Romantic Killer – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Why is there so much Legalese within Magic!?

The first episode of Romantic Killer begins with our main character Anzu Hoshino returning home with an electronic game in her possession.

She tells us about her love for chocolate, video games as well as her pet cat Momohiki. She goes to her room with the intention of spending the weekend playing her latest video game called Romantic Thriller. The opening sequence is where Anzu discovers that the game’s not what she had hoped to purchase. A mysterious magical creature emerges from the TV and praises Anzu for being the game’s very first test subject.

He is a magical person who grants wishes, and Riri assists people to find love. He asks Anzu what she was doing when she had a crush on a male, and then she provides him with the names of two game characters. Riri is scolding Anzu but then promises to give her an experience that is like the Otome (romance-themed) video game. Riri discusses the many results Anzu could find herself with a real person which makes her more interested.

Anzu realizes that Momohiki is not there for her, and Riri informs her that to make her more focused on her romantic endeavor he’s taken their cat and video games as well as chocolate. Anzu believes that Riri is lying and scrutinizes her possessions. However, Riri was telling the truth. Riri states that until Anzu finds a romantic spark similar to the ones he has in the game, she’ll never get access to her preferred objects.

After rubbing it into Anzu’s facial area, Riri reveals that they’re testing Anzu to determine how they can address Japan’s population decline. However, Riri promises to help Anzu to find love so that it can help Japan solve its problems and receive a cash check. Riri vanishes. Anzu is quick into the living room to inquire about her mother’s whereabouts. Momohiki is.

As Anzu is begging Momoshiki out of the air conditioner that’s on her ceiling her mother and father inform her that they’ll be away for a couple of years and she’ll be in her own home. Anzu is frightened by all of it. It’s hard to believe that her parents would make their high school daughter live in solitary. Riri admits that she was the sole reason for all the changes in her life while Anzu is beaten up by her mother.

And to make matters even worse to make things worse, all the chocolate shops in town have shut down or stopped selling chocolate, which would help her calm herself. Anzu is furious, Anzu vows she’ll never be in love with any Ikemen (good-looking male) she meets. Her hope is that her efforts will cause Riri to quit and let her go. While leaving a shop, Anzu accidentally breaks a man’s cell phone.

When she meets her eyes and sees him, she realizes that they are Ikemen. Astonished, Anzu apologizes and flees. The next day Anzu goes to class with Riri. He says that no one could see him except Anzu And he’s crafted an illusion spell in order that Anzu can speak to him, without appearing insane. Riri is able to knock Anzu on the floor and then he disappears.

The Ikemen from previous encounters comes into contact with Anzu. The girl realizes that Riri hit her on the ground in order to create an intimate scene that her and Ikemen. The Ikemen’s friend arrives and we discover that the name of the male Ikemen is Tsukasa. Tsukasa does not pay Anzu the slightest bit and walks away. Tsukasa is an offer from a girl who wishes to write him an address, but Tsukasa refuses to accept her.

Anzu is shocked that he’s unlikable even though he’s a pretty person. When Anzu listens to Tsukasa’s rude comments about the incident, she’s not sure what Riri intends to connect her with somebody like him. During the lunch hour, Anzu chats with her acquaintance about Tsukasa. While other girls harass Tsukasa by asking questions Anzu is determined to avoid their conversation in order so that she doesn’t get too attracted to Tsukasa.

At home, she’s lost in her thoughts and comes across an invasive cockroach and after a few minutes. She’s not sure how to eliminate it, but she can recall the time she saw her mom spraying them to kill the cockroaches. Unfortunately, Anzu’s run-through spray. As the roach chases her, she runs from her home out into the street screaming. It begins to rain and Anzu decides to stay in a bear-like play area. The episode closes with Tsukasa getting into Anzu in the park.

The Episode Review

The episode was an exciting beginning. With its dynamic character, funny dialogue, and hilarious images, it’s going to be an enjoyable time. The storyline could be refreshing for those who don’t follow the same pattern of looking for romance. Anzu’s determination to not fall for Ikemen is sure to keep the audience interested.

In that regard her character is delightful. It was hilarious to see him criticize Anzu for her secluded life. Although his words to her were a bit cruel, his desire to assist Anzu to interact with other people and with the world around her is somewhat real. It’ll be fascinating to see what new wacky ideas this wizard will have for Anzu.

Anzu’s character is unpredictable character. Her exaggerated facial expressions as well as responses made me burst into laughter. The story is written to make her an oddly relatable person who would prefer to play video games and snack on food rather than talk about mundane issues with her friends. People who live a similar way are likely to sympathize with her way since everyone would never want to part with their favorite items. At the same time, Anzu can come across as too energetic. There were times when her wit was too harsh to my ears. However, the episode was a good method of introducing our main character and the challenge she will have to face during this season. Let’s hope that the next episodes provide great entertainment and hilarious moments.


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