Romantic Killer Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

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Episode 3 from Romantic Killer begins with Anzu thinking about her Momohiki that transforms into an animal-like muscular Ikemen. Anzu awakes to realize that she had slept on the lap of Tsukasa all night. Tsukasa goes away then Anzu discovers that he didn’t bring the lunch box she prepared for Tsukasa.

She would like to present the gift to her son at school, but she is hesitant because she isn’t looking to be noticed by others. In her attempt to remember the events of last night, Tsukasa is at the house. He informs her that her room was inundated with water probably because of the intense rainstorm Riri has conjured. Riri states that he’s planning to have the day off and will ask Anzu to call her.

Anzu offers Tsukasa her contact number as well as her school’s lunch. He inquires about why she packed it in a wacky bag and Anzu states that she doesn’t have his followers rushing toward her. The two parted ways. Anzu is enjoying her time at school, while Tsukasa arranges for the hotel room as well as other things. At school, Anzu is hesitant to inform Saki her best friend Saki about her experience with Tsukasa.

Anzu receives a phone call from Tsukasa who informs Anzu that the scrambled eggs she’s made have been too sweetened. Tsukasa requests to meet at Tutor whenever she’s free and Anzu is willing to accept. Anzu and Saki take their food in. As they consume their food, Anzu feels bad that Tsukasa purchased a new cellphone since she was the one who damaged it. Two girls go to their teacher and request her to look into Tsukasa.

The teacher informs them that Tsukasa purchased a new cell phone and is set to call him right now. One of the girls requests his number. The teacher instructs the girl to take care of the situation herself and she is furious. The girl takes his phone and put it on the speaker, Anzu picks up, shocking the trio. Everyone is greeted by uncomfortable expressions on their faces.

In the Tutor café, Tsukasa waits for Anzu to arrive, while the girls beside him talk about his attractive appearance. Anzu arrives, but also the girls who were there earlier. They are confronted by Tsukasa with lots of inquiries and greetings. As the girls head off to go for caffeine, Anzu asks if he’s angry with her. Tsukasa asks Anzu why she took the girls along. Anzu does not respond to the question, and we go back to the day of school.

In the school, two girls from the previous day bombard Anzu with questions for instance, what the reason Tsukasa called her on her cell phone. Because he is close to home she decided to assist with his situation. The teacher advises Anzu to inform Tsukasa that he should call her and then he leaves. Two girls come out by the names of Rena or Yukika and are hoping that Anzu will not be averse to having them accompany her. When they’ve explained, Tsukasa gets up and throws out his food.

He holds Anzu by his arm and makes plans to leave. Rena and Yukika are aware of this, however, Tsukasa clarifies that he made the plans for himself and Anzu. When Anzu and Tsukasa stroll through a park, they debate the subject. Tsukasa admits that he’s not happy at Rena’s attempts to flirt since he’s not interested in having a relationship with anyone. Anzu apologizes to Tsukasa for inviting Rena along with Yukika. But, Tsukasa tells her that it’s not her fault.

Tsukasa declares that she is distinct from other girls and that he’s able to unwind whenever he’s with her. Anzu speaks about how are both not interested in dating anyone. She discusses these boundaries in order to keep their relationship intact and stop it from turning to become romantic. Tsukasa is asking Anzu whether he would like to keep his belongings at her house while he waits for things to flow smoothly at his home.

He explains to her what he’s been up to between now and then such as finding part-time employment to hiring a real estate agent to arrange for him to stay. Anzu says to Tsukasa that she’s going to compensate him for the damage he caused to his phone. As Tsukasa receives a call from the agent who is selling homes, Anzu reflects on how his presence can create a euphoric feeling. Tsukasa says to Anzu that there are no rooms available. Anzu is aware that Riri is behind this and begins sweating.

As Anzu is wallowing in pain, Tsukasa gives her a compromise. Instead of remunerating him with the money, he suggests that she allow him to stay for one month. Tsukasa promises to assist with chores, and she will cook lunches and dinners on days off. Anzu is worried about the situation since she is sure Riri will put herself and Tsukasa in a variety of romantic situations. Because of guilt, Anzu takes Tsukasa’s invitation.

The next morning, Anzu wakes up and is convinced that the events of the previous day were just some kind of dream. When she gets into her kitchen, she realizes that it was not a figment of imagination. Anzu is focused on the numerous meals Tsukasa has cooked for the family. Anzu thinks about how hard of a worker Tsukasa is. As Anzu partakes in her meal, Tsukasa departs. Anzu is convinced that Tsukasa dropping in at her house could not be as terrible as she had thought.

Riri appears and begins making fun of Anzu for having an online dating lifestyle. She mocks Riri for picking an Iceman with no interest in dating. But, Riri explains that falling in love can happen unexpectedly. He assures her that Tsukasa isn’t the only one in her life. Anzu’s doorbell rings, and she realizes that they wear the same uniform as her. Anzu is shocked when she sees another Ikemen at her door.

The Ikemen revealed that he’s actually her old friend. Anzu is puzzled by everything. Tsukasa asks her why it’s taking so long. The door opens and is greeted by Anzu with her alleged childhood friend. The episode ends with Anzu talking about her situation to her family while she, Tsukasa, and her old friend stare at one another.

The Episode Review

Things have stepped up a gear in the latest episode of Romantic Killer. In addition, Anzu is watching out for Tsukasa and her friends, but she will also have to fight her former friend as well. It’s going to be tough for Anzu to keep the romantic conflict from popping up. However, this episode provided viewers with many reasons to love Tsukasa.

Despite being portrayed as a jerk in the very first episode, however, we’ve seen his friendly personality blossom after his introduction. We find out why he behaves in the way he does toward other women. Nobody wants to be bombarded by strangers every single day. He needed an escape from the constant attention. He believes Anzu is his way to escape the spotlight. In addition, Tsukasa has many memorable feats as a hard-working and romantic character.

When the friend from childhood is in the picture, Anzu won’t only need to think about keeping her romantic tension at bay. She’ll have to be careful not to cause a rift between herself and Tsukasa’s family. The situation alone can make her seem direr than she is aware of. On one the other hand, some fans could be disappointed that Riri did nothing to create Anzu additional stress.

There were plenty of instances where Riri could have brought more conflict for Anzu to manage, particularly considering the extent to which Rena is in love with Tsukasa. Sure, Anzu’s friend from her childhood’s introduction might trigger some sour behavior from Tsukasa. But, it would’ve been fascinating to watch Riri put greater stress on Anzu by dealing with Rena’s jealousy.

Overall, it was a great episode. The jokes are hilarious and there are funny facial expressions, too. There’s bound to be plenty of conflict between our three potential lovers.


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