Romantic Killer – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

It’s Time for the Children to Go to Sleep

The second season of Romantic Killer begins with Tsukasa offering Anzu his umbrella to make sure she isn’t soaked. Anzu believes that this will be part of Riri’s strategy for them to become closer and that’s why she refuses the offer. After some argument, Tsukasa holds the umbrella for her as they head towards the house of Tsukasa.

The scene reminds Anzu and the subplot of romance in the game, where girls envision sharing umbrellas along with Ikemen. Anzu resolves not to allow her to be lured by romantic appeals. At the house of Tsukasa, Anzu conjures a plan to create attractive characters from video games in order to avoid being lured by Tsukasa. The plan doesn’t work immediately. Anzu reluctantly informs Tsukasa of the reason she quit her home.

Tsukasa can’t laugh at her hilarious facial expressions. Anzu was stunned by his relaxed manner of speaking and did not expect to see his smiling. Anzu begins to fall in love with Tsukasa and then conjures an image of Momohiki to hide the attractiveness of Tsukasa. Tsukasa is looking for Anzu to request her to let go of the rodent. However, Anzu isn’t looking at him as clever. Tsukasa believes that she’s not at all interested as she damaged his phone.

She is assured that everything is fine because he’ll simply replace it. After he’s convinced Anzu says to Tsukasa that she’d like to get rid of the rodent. Tsukasa offers Anzu her jacket, which will cause Momoshiki’s picture of Anzu to vanish. In the home that belongs to Anzu, Tsukasa looks for the cockroach, while Anzu is irritated that an Ikemen has walked into her home. Anzu can get Tsukasa to the ground as she believes that the bug could be in close proximity.

It was actually the lens’s cover for cameras, as she sees herself in a romantic relationship with Tsukasa. In the blink of light, the roach appears and terrorizes Anzu. She yells for help until Tsukasa can take it out. After Tsukasa goes away from the scene, he informs Anzu his fellow freshmen at high school. He asks Anzu to keep him in mind while they continue to attend school.

When Tsukasa is trying to leave she is confronted with intense rainstorms happening in the city. Tsukasa is forced to stay at their house of Anzu to stay for the night. Anzu is worried about the situation since she doesn’t wish to cause feelings for Tsukasa. They both are hungry so Anzu is able to prepare her Tsukasa dinner. While she cooks, Riri appears and ridicules Anzu.

Anzu hits him on the wall with the frying pan, and the next thing she does is ask Riri if is she the one to blame for this. Riri states that it was he who was in charge of every aspect from the first roach right up until the storm. Anzu warns Riri not to extend the city. Riri promises to fix the damage. After some argument, Anzu whips out soup for her and Tsukasa to sabotage her romantic meal plans.

Anzu realizes that she’s not in a position to pull Riri from her love trap, and decides to get involved. She asks Tsukasa to remain with her, and he accepts. Anzu gives Tsukasa her father’s clothing and allows him to take a bath. After he’s left the bath, Riri comes out and is a bit irritated with Anzu further. Once Anzu is finished bathing she comes into the living room with an attractive look of nerdiness.

Because of her appearance, appearing unattractive, she’s capable of avoiding any romantic relationships with Tsukasa. She is a snide snob to Riri who believes her idea to be clever. The two decide to play a couple of board games to pass the time. They play a fierce board game that is reminiscent of The Game of Life since it’s not a strategy game, and there is no strategy. The loser must make the winning lunch at school.

But, Riri tampers with the game and aids Tsukasa to win. As Anzu begins to cook his meal, Tsukasa asks her if she is able to help him as he’s lost the majority of games played prior. He asks her to make him breakfast omelets. The breakfast omelet Anzu creates doesn’t go down like the beef wraps prepared by Tsukasa. Anzu is a big fan of wraps.

Tsukasa states that he is been employed as a part-time cook in an establishment. Anzu is amazed by their lunch containers and starts to realize that he’s not so bad after all she believed. While she’s happy to be a close friend of the man, however, she’s determined not to fall in the love with the guy. Riri arrives and is irritated by the manner Anzu and Tsukasa are taking things up a notch in their relationship.

Anzu claims she’s not going to be a victim of any tricks he employs. Riri blows her hair with his flower wand, making her fall asleep. Tsukasa appears inside the bedroom and tries to wake Anzu awake. After several attempts, he quits and lets Anzu sleep. He thinks about the joy shared by Anzu. The episode concludes with him staring at Anzu while she lies asleep.

The Episode Review

The episode followed up on the previous one in a laid-back and fun way. The show manages to make mundane activities appear thrilling. The episode also put an emphasis on Tsukasa who helps him feel healthier than he was prior. Anzu is still a total delight, even though she can be occasionally raunchy.

The episode raised some warnings about the character of Riri. Although he’s a wizard he’s not an integral part of the actions of Anzu as I would like. We’re not sure of the powers of wizards due to their inability to describe their abilities. It’s also interesting that the fact that his father allowed Anzu to participate in games-like activities isn’t the best idea for me.

There were instances when Riri could have done some action to increase the romantic relationship between Anzu and Tsukasa. The show also featured excellent comedy segments, as well as entertaining video-game-like images. Many will be happy to witness Anzu create game-like strategies to avoid becoming similar to Tsukasa.

Similar to watching Anzu trying to cook the perfect meal and maintain an appropriate conversation could be familiar to certain. While there are some shortcomings in the character of Riri but his interactions with Anzu can draw laughter from the viewers. We’re hoping that the following episode will have Riri intensify his vigor.


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