Reborn Rich Episode 1 Preview: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

Reborn Rich Episode 1

Reborn Rich
Reborn Rich is a much-anticipated Song Joong-Ki 2022 project. The series is based on “The Youngest Son” of a Conglomerate by San Gyung, and it is based on the life of Yoon Hyun-woo (played by Song Joong-Ki) who is a trusted employee of the Sunyang Group.

He is tragically murdered by Jin Do-Joon who is most junior son in Jin Do-Joon, the youngest son of the Sunyang Group. Yoon is reincarnated and awakes in Jin’s body. Jin. This is the perfect opportunity to begin a revenge scheme and plan a hostile takeover of the business.

If you’ve been watching this episode, you might be interested to know what time the next episode will be coming out. Don’t be concerned!

This is all you should be aware of Reborn Rich Episode 1, including the release date, timing, and where to stream it.

Where can I watch the Reborn Rich?

The Reborn Rich can be viewed on Viki across the globe. For Koreans however, the show will debut on the JTBC Network. It will also be accessible to stream through TVING along with Viu in select regions.

The Reborn Rich episode 1 release date

The first episode of Reborn Rich will release on the 18th of November on a Friday at around 10:30 at night (KST). The subtitle team at Viki is quite slow so make sure to check back after several hours if the subtitles aren’t live yet. Be prepared for English subtitles to be made available as well as different countries, too.

Expect the first episode to run around an hour and four mins in length, which is on par with the typical timeframes for K-dramas.

How many episodes will Reborn Rich have?

Like most K-dramas, the series will feature 16 episodes. The viewers can expect this fantasy thriller to be intense and to have an interesting plot. Song Joong-Ki is returning to the drama following the filming of two films in the past year, and also the huge popularity of Vincenzo. It’s no surprise that his devoted fan base is looking forward to seeing his new character come to life.

Do not forget that the show is broadcast on a weekly basis, on weekly basis, every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, which is slightly different ways from the usual.

Do We Have A Movie Trailer for the Reborn Rich?

There is no doubt about it! JTBC has released its first trailer, and it’s evident that we are about to get another exciting thriller that will keep us at the edge of our chairs. Check it out here:



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