Romantic Killer Season 1 Review – A thrilling rom-com with a side of gaming


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A variety of exciting anime about romance is appearing in recent times that have generated fan appreciation and displeasure. While many shows feature amusing characters and hilarious snark but they are following a pattern that some viewers might find boring or boring. Romantic Killer is a new romantic comedy show that puts an exciting take on the shoujo anime audience.

The show comprises 12 episodes written by Kazuya Ichikawa. The animation is done with Studio Domerica. Although it is based on the manga written and created by Wataru Momose, it is among the latest Netflix anime originals. Although the majority of episodes run for 26 minutes there are some that run for about 30 minutes.

The story revolves around the high school freshman Anzu who lives an excellent life as an in-home shut-in. She loves playing video games, playing in the company of her kitten Momohiki and munching on endless amounts of chocolate. A few days later, Anzu receives a new video game from the postman which she chooses to test out. She’s confused by it and then realizes that it’s not the right game. But she doesn’t stop.

Then, a wizard-like being called Riri is able to enter her world via her television, frightening her. Riri states that Anzu is the company’s first test subject for its strategy to rehabilitate Japan’s declining population. To accomplish this they recruited Riri to help Anzu in her quest to achieve love. To make sure Anzu adheres to their plans, Riri confiscates Anzu’s favorite activities and then has her parents taken away for a trip along with her cat Momohiki, who she loves dearly.

Riri promises that she will return the items once Anzu is in an affair with any of the Ikemen (good-looking men) that he has set for her. To get rid of Riri, Anzu plans to be a Romantic Killer, a being who will not let romance go. She hopes that her constant non-interest in romantic relationships will cause Riri to leave and go back to normal. However, her plans are foiled when she is introduced to Tsukasa who is a well-known Ikemen at school.

Riri constantly is constantly pushing Anzu to the limits of her abilities. Anzu is thrown into a variety of romantic scenarios, and she is also introduced to new lovers to battle. Despite her desire to fight any romantic relationship, Anzu develops an unexpected relationship with each Ikemen and learns more about them throughout the story develops. While there are many highs in Romantic Killer’s tale but there are some mixed feelings.

This show provides a pleasant mix of comedy and romantic elements to keep viewers interested. The central lovers, Tsukasa and Anzu, get enough attention in this show to draw viewers’ interest. Anzu and Riri were a couple who had a memorable battle. A lot of viewers find Riri’s efforts to get Anzu to take part in romantic outings hilarious and hilarious.

But the series doesn’t fall towards its romantic love quadrangle that is amidst Anzu, Tsukasa, and the two other Ikemen, Junta and Hijiri in the same way. While there are some sweet and hilarious moments featuring Hijiri and Junta, however, they don’t have the character and passion to be considered great rivals to Anzu’s heart. This show would have been better off with more intimate scenes with Anzu along with the rest of the guys.

A scene that involved Junta having a ball with Anzu as well as the idea of having Anzu be more involved in engaged in things that are more commonplace with Hijiri could have helped the two Ikemen appear less boring in their approach and make them more critical. Sometimes, the story feels fake due to. There are many instances where the show gives viewers mind-boggling questions or set-ups for battles, and never goes on to explain or even goes on to explain the situation.

The problems don’t end in the chapter. Some chapters provide little to the overall story. Riri’s fake night out with Anzu is a good illustration of this. Although Riri forms an emotional connection with Anzu because of their encounter, however, it is odd for Riri to seek advice given that his job is to support her. Although Anzu is the company’s first subject for a test, but it’s strange with the amount of romance-related knowledge he boasts in earlier episodes.

In addition, the show has many plot twists and mature themes that are a bit jarring yet charming at the same time. Despite its humor-filled saga The show also takes risks and places a portion of our characters in potentially dangerous and terrifying situations. The way they handle these traumatic experiences feels real and real. While the show isn’t packed with enough of this kind of content but the gruesome content it provides will keep you in the seat of your chair.

The cast of the romantic thriller has a similar fate to the plot. While characters like Junta, Hijiri, and Anzu’s best friend Saki have an impact, Anzu and Tsukasa are at the top of the bunch. The two main characters have the most memorable interactions, moments, and growth. From the tragic Tsukasa’s past to the fiery Anzu These two characters are the most memorable and likable of the characters.

The character of Riri was somewhat enjoyable. Riri helped propel the plot forward with his exuberant behavior, imaginative antics, and rivalry with Anzu. But there were moments when Riri did not stay in his place. The comedic inclination grew out of his arguments, and his escapades with Anzu were not without controversy. In the end, Riri makes many questionable choices that are difficult to take away.

Even though the cast and the story aren’t perfect, Romantic Killer’s art and animation make a stunning impression. Each character is a hilarious design that allows them to stand out. The constant facial expressions and reactions situations will make you laugh in a hysterical way. It’s surprising that this show has an thrilling fast-paced action sequences as well. From Anzu fighting Riri to Tsukasa struggling with his fear, These scenes will have an incredible impression.

Another issue that must be considered is the way the show incorporates gaming elements. In the show, Romantic Thriller characters looked horrendous. While they’re made to appear unattractive for the sake of context, however, the majority of scenes would have been okay without them. Apart from those ghastly monsters the rest of the show looks stunning. I loved watching Anzu imagine herself in gaming-related characters and was delighted when the show introduced gaming interfaces.

Sound-wise, Romantic Thriller features excellent music and good voice acting. It’s highly recommended that you enjoy this film with its original Japanese dubbing. Every actor is superb in their portrayals including Rie Takahashi in Anzu and Yuuichirou Umehara as Riri. Although, the character of Rie’s Anzu is a little excessive at times in the beginning. But, in episode two, she puts on an excellent performance. The same is true for Yuuichirou’s Riri.

The opening and closing themes are excellent themes. Its opening song “ROMAKiRA” by Yurika The theme evokes the show’s warm and welcoming spirit. But it’s not as good as the show’s infectious Eurobeat-like finale thematic, “Romantic Love: Ren’ai Shimasenka?” by Mikako Komatsu. This track always brings adrenaline pumping, and I’ve never regretted skipping the song. While both were fantastic but the final theme is certainly a standout.

Romantic Killer isn’t a perfect movie, but it definitely exceeds my expectations. I went in expecting a standard romantic comedy, but I got something completely unique. There is a sense of passion that was put into this film and everyone who was involved deserves to be proud of their work. Romantic Killer is a fun excursion that’s worth watching, with a cup of chocolates.


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