Has Romantic Killer been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Romantic Killer is the latest Netflix series that blends elements of romantic comedy with a touch of action and well-crafted gaming. After watching the entire 12 episodes, you might be wondering if the show has been renewed or canceled. We know this:

What’s Romantic Killer Season 1 about?

The story revolves around the high school freshman Anzu who has an amazing life as an in-home shut-in. She is a fan of video games, playing in the company of her kitten Momohiki and eating endless amounts of chocolate. A few days later, Anzu receives a new video game from the postman she decides to try it out. She’s confused by it and then realizes that it’s not the right game. However, she continues to play.

A wizard-like creature known as Riri is able to enter her world via her television, frightening her. Riri states that Anzu is their first test subject for their strategy to rehabilitate Japan’s declining population. In order to do this they employed Riri to help Anzu in her quest to achieve love. To make sure Anzu adheres to their plans, Riri confiscates Anzu’s favorite activities and gets her parents taken away for a trip along with her cat Momohiki who is her favorite.

Riri promises that she will return the items when Anzu is in affection with an Iceman (good-looking man) that he has planned for her. To get rid of Riri, Anzu plans to turn into a Romantic Killer, a being who will not let romance go. Anzu hopes that her persistent non-interest in romantic relationships will cause Riri to leave and go back to normal. However, her plans get thwarted when she is introduced to Tsukasa the popular Ikemen at her school.

Is Romantic Killer been renewed for season 2?

As of this writing, Romantic Killer has been unable to be been renewed to a new season. Based on the series’ content it could change if it has well for Netflix.

In general, Netflix examines numerous indicators before making a decision to renew a show. This includes the number of people who initially view it, and consider the drop-off. In certain shows, cancellations and renewals occur rapidly (ala. Squid Game, Bridgerton, and Irregulars) Sometimes it could be months before Netflix decides on the future of a show.

So so far, Romantic Killer has had an extremely positive reaction from both critics and the public and has a lot of action in anime, and very nice animation. The fans seem to be in tune with this film, however, it all boils down to the drop-off.

With the way the show is structured and the big cliffhanger that was revealed at the close of season one, we are predicting that it is going to be renewed for an additional season. It’s the perfect kind of show to watch and the finale, with the promise of more to come, appears to indicate of the show’s creators are sure that this show will be approved for a sequel.

What we know about season 2 thus far

There isn’t much information about season 2 as of now considering that Netflix has not yet approved an extension. But, there’s a compelling case for a new season to come.

This is being renewed, so anticipate the story to continue in the place it left off at the beginning, with Anzu’s love life progressing as expected, however, there are many more bumps to be expected.

We have already mentioned that we’re predicting that this is likely to be renewed however we’ll make certain to update this page as soon as more details are available!


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