in Reed and Bree’s relationship drama, Zack and Elaine’s relationship, and Clay’s journey toward recovery

The conclusion leaves us with a few concerns, but. Is Clay or Bree going to become something now? Is Clay going to remain sober? Which one will Reed going to pick? Can Hannah be able to forgive her father for the second time?


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