Reginald The Vampire Episode 8 Preview: Release Date, Time & Where to Watch

Reginald A. The Vampire Episode 8

Reginald The Vampire

The story is based on Johnny Truant’s Fat Vampire novels, Reginald The Vampire transforms traditional vampire myths around. Recently turned Reginald finds himself in an entire world of gorgeous but vain vampires. In the process, Reginald has to face new obstacles, like the bully boss, falling in love with the love of a human girl, along with a chieftain vampire that would like to kill him, to mention just a few.

If you’ve been following along with the latest episodes of Reginald The Vampire You’ll probably need to know when the premiere date will be for the next episode.

This is all you must be aware of concerning Reginald The Vampire Episode 8 and the release date, timing, and best place to watch it.

Where can I watch Reginald the Vampire?

The new shows of Reginald The Vampire will be exclusive to Syfy with viewers from America. The U.S. For viewers living in the UK and around the world, there’s no information about a date for the premiere at the moment. But, considering that other Syfy originals have aired at Sky Max in the future it is likely that this will be the case in this regard too.

Reginald the Vampire Episode 8 Date for Release

Reginald The Vampire Episode 7 will be released on Syfy on Wednesday, November 23, at around 10 pm (ET). Episode 7 is expected to be approximately 55 minutes.

The number of episodes Does Reginald The Vampire Season 1 Have?

The initial season of Reginald The Vampire is scheduled for 10 episodes. This means that we’ll have two episodes remaining after this season’s finale.

Do we have a trailer for Reginald The Vampire Season 1?

Yes, it is! There is the trailer from Reginald The Vampire Season 1 below:


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