Rocky IV (1985) Ending Explained – Does Rocky defeat Drago?

Rocky IV Plot Synopsis

Does Rocky defeat Drago

Ivan Drago, a ruthless boxer who has backing from the Soviet Union, wants to show that there is no American boxer who can beat him in the boxing ring. True patriot Apollo Creed steps up, and the match is scheduled. The match is won by Drago and concludes with Creed being killed in the boxing ring. In order to avenge the loss of his closest buddy, Rocky chooses to take on Drago despite the team’s fears.

How is Apollo vs. Drago set?

Since the arrival of their team in America, they have been a part of the United States, Drago’s camp has been promoting Drago in order to stress the superiority of the Soviet Union in comparison to the US. Afraid of his affection for America and confidence in his skills as a fighter, Apollo challenges Drago for a one-on-one fight.

Rocky who is the world champion has the responsibility of training Creed to play in the tournament. Drago’s team is confident. On the other hand, Creed’s camp is skeptical because they believe Drago is too powerful for Creed to manage so later in the game. Drago stands at six feet and 6 inches tall and weighs 261 pounds. This allows Drago to strike with force without being too close to his opponent. That advantage is huge.

Does Creed beat Drago?

A confident Creed is in a good mood – making the proper show of patriotic pride in his heart. But, as they meet the strength of Drago’s arms causes Creed to realize that he has an uphill climb to go.

The opening round starts with Creed throwing a series of ineffective punches at Drago. Then, it’s not long before Drago gets in the way and gives Creed the kind of beating he’s never seen before in his professional career. At the end of the first round, Creed is bloody and severely injured.

Rocky is begging Creed to let him end the game However, Creed wants him to allow the match to continue regardless of the outcome. Rocky takes Creed’s offer. The second time, Drago strikes at the head of Creed and unleashes a torrent of brutal blows. Rocky does not throw in the towel in gratitude for Creed’s request. The fight ends with an incredibly brutal knockout that leaves Creed unconscious and heavily bleeding. He breathes his last in Rocky’s arms, in the ring that was everything to the man he loved.

What is the next time?

Rocky IV (1985)

It is clear that Drago and his team did not show mercy ignites an ember of anger within Rocky. Rocky decides to take on Drago to a fight despite his wife’s dislike.

Rocky must also give up his title of world heavyweight champion in order to compete. Drago is willing to accept Rocky’s invitation. The fight is set to be held inside the Soviet Union too, due to the threats to life Drago receives from America. United States. Rocky goes into the Soviet Union with only Paulie and Creed’s trainer as well as his close friend, Duke.

The training program begins. Rocky begins his old-fashioned training, which requires long and intense interactions with nature. However, Drago is being trained as a machine, constantly under the supervision of trainers and doctors. Additionally, he’s regularly injected with dosages of steroids for anabolic growth. Adrian is also there to help Rocky in the match and, as a result, Rocky’s training is given motivation.

Does Rocky overcome Drago?

Rocky IV (1985)

The tense crowd of the Soviet Union who has come out to stand with Drago and his team has left Rocky along with his teammates somewhat nervous. Before touching the gloves, Drago tells Rocky, “I must break your back.”

The opening round starts with Drago playing with Rocky. He turns his back on Rocky and hits him with both hands, causing knocks. Rocky is attempting to protect himself by using his arms. In doing so the wrestler loses stability and control. Rocky barely escapes being knocked out in the first round. However, he reverses the tide in the second.

Rocky combats and is able to get Drago on the wrong side. After the second round is over, Duke praises Rocky and declares that he has proved that Drago isn’t a machine and that he’s a man who is able to be defeated. However, Drago tells his team that Rocky “is not a human.”

The fight enters the final round. The fans who were once unhappy are now chanting for Rocky. Drago attempts to knock Rocky down using his powerful jabs and hooks, however, Rocky’s strength is too difficult to break to exhaust Drago. As an ultimate opportunist Rocky discovers the perfect moment and unleashes a series of powerful punches, knocking out Drago in the very final round is over.


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