Rocky II (1979) Ending Explained – Does Apollo Creed defeat Rocky?

Rocky II Plot Synopsis

Steering through family problems

After his amazing boxing show, Rocky Balboa earned celebrity status. While he is enjoying his new life, the embarrassment champion Apollo Creed tries to goad Rocky out of retirement to show that Rocky’s feat was merely accidental. With his attention centered on his personal lifestyle, Rocky is unaffected. However, financial issues quickly force him to return to the boxing ring.

What happens following the championship match?

Steering through family problems

According to Creed that a win by split decision is not much of a loss for him due to his stellar career. Creed takes on Rocky for a second match in an attempt to erase any doubts that people may have regarding his skills.

To his dismay, Rocky retires from professional boxing. Doctors later discovered that Rocky is suffering from a condition that could result in permanent blindness if he keeps boxing. Rocky is partnered with his partner, Adrian, for support throughout this time.

Rocky’s doubts about the match

Even though he has retired, Rocky is bugged by the thought that Apollo likely didn’t do his all in the game. So, he heads to Creed asking if he really gave his best effort during the match. When Creed confirms that he had, Rocky is relieved. Then, Rocky is released from the hospital to a life that has completely changed for Rocky.

He’s now a well-known celebrity. Even though he didn’t win his title, many consider him to be the ultimate champion (something that Creed is keen to see a change in). ).

With fame and money at his disposal, Rocky proposes to Adrian. Adrian accepts and they get married with a simple ceremony. Then, Adrian reveals she is expecting their first child.

Creed’s desperation for a rematch

Once he’s out of the hospital Creed embarks on a vigorous campaign to convince Rocky to agree to his challenge. Apollo’s advisors caution him against a subsequent battle against Rocky could damage his reputation, given his unbeatable defensive skills.

Rocky isn’t a fan of Creed. However, once financial concerns start to impact the family members, Rocky thinks about the possibility of fighting regardless of health issues.

Adrian does not agree with him when he makes his choice. However, Rocky believes that boxing is the only method he has to support his family. Therefore, he accepts Creed’s challenge

Family problems can be a challenge to navigate

Steering through family problems

Rocky begins his exercise with the trainer Mickey Goodwill, despite Adrian’s disapproval. Believing that Rocky isn’t in a position to perform an outstanding performance without Adrian’s help Rocky’s best friend Paulie speaks to Adrian. Adrian falls unconscious during the fight and is admitted to a hospital where she is born to a healthy boy. But, she herself slips into an unconscious state.

Rocky is devastated, holding himself accountable for his condition of Adrian. Rocky remains with Adrian all the time and when she is finally free of her coma the couple hugs their newborn who they named Robert Rocky Jr. In a state of emotional strength, Adrian offers her support to Rocky. Invigorated, the man begins his training at full speed.

Does Apollo Creed defeat Rocky?

Prior to beginning the match, Creed makes a cocky declaration that he’ll finish Rocky in the initial two rounds. To guard his eyes, Rocky fights with a posture that he’s not experienced in. Creed takes advantage of Rocky’s weakness and easily beats him in terms of points. But, Creed once again fails to keep Rocky in the ropes, and the game reaches the fifteenth and final round.

All Creed must do is avoid being knocked out in order to win the victory. In fear that such a victory could be a blow to his image, Creed tries to knock out Rocky in defiance of his teammates.

Just as he was about to do so, Rocky changes his stance to southpaw and unleashes a volley of punches that knock Creed down. But, Rocky also falls over in the process because of exhaustion. The countdown begins, and the fighters attempt to get up and running. When the count is 9, Rocky manages to get up, while Creed is stricken. In the end, Rocky wins via knockout. Following the fight, the champion gives a touching message.



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