Rocky V (1990) Ending Explained – Do Rocky and Tommy fight?

Rocky V (1990)

Rocky V Plot Synopsis

Rocky experiences the most difficult stage of his life when all his wealth was stolen from him. Retired due to a poor health condition, Rocky finds purpose in his job as a trainer to a young boxer Tommy Gunn. However, the situation takes an unexpected direction, and Rocky must fight his own trainer in order to defend his reputation.

How did Rocky become bankrupt?

The brother-in-law of Rocky and his close friend Paulie who was tricked into the transfer of a power of attorney to the accountant of Rocky who lost his entire money through poor deals. Furthermore, he did not pay Rocky’s tax. Therefore, Rocky’s home is being mortgaged. Then the house is mortgaged, and due to his declining psychological health, Rocky has to quit boxing.

After all his wealth has been having been sold, Rocky returns with his family back to his pre-fame days. But, it’s not too long before his passion for boxing leads him back to the boxing ring.

How does Rocky get back into boxing?

Rocky goes to the gym he used to belong in, called Mighty Mickey’s one that his trainer Mickey would have given to his son just before he died. The gym’s memories are so powerful that he’s driven to bring them back to life and become an instructor. Then, Rocky and Paulie meet an ambitious junior boxer out of Oklahoma named Tommy Gunn.

Rocky works with Tommy with all his energy However, he is unable for a time to visit his young son Robert in the process. His inability to be with his son leads to an uneasy relationship between them.

Why does Tommy desert Rocky?

After failing to get Rocky to come out of retirement, the boxing promoter who is a thorn in the side, Washington turns his focus to Tommy. Washington gives Tommy his big goals for his career path will be after he has won the heavyweight title.

Despite Rocky’s warnings regarding the relationship with Washington, Tommy parts ways with Rocky and makes the decision to join Washington. Rocky is sad and he is devastated, however, Adrian helps him realize that Tony was not worthy of being his student. Rocky is sorry to Adrian along with Robert for not having the chance to be with the two of them. The Balboas love their relationship and the same love.

What happens next?

Tommy defeated Cane to win the world heavyweight title in the first round by an eviction. Incredibly, Tommy doesn’t even mention Rocky. Instead, Tommy credits Washington for his victory. Even with the win, Tommy fails to get applause from the crowd, who cheer him on for abandoning Rocky.

Boxing fans believe that Cane was a simple opponent, and, more importantly, it was not his intention to take this title over Rocky. Washington and Tommy are determined to defeat Rocky so that nobody will doubt his talent of Tommy and to ensure that his legacy of Rocky can be removed.

Rocky V

Are there any fights between Rocky and Tommy do battle?

Rocky V (1990)

In the course of a fight, Tommy gets aggressive and declares everything he shouldn’t. He then slaps Paulie. In a furious manner, Rocky challenges Tommy to a street fight right there and then. Being aware of his skills, Washington doesn’t agree, but cocky Tommy does not listen to the suggestion.

The fight begins and Rocky is able to knock down Tommy by kicking him with his powerful punches. But, Tommy soon gains the upper hand and slays Rocky. The fight is broadcast on television and Rocky’s family members reach the scene to cheer on Rocky.

When he’s in slumber, Rocky has visions of Mickey and Ivan Drago, but he is able to get up. And it’s not too long before Rocky knocks down his pupil. Police arrest Tommy away, and after a few exchanges between them, Rocky knocks over Washington. After a few weeks, Rocky and Robert are found out in the open.


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